Lemons to Lemonade

Chapter 4 - The Transference

Dinner was unbearable. Harry could feel the stares upon him. Numerous individuals he did not know harassed him and Snape at the couples' table, shaking hands and giving congratulations. He gritted his teeth to make it through without saying something harsh and derogatory, and for once it appeared that Snape had the same idea. The man remained cool toward the guests, managing not to offend them. Harry snorted at the Slytherin tactics, his own Gryffindor pride bristling at being subjected to the indignities. At least his anger meant that he wouldn't break down into hysterics in the middle of the Great Hall.

"You could at least look pleased for the reporters," Snape barked at him.

"Like you're doing any better," returned Harry.

When all the niceties had been accomplished and cake had been shared, all of the couples took their leave. Dumbledore escorted them to the entrance of Hogwarts.

"Congratulations to you all. May you all find peace and prosperity with each other."

Fat chance, thought Harry. He couldn't imagine having a good life while being subjected to Snape's nasty remarks everyday. He was already bitter about the whole affair.

"Spare us the inconsequentials, Headmaster. Let us get on with it," grunted Snape.

"Now, Severus, things are not as bleak as all that. This is a chance to wish you a better future. But, yes, it is time for you all to perform the transfer and complete your bonds. Luna, Parvati, here is your portkey."

They left in a swirl of light.

"Now, Ron, Hermione, Neville and Ginny, your parents have arranged a dual honeymoon suite in Greece for you. Now remember that you have to be touching your current bonded while making love to your spouse in order for the bond to transfer. Mrs. Weasley, you have all the spells memorized, correct?"

Hermione nodded.

"Good. Have a great trip."

The four grasped their dented spoon and were gone in a whirl.

"As for the rest of you, the Malfoys have put up for a double suite in the West Andes. The rooms have been magically joined for the bond transfer, after that they will split back into two individual suites. Good luck, and have a wonderful time." The Headmaster beamed at them as he handed over a dragon scale.

As Harry touched it with the others, he became aware of the fact that he would be staying with three Slytherins and no friends. Again the terribleness of his situation hit home.

"Headmaster, do you really think this is safe? I mean–" but Harry didn't get to finish his statement as the world spun away and he was pulled through the tightest of spaces. He felt the rush of air as he came back into his body, then … thud. He landed with a jolt, stumbling and coming down hard on his knees, wanting to sick up.

"As graceful as ever, Potter," Malfoy sneered. So did Pansy and Snape.

Wrapping his arms around his midriff to stave off the dizziness, Harry managed a weak, "Fuck off."

"Oh, that's exactly what we will be doing in a moment, dear," Pansy returned. "Hope you're ready for it," she said snidely. "I know I am." She gave Snape an odd look that spoke of her desire to leave her teacher's constant presence.

Unfortunately for Harry, that constant presence was about to be his future, probably the only life he would ever have until Voldemort killed him. Or Snape did.

Harry didn't want to move. He didn't want to go to that bed, submit to that act, but he couldn't see a way around it.

His thoughts were so dark, confirmed with the next biting words he heard.

"Get up off the floor, Potter. I'll not have my husband lounging about. We need to complete this transfer." Snape stomped a few paces away, took out his wand, and began casting charms over the beds, which had been pushed together in the middle of the open room.

Anger rushed through Harry. "You'd think you'd at least call me by given name now that we're married. And it's not even 'Potter' anymore, is it?" he spat. "Who decided that anyway?"

"I did. There is no force in the universe that would make me take your name, so you have to take mine."

"Why couldn't I keep my own?" Harry fired back at Snape, getting off the floor in the meantime.

"Because that wouldn't be proper," replied Draco. He was amused watching the conflict. "It wouldn't be family."

Harry scoffed. "Like this farce of a marriage could ever be called family."

"Enough!" shouted Snape. "I will have you know, Harry, that I take this vow very seriously, even though it was thrust upon us. We are a family now, and as my spouse I expect a certain level of decorum from you, which includes no public outbursts, level-headedness – which I know is difficult for you but you must try – in business dealings, familial closeness, and joint efforts in decision-making. In other words, do not embarrass me."

Snape's eyes were swirling with emotions Harry could not name, but his words were firm. It surprised Harry to hear his first name, and it was even more a shock to think the man meant to honour their bond. He wasn't at all sure what to make of this.

"Now if you would all reign in your bickering for five minutes, I can complete the appropriate spells."

The three teenagers nodded and tried not looking at each other. They glanced around the rooms, taking in the decor and the view outside. It was warmer here than at Hogwarts. The rooms felt open and airy and would be bursting with light come morning.

Harry was glad it was night now, though; it matched his mood.

"Finished," said Snape a few minutes later.

Harry looked and saw a solid wall where there had been none between the two beds. "A wall? But I thought we had to be touching?"

"It is not real, merely an illusion. Solid objects may pass through it, but visuals are blocked, and it includes a silencing charm. Pansy, Draco, you will pass to your side and undress. Begin your necessary preparations but wait for Harry's and my hands to pass through before engaging in full intercourse. We will need to be grasping hands the entire time for the bond to transfer at the climax. Any questions?"

"No, professor," Pansy responded. "Just don't break my wrist in your enthusiasm over buggering Potter," she smirked.

"And don't take too long, either," Draco added. "It shouldn't be difficult to prepare him. After all, none of us are virgins," he said with a rakish look. Pansy chuckled.

"Speak for yourself, Ferret," Harry said in rage at Draco's obvious arrogance, not realising what he'd revealed.

The three Slytherins stared speechless at Harry.

Draco broke first into the most maniacal face of glee Harry had ever seen. "You've never? My, my, Potter, are you so socially inept that you couldn't even use your fame to get a girl or boy to open their legs for you? That is the most pathetic –"

"Shut up!" Harry yelled as he pulled his wand on his mocking schoolmate.

Before either could cast any hexes, however, Snape stepped in front of Harry and faced off Draco. Pansy was laughing at all three of them.

"You will never insult my husband again. Is that clear, Mr. Malfoy?" Snape said low in a deadly cold voice.

The humour left Draco, but he tossed his hair, not about to be intimidated by a teacher. "Fine. I still have the freedom to hex him, though. Have fun deflowering the little Golden Gryffindor." With that, he encircled Pansy's arm and walked through the illusionary wall.

"I can fight my own battles, you know," Harry fumed at Snape's back.

"Duly noted," Snape returned, pivoting around to address Harry. "However, I have the right to defend what is mine, which now includes you." His dark eyes sparked with desire, and his voice dropped to a strange quietness. "Are you really so inexperienced, Harry?"

The lack of animosity caught Harry off guard. His breath hitched as he fell into the fathomless depths and only a moment later realised that Snape was in his mind, watching and searching. Terror and anger warred inside as he tried to push Snape out of his mind as he stepped away.

Snape walked forward and enfolded him gently in one arm, the other bringing his bony knuckles to Harry's cheek in a calm caress. "Relax. Do not fight me; it will only end in pain since you are rubbish at Occlumency. I only wished to ascertain your sexual history."

Harry tried to push back. "Don't pretend to care now that you know I'm …" His voice broke on the knowledge that he was still a virgin and that his precious first time was going to be with a man who walked around despising him. "You hate me, yet I'm supposed to just let you –"

"I think you're insufferable at times, and stubborn, yes, and you rush head-long into dangerous situations that could lead to your demise. You see me as an evil teacher, even though I have been saving your life for years now."

Harry looked a bit remorseful of this reminder.

"I admit that I hate your father ..." at this Harry tried to yank free again, "... but it has come to my attention that you are not like him."

"Yet you still treat me like shite."

"True, but now that we are bonded that very well might change."

"Might?" Harry asked incredulously. "You're a bitter, spiteful man. Why would that change now?"

Snape's visage became murderous. "Because of that idiotic spell! What the Headmaster failed to tell you all is that when the bond is consummated, it might transfer some or all of our past experiences, feelings or even personalities to the other. He was unclear what would happen since he couldn't decipher the text."

Harry trembled at that. They could trade memories and feelings? "No," he muttered. He didn't want to trade a part of himself with Snape.

"I don't believe it will exactly come to that, but we have no choice." He began stroking the boy's arms to get him to settle down.

The entirety of this week's insanity at last caught up with Harry and he collapsed into Snape's embrace. He gave in to the inevitability that passed for his life, but he still fought to hold in the tears, to accept it all.

Snape held his shaking form and started kissing lightly along his temple. He moved down the side of Harry's face, then along his jaw. Simple, gentle kisses.

"Why?" Harry croaked out from behind the tightness in his throat. "Why are you being nice now?"

"Because you are my husband," Snape said with reverence in his tone.

The word held so much meaning that it undid Harry completely. He sobbed into the other wizard's chest.

Snape held and rocked him. He continued the slow kisses as well, tasting away the salty wetness, grounding Harry in his physical presence.

"Would you quit with the sob story and get on with it? We're waiting over here," came the infuriating sneer of Draco Malfoy.

"Back off," Snape snarled at his student. "You are breaking into our privacy, and I will have your hide if you continue this further. Leave us!"

Harry had never heard Snape get angry at his Slytherins before. Apparently the man could hold everyone in contempt, and somehow that made Harry feel better. He stopped his sniffling and gazed at his bridegroom. Could he really have a life with this man?

After seeing Malfoy vanish once more, Snape turned back to Harry with an annoyed look. "It seems we are not afforded much time for pleasantries, but I will prepare you as much as I can. For your part, it will go easier if you relax and let it happen. Understood?"

Harry nodded his head, not at all sure what was going to happen next. Oh, he knew about the mechanics of sex, but actually performing the act was another matter all together. So, it came as a surprise when Snape gathered him back in his arms and kissed him soundly, thoroughly, completely, without any hint of moving forward until Harry was ready. This fundamental caring – something he'd never had from anyone else before, not even Sirius – was all Harry needed to trust Snape as a lover and respond in kind.

Snape worshipped Harry's body, taking the time to prepare him even with the impatient couple ever present behind the wall. Snape touched him everywhere as he undressed him, and Harry was relieved when Snape allowed him the return favour. Harry felt dizzy and light-headed from the desire Snape awoke within him.

Once they were both naked, Snape laid him out on the bed and went to work on lubing and stretching him open. Harry shivered at the intrusion, the feelings new and strange, but he tried to relax. It was difficult until Snape touched a sensitive spot within him. Pleasure began to flood his system as Snape continued his manipulations.

When Harry began mewling and begging for more, Snape placed Harry's and his right arms through the wall. Both were quickly snatched by their respective bond partners. "Hold on," Snape reminded him. They could already feel a tingling as the spell anticipated the completion of the bindings.

Snape entered Harry as easily as he could, but it was still awkward and painful. The tears returned to Harry's eyes, and he would have fallen back into grief if it weren't for the kisses, a sweetness no one would ever have suspected Snape to possess.

Eventually the pain wore off to a dull burning to be replaced by urgency as heat blazed up between them. The tingling in the joined hands increased to a fever pitch as they neared completion. When Harry exploded in blinding passion, the tingling engulfed him fully. It was like a thousand tiny pinpricks and caused Harry to cry out at the intensity.

His eyes flew open and stared straight into Snape's black ones. Their minds touched and merged. They experienced each other's memories, feelings, and motivations, and came into full communion. Harry was saddened by Snape's childhood and school years, horrified by his choice in and subsequent service to Lord Voldemort, and grew in awe of the fortitude and courage that Snape possessed after defecting back to the Light. He knew Snape was experiencing his life as well, all the sad years at the Dursleys, the joy of his friendships, and the terror of being hunted.

When he came back down to earth, Harry found that he was still himself, but now he had a new understanding of the Potions Master, as did Snape of him. He knew they were still free to hate each other if they so wished, but the familiarity and intimacy that they now shared meant they wouldn't want to be mad at each other. It was a very new feeling indeed, one that Harry would need time to get used to.

"I believe the bond transfer completed successfully," remarked Snape.

"Hmmm. Looks like," was all Harry could respond as exhaustion overtook him.

When they got up the next morning, they noticed that the combined room had reverted back to the original suites. Good. Thank Merlin Harry wouldn't have to put up with Draco anymore. Now he just had to deal with Snape.

Not twenty-four hours ago, Harry had been dreading this marriage; now he was starting to appreciate how lemons could be turned into lemonade. He looked over at his new husband and smiled. Dumbledore had been right. These things did have a way of working out.

-The End-

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