Alexandria had trouble comprehending the words that escaped Sophie's mouth. "You…you mean…" her throat felt dry as she struggled for words.

Sophie nodded, biting back a smile.

Robert cut in. "We understand if you need time. It's a big decision. If you would like some time to—"he was cut off by Alex giving both of them a surprisingly strong hug.

"I've already made my decision. Yes. Yes!" she whispered, tears of happiness and hope staining her big brown eyes.

Two weeks later…

Alex bounded off the airplane, having enjoyed her first plane ride that she wasn't being kidnapped on. She threw a glance at Robert and Sophie not far behind her, smiling patiently.

She was in America! Land of freedom and hope! The place that was spoken so highly of! She was away from Paris, her home…the bad memories left there. Alexandria knew she would miss her home, but Robert said they would be able to visit.

Proudly, she showed her passport. Alexandria Chance Langdon.

The family finally found the car, and they drove to their house. Alexandria was so excited she could barely contain herself. Finally, she had a mother who loved her, a father who cared about her…and a little brother or sister on the way!

She leaned back on the car seat. The last few weeks had been busy, full of physical therapy and quick recovery. Alexandria couldn't do any extreme activity yet, due to bones beginning to heal, but she would be able to soon. Throughout the week, they also made the adoption legal by contacting lawyers and making sure everything was okay with Alexandria's passport.

Alexandria flashed a dazzling smile to Robert and Sophie from the rearview mirror. She was forever grateful for them. When she was living in the orphanage, she felt like she was drowning in despair and hopelessness. But then Robert and Sophie came along, acting like a lifejacket and saving her.

Sophie gave an equally happy smile back. Alexandria was so strong, so defiant, and so different. Robert saw a great deal of Sophie in Alex.

Alexandria bit her lip to contain her excitement as Robert drove closer and closer to the house. She was practically bouncing up and down.

"We're here!" Robert exclaimed and Alexandria practically exploded out of the car.

"Your house! J'aime votre maison!" Alex marveled at the beautiful big house in front of her. Robert chuckled as he opened the door for Sophie and lugged their suitcases out.

"Come on," he smiled, his blue eyes twinkling playfully. "We'll show you the house."

After taking an ecstatic Alex through a tour of most the house, Robert put his hand over Alex's eyes as Sophie guided her up the stairs.

"What are you doing?" Alex giggled as she blindly put her hands out in front of her. Sophie opened the door and Robert took his hands off.

"Oh mon…" Alexandria voice trailed off. In front of her was her own room...and she loved it. The walls of her room were bright blue; the comforter on the bed was the same color. The bookshelf were filled with books, many of them Robert's bestsellers.

The desk and bedside table were crafted out of deep color rosewood. The picture that Alexandria thought she lost in the explosion was in a silver picture frame. The word "family" was scrawled on top of the frame.

Alexandria smiled and turned back to Robert and Sophie. Robert's arm was around Sophie's shoulders as they smiled back.

Sophie began to speak. "We know that it's not much. You can personalize it and make it your own."

"I love it!" Alexandria walked over to them. "It's more than I can ever ask for. Thank you…so much."

Robert pointed. "But the best part of your room is over there."

Alex turned around. There was a porch outside of her room! She flung open the door and felt a great weight being lifted off of her shoulders. She was finally at ease.

She felt at home. At last.

Later that night, Robert climbed into bed. Sophie smiled at him. "You've been smiling these past weeks like never before. Why?" Robert asked as he hugged her.

"I'm just happy," Sophie kissed him.

Robert placed his hand on Sophie's stomach, and he felt excited about the life ahead of him


Back in Paris, a woman picked up a newspaper. It had a story about the Langdons and Alexandria being kidnapped by Leigh Teabing and what happened.

The woman's eyes went wide. She threw the newspaper across the kitchen and slumped against the cabinets.

I thought I'd never hear or see her again. How did this happen?

The woman grabbed at her cell phone. "Hello? I need to speak to Ben Hanson immediately!"

Regina put her hand on her forehead. "Yes, Ben…I have an extreme problem…"

Did you guys like it? I'm waiting tioupload another story! (: Thank you so much for reading!