AN: Short first chapter but we're just getting started.

Chapter 1: The Letter

Meg was surprised to see Kennedy pass out. She acted quickly though and soon had Kennedy stretched out on the couch as she waited for the younger girl to wake up. Meg was torn, she desperately wanted to read the letter but also wanted to respect Kennedy's privacy. After five minutes of mental debate, Meg reached over and picked up the letter from where it had fallen. As she scanned the page, her eyes widened but thankfully, she managed to stay conscious. The letter was short but said so much.

Dear Kennedy,

Well I am 18 now and everything you told me about has come to pass. My family doesn't know and it's getting harder to hide the truth. Although you've already told me otherwise, I still believe I can survive the test.

That said, I know the truth about you too. I saw you the day you left, walk through the portal. I don't know where you went but I hope you are home now. Hopefully, you'll find Meg again and get this. I followed you that day, I wanted to tell you I felt a connection to you...I didn't know then but I know now why I felt it. You're one too aren't you? A Slayer.

Visit my grave Kennedy, visit me. This is all I'll ask of you. Goodbye Kennedy.

Your Sister Slayer,

Patricia Pryor
September 16, 1968

Meg couldn't believe her eyes. What exactly had Kennedy told Patti? And what was this test? And especially, WHAT THE HECK WAS A SLAYER? These questions bounced around Meg's head for another three minutes before she felt Kennedy begin to wake up.

Meg folded the letter and held it as she turned to watch Kennedy wake up. As Kennedy's eyes fluttered open, Meg fought the urge to shake her awake and begin asking questions.

Kennedy awoke by degrees, still a bit embarrassed at having passed out but the words Patti had written combined with not having had any breakfast and being in the same house that Patti had lived in had all worked against her. She couldn't believe that Patti had seen her go home. No one was supposed to see that, that was why she'd set it for that day and time. Everyone would be busy watching Bandstand. Well, it couldn't be helped now. Patti's request was something Kennedy didn't think she'd be able to do, visit the grave of not only a slayer but a slayer she'd known? It was painful to even think about it.

Kennedy glanced over at Meg and saw the folded letter in her hand and sighed. She knew Meg had read it and now there'd be questions and Kennedy would have to provide the answers.