They stayed an extra day in the city before heading back to school.

It was a Friday, a crisp morning in Chicago. The skies were clear, and their was a breeze flowing through the Windy City. It was just the three of them, sitting at a metal table at an outdoor cafe. For the first time in a while, June's posture was not nervously straight, but relaxed. She was even smiling, like a normal teenager.

"This is kind of amazing." She said, breaking the comfortable silence.

"That's just what I was thinking." Ferris smiled. "We're pretty fucking lucky, if I do say so myself."

"Shit, yeah." June replied. She looked at Cameron, wearing his Gordie Howe Red Wings jersey, something he seemed to always have with him. "You agree, Cameron?"

He met her eyes, but said nothing, to no one's surprise.

A waiter came over.

"Cappuccino, please." June said.

"Same." Ferris told the guy.

"Just a coffee."

The waiter had already wandered off to fill their orders when they realized where the voice had come from. June choked on her preliminary water, eyes opening wide. Ferris froze, he didn't seem to be breathing.

They both turned to look at Cameron with equal expressions of shock on their faces.

"Holy fuck." June muttered. "Cameron...did you just...did you...?"

"Hi," He said.

June carefully set down her glass of water, and then sprung forward the hug him tightly. She wasn't sure if she wanted to laugh or cry with joy. She was shaking with both as she burrowed into his neck. Ferris joined them, and made a group hug.

m m m

It was Ferris's idea, of course, to have a party.

It was late May by the time they got their shit together long enough to actually do it, but when it did come together, it was the social event of the season. Everyone knew Ferris Bueller, so everyone was invited. They were calling it an end of the year party, and quite a year it had been. It was to be an epic party, hosted in Ferris's backyard, which was green and lush with a pool.

Cameron barely ventured back to his own house, mostly spending time at June's. It didn't take a rocket scientist to see he was screwed up. But they were confident he would heal. People had gotten through worse. That didn't make it any easier, but it gave hope, at least. He was starting to smile more already.

He never told them the full story of what happened the day Cornelius came calling that day with a shotgun and will. They knew he could never murder someone. He didn't have anything to say otherwise.

As people show up on the Saturday afternoon, it was clear that people had brought along more than just plus one. Soon the yard was filled with teenagers. June secured a lawn chair, where she pulled on a pair of Ray Bans and stretched out to nap. She had never been terribly enthusiastic about parties, and to be honest, these days, she felt as though she couldn't get enough of time just to sit still and think about things.

Sloane was at her left, reading a magazine, but also being social, and Roz was on her left, cuddling with David in a chair that was definitely not built to fit two people. Occasionally June was greeted by arriving guests, a new experience. After the whole uproar regarding the trial, people were starting to recognize her as more than just that quiet girl. She wasn't hugely popular, and seeing as she'd be graduating in less than a month, it didn't make a huge difference, but it suited her interests well.

She also suspected the hair made her more recognizable, too.

Tired of dealing with shoulder length hair, she had gotten it cut close to her head, styled in an easy fashion. Then, on an act of impulse, dyed it all scarlet red. She knew she must look ridiculous, though no one said that to her face, but she was okay with it. The last few weeks of senior year should be spent doing whatever the fuck you want, she reasoned.

It must have been an hour later, that she noticed it had gotten quiet. By the time she lifted up her glasses, opening her eyes, it was too late.

She was seized under the arms, and dragged across the concrete, before easily being tossed into the pool, still in her clothes. She took a breath before she hit the water of the deep-end, and let herself sink to the very bottom, not moving, and stayed under, instead of rising to the surface to yell at Cameron and Ferris.

Let them panic, she thought, serves them right. At least, she hoped they were panicking.

Her lungs were starting to protest, when she felt an arm slipped around her waist. She didn't know who it was, her eyes were tightly squinted shut against the chlorinated water.

She let herself go limp as she was lifted from the water, on to the tiled poolside. She was about to crack up, any second now, but she just needed to maintain composure for a few seconds.

There was a stunned silence from the party guests. No one dared to move, to shocked to call the ambulance, lucky for June. She really didn't need any more police attention.

"Oh my god!" Ferris cried.

"June!" She felt a hand on her face, on her solar plex.

"What've we done?" Cameron's voice was filled with panic. June figured this was her cue.

Her eyes sprung open, and directed a simultaneous punch to both of their chests. Normally, it wouldn't have moved them, but she took advantage of their shocked state. They both went tumbling back into the pool, and she knew she would remember their comically surprised faces for a long time after.

By the time Cameron and Ferris fought their way back out of the water again, the rest of the party goers had recovered from their shock, and were laughing out loud. June had satisfied smile on her face as she tried to wring out her t-shirt.

"That was so mean." Cameron said.

"Yeah, really." Ferris agreed with a pointed look at Cameron. "I knew you guys were going out for a reason. Your similarities are uncanny." He grumbled, stalking away.

"Love you too, Ferris." June called after him. She turned to Cameron, fixing him with a gaze that was a mixture of gentle and sarcastic. "Forgive me. Come on." She put her arms around him, laid her head on his chest. "Just a joke, you know."

After a moment, she felt him hug her back.

It wasn't long before Ferris got sick of seeing them cuddle, and promptly pushed them into the pool. Down in the cool depths, they kissed until their lungs screamed for air.

m m m

The summer had begun, not just in terms of climate, but the summer that every kid worshipped.

Except the seniors, of course, most of them were about ready to curl up and die from nerves.

Ferris had gotten into Brown, in Providence, Rhode Island. His parents told him he couldn't turn down the offer if he intended them to pay for his college. To some extent, though, he knew he would be stupid to pass up an Ivy League, no matter how far away it was.

Cameron applied to one university, and only one. The guidance counselor told him he had his pick of schools. Cameron, who had just barely come to school the required amount of days, had tested off the charts. He, in essence, was a varitable genius, if he wanted to be. He applied to Princeton. Within three days he had a reply that practically begged him to come to their school.

Roz applied to Stanford, University of Chicago, and University of Phoenix. She got into Chicago and Phoenix, but only Phoenix gave her a full athletic scholarship. She knew she couldn't turn it down.

Sloane still had a year of high school. She was not pleased by this fact.

June was not exemplary in school work, and definitely no in athletics, and nor was she exceptionally charismatic. The counsellors told her straight—she shouldn't expect much.

So she decided to go into art, seeing as she wasn't good at anything else. And since Cameron and Ferris were headed to New England, she applied to schools with strong art programs in New Jersey. Rutgers University had a relatively new program, but it was separate and intense, called the Mason Gross School of the Arts, and lucky for her, she got in. She wasn't scholarship worthy, but with only one kid her parents had saved long enough it wasn't too much of an issue. She figured being in the same state as Cameron was a whole lot better than going to some dirt cheap school in some forgotten state.

At some point in the month of July, the five were together, lying about or swimming in the pool in Ferris's yard. It had become a preferred spot among all students who would be leaving in just a few short months, and Ferris had grown used to seeing people he barely knew lounging around his yard. It didn't bother him, but by September he was sure that he would be less than willing to leave the gate open.

June, wisely, had put her bathing suit on, and was eyeing the overcast sky with suspicion. It seemed a summer thunderstorm was on its way. She decided to cool off quickly, and made a clean dive into the six feet end of the pool.

When she came up a few seconds later for air, she saw Ferris and Sloane were arguing again.

For the last few weeks, Sloane had been possessed by the idea that she shouldn't finish high school, and instead move out to Providence with Ferris. She reasoned that he could get his degree and she would work and then he would get a good job and wouldn't matter whether she had finished high school or not.

Ferris argued against this, saying that she needed to finish her education, no matter how matronly that made him sound. She retorted that he was just trying to rid of her. Then Ferris would deny it, and sigh, and then they'd kiss and start the argument all over the next day. It was so routine June had stopped listening, it was like they were reading a script.

Having never been a fan of water, June climbed out a few minutes later. Her eye make up had run, and her short hair stood up at strange angles as she strode over to where Cameron sat on a lawn chair. He was reading the Princeton information packet cover to cover for the fifth time that week, even though a good two thirds of it was common sense or didn't apply to the average student.

"You gotta relax, Cam." She told him as he scooted over to make room for her in the chair. He was just starting to dry off, but welcomed the feel of her cold skin.

"I'm not stressed." He said unconvincingly. "I just wanna know stuff."

"It's scary, I know." She said, once they were settled, a towel stretched around both their shoulders. She laid her head against his neck. "Moving to New England and all. But we'll be okay."

"I trust you."

"I'd be sad if you didn't, but I'd still be right at your side. I love you."

"Love you more."

There might have been more said, but just then Sloane let out an animal-like cry, and burst into tears. The rest of their quiet conversation was lost.

Cameron and June exchanged a look, unable to make head or tails of what was going on on the other side of the yard. Sloane was smiling.

"What the fuck?" June muttered.

"So?" Ferris was holding something small in his hand, it twinkled in the light, but they couldn't make it out from their vantage point.

"Yes! Yes! Of course I'll marry you!" Sloane cried, and tackled Ferris in a hug. Roz clapped and whistled. Cameron and June rose to their feet to join the party after exchanging smiles.

"I'm not sure this solves their separation problem." Cameron told her.

"I think its the promise that matters." She replied. Sloane knew that Ferris wasn't leaving her. The ring just proved that.

Sloane and Ferris were now engaged in a passionate lip lock, which ended when Cameron and June arrived on their side of the pool. June hugged a nearly hysterical with happiness Sloane, while Cameron and Ferris hugged quickly, like the brothers they considered themselves to be.

June grinned. This was good.

It was later, after much celebration, that the rain began to pour down. June threw on Cameron's Gordie Howe jersey over her bathing suit. It hem reached past her mid thighs, the sleeves a full inch past her fingertips.

She grabbed Cameron's hand, and they waved to a still glowing Ferris and Sloane as they sprinted toward June's truck. Roz hugged her quickly before bolting for her sedan, parked nearby.

June heaved herself into the driver's seat; Cameron held onto her bicep while she slammed the door shut. The weight of the door would drag her right back out of the truck again if she didn't properly anchor herself, or have someone there to keep her in place.

They pulled on their seat belts, and June turned the key. As the lobster boat engine roared to life, she let it idle for a moment, and exchanged a long smile with the boy sitting next to her.

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