Chapter 5: The Breakthrough & a Roadtrip

It took another two weeks, but Kennedy wasn't to be deterred. She even called up her father to try to get some information from him but, her mother didn't say where she was calling from.

Kennedy was telling Meg this when suddenly Meg smiled.

"Kennedy, oh my god why didn't I think about this sooner?"

"Think of what Meg?"

"Lynn! Will's wife Lynn, she's a Federal Agent Kennedy. She can help us find Roxanne! I am such a blonde!" Meg said with a smile.

"You really think she can help?"

"I really do Kennedy. Can I call her?"

"Yes, please. Call her now."

"Ok." Meg kept smiling as she dialed Lynn's cell phone number. Lynn answered and after the usual pleasantries, Meg asked her the big question: could she help her friend Kennedy find her mother?

Lynn agreed to help anyway she could and gave Meg her fax number and told her to tell Kennedy to fax her every bit of information she had on her mother and a Social Security number would be very helpful.

Within an hour Kennedy faxed the info to Lynn with a note of thanks. All that was left now was to wait. Lynn, with all her resources, took two hours to locate a last known address for Roxanne Bojarski Williams. Kennedy thanked her for five minutes then finally let her get back to work.

Kennedy went to her computer and looked up the driving directions to get to the address which was located in Harrisburg. She got the directions and printed them out.

Willow came home and Kennedy told her the news. Willow was thrilled for her and even offered to go with her for support. Kennedy agreed and they planned to leave the next morning.

Kennedy told the gang and Meg that she and Willow were going in the morning to find her mother. They all supported her. The next morning, Kennedy put the two duffel bags in the back of her Jeep Cherokee and then held the door open for Willow. She'd already put the snacks on the back seat.

Soon, they were on the road. Music blared from the radio as they decided to enjoy the trip and not worry about what they'd find when they got to Harrisburg.

They stopped at a rest stop to eat lunch and rest a bit before continuing on. The drive was long and a bit boring. But soon they saw the Welcome to Harrisburg sign and they perked right up.

Kennedy had Willow with the directions telling her where to go. Within fifteen minutes, they were parked outside the house that Lynn had said was Roxanne's last known address.

Kennedy suddenly got nervous. This was what she had been waiting for ever since she'd found out her mother was still alive. But now that she was here, her nerves overtook her and she couldn't move.

Willow understood her reluctance, and didn't rush Kennedy. She simply put her hand on Kennedy's knee and smiled encouragingly at Kennedy when she turned to face her.

Finally, Kennedy closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and opened her car door. Willow sensed she needed to do this alone so she waited in the car. Kennedy was thankful for that, not knowing how she'd explain all this to Roxanne.

Kennedy made it up to the door and just stood there. After a full minute, she finally knocked on the door. This was it, now or never.

The End

AN: There are plans for a third and final installment of this trilogy but as of yet it is not written. I will work on it when I get the time. However, letting me know you're willing to read it would go a long way towards motivating me to write it.