The biggest story and gossip mill for the graduating class of Hogwarts in 1977 was when the Potter heir and the disowned Black heir to both have pregnant girlfriends, one of them being the sister of the heir to the Davies family. The Daily Prophet made quite a fortune on the story, which is incredibly believable as they are both part of very prestigious families in the Wizarding world.

These two lovely girls that seemed to catch the young bachelor's eyes were Rosalyn Davies and Lily Evans.

Rosalyn Davies, sister of the heir of the Davies fortune, 2nd in the year, charming, loved by all, even some Slytherins, favorite of the teachers, and incredibly beautiful, with her long, blonde hair, willowy frame, high cheekbones, and chocolate brown eyes.

Lily Evans, 1st in the year, studious, kind, favorite of teachers, and incredibly beautiful, with her long auburn hair, slim build, and forest green eyes.

It was no secret that Lily Evans and Rosalyn Davies were one of the most desired girls in the school. Both were rich, well-liked, popular, and had two of the most wanted boys on their every move – Sirius Black and James Potter.

All of that changed, once they became pregnant.

Lily Evans and Rosalyn Davies were no longer the once most loved and cherished girls in school. Instead, they became subjected to rude taunts, name-calling, and jeers.

It was more than one occurrence when both girls went to bed crying due to the harsh treatment from the students, and even some of the teachers.

Horace Slughorn, Lily's favorite teacher, looked down upon her after hearing that she had pregnant, and no longer invited her to the Slug Club conventions which had resulted in Lily crying for weeks.

Filius Flitwick, Rosalyn's favorite teacher, no longer held engaging conversations with Rosalyn about dueling and charms, and instead treated her like any other student.

They also both received terrible treatment from their families.

Lily's parents treated her politely, without any ounce of warmth. They treated her as if she was merely a guest, and not as if she was a member of their family. Lily's father, Luke, didn't look Lily in the face for weeks. Her mother Rose was more supportive than her father, but it was clear that Lily was no longer the favorite child of the Evans family. It was also clear that Petunia, Lily's horse of a sister was. Lily's sister, Petunia no longer called Lily a freak, and instead called her a whore and slut. Lily's parents would tell Petunia off, but it was clear that they too felt the same way about their youngest daughter.

Rosalyn's parents were the same. Terry, Rosalyn's father, wouldn't even look at her. Her mother Sophie would smile at her sadly and she would always wonder where she had gone wrong in her upbringing. Her older brother Michael would stare at his sister in a new light, as well as producing bodily harm on Sirius Black. The only one that was supportive of Rosalyn was her brother's wife, Noelle. Noelle was also pregnant, and these two girls would swap stories about their pregnancies which Rosalyn was eternally grateful for.

James's parents, Charlus and Dorea Potter, were incredibly disappointed towards their only son, but not enough to disown him as they loved their son very much. However, their love did not stop them from sending a multitude of Howlers.

Walburga and Orion Black simply didn't care. They were glad that Rosalyn was a pure-blood, for fear of tainting the lineage of the Black family. However, they were quite disappointed when she had been from a family of blood-traitors.

When Harry James Potter and Sophie Noelle Black were born, Harry on July 31st, and Sophie on July 3rd, things became better for the new parents. Harry was named after his father, and Noelle was named after her Aunt and grandmother.

Rosalyn's parents, Lily's parents, and James's parents were delighted at the birth of their first grandchild, so relations between the families and their children became a lot better. Lily became the favorite child of the Evan's family once more, Rosalyn's parents absolutely doted on the baby, and Noelle, her sister-in-law, had her son, Roger Davies, around the same time. Rosalyn and Noelle would schedule play-dates for the cousins to interact. James's parents loved baby Harry and they would often be seen with the baby, whether it was playing with him or if it was simply spoiling the baby.

Harry James and Sophie Noelle were adored by the students, so the parent's popularity was restored, and the two newborns became novelties with the students. After all, who doesn't love babies? Except for a few Slytheryns, of course.

Their parents also loved them. James Potter was constantly seen at his son's side, and Sirius Black also was seen talking or simply just staring at his daughter. Lily Evans was always singing lullabies towards her son, and Rosalyn Davies always had a radiant smile every time she would glance at her daughter, or when someone would sing praises about her daughter.

At Graduation, as expected, Sirius Black and James Potter proposed to their respective girlfriends, and to their delight they both said yes.

The two best friends had a double wedding right after school, and Harry and Sophie were the apples of their parent's eyes.

All of that; however, changed once Lily became pregnant once again. Nine months later, Logan Luke Potter was born. Logan was just simply adorable with his messy Potter hair and hazel eyes. His body was a little on the chubbier side, but that just added to the baby's charm. Sirius and Rosalyn Black were asked to be godparents, and they had obliged.

The Potters loved both of their children immensely, and favored no child above another. In fact, the two spoiled their children more than necessary.

All of that changed once Albus Dumbledore told Lily and James about the prophecy. Lily and James were horrified, and spent extra time with Logan, for fear of losing their sweet baby boy. Rosalyn and Sirius were also told about the baby, and Sirius was constantly seen at his godson's side. Lily and James wished to spend every waking moment they could with their son, Sirius as well.

Rosalyn; however, had more sense, and would be seen, playing with her own child and Harry, and occasionally playing with Logan. Because of this, several arguments had occurred between the four of them. The only person on Rosalyn's side was Remus Lupin, and he too; however, spent an exceeding amount of time with Logan.

Tragedy struck the Potters and Blacks. Rosalyn Black nee Davies was tortured by Voldemort himself for information on the prophecy, and she hadn't given any. Her death saddened everyone that she knew. Sirius Black would no longer talk to his daughter as she looked so much like his deceased wife. The rest of the Marauders and Lily were deeply saddened by Rosalyn's death, and all of them desperately hoped no more tragedies would fall upon them.

In order to take extra precaution, The Potters switched their Secret Keepers from Sirius to Peter, for fear of their friend's lives. Because Rosalyn was murdered, they desperately hoped for Sirius's safe-keeping.

However, their wish was not granted. Unfortunately, Peter had become traitor, and relayed their personal information to Voldemort himself. On October 31st, 1981, the Potters had went out to dinner using glamour charms, under the names Lilah and Jack, leaving the two boys with Charlus and Dorea.

Charlus and Dorea had died heroic deaths as Voldemort had killed them, while both boys had lived. Logan Potter was chosen as the boy-who-lived ultimately because Albus Dumbledore assumed he was sleeping from magical exhaustion. Harry Potter received a lightning bolt scar, and Logan Potter received a V shaped scar, both on their foreheads.

Albus Dumbledore concluded that Harry's cut was simply because a piece of debris had struck his forehead, and that Logan Potter's mark was simply a mark from the curse.

How very wrong he was.