An idea I came up with, that I said I would ages ago, based off the foreign exchange students in my school. (Mainly the one in my class, but that's beside the point… I kind of hate him at the moment, he said I was weird. I don't mind him calling me weird, but honestly, does he think I care what he thinks?) (The foreign kid seems to think that everyone loves him… Every girl in my creative writing class, except my buddeh Lauren, flocks around him 24/7… But I really don't give a crap what he thinks about me…) (When he said I was weird, I honestly thought, "So what's your point?") (I really should have said "Look at all the fucks I give")(Should have, but didn't.)

Okay… First day in China. Transferring to Xiaolin High and staying with… the Young family…? Kimiko wasn't overly crazy about being a foreign exchange student, but it looked good on a college resume, so she was game for it.

Kimiko slowly walked up to the door of the house that had the address she was given and she rang the doorbell. Kimiko inhaled and exhaled deeply, trying to calm herself down. She was worried that the parents would try and make her act like them. She hoped not.

Kimiko subconsciously heard the door open and she looked up. Her heart beat in her ears and her legs went weak when she saw a boy, about her age, with long black hair, godlike facial features, flawless skin, shimmering golden eyes with slit pupils, and an obviously built swimmer's body underneath a tight black shirt and black skinny jeans.

She stared at the boy in awe-filled shock. He was so gorgeous! His skin was practically glowing it was so perfectly flawless, his black hair had a shiny green tint and it hung behind his neck in a spiked mess of tangles, and his eyes were luminous like the moon, radiating a soft golden light as they observed her.

"Can I help you?" he asked in Chinese.

Kimiko blinked herself out of her trance and she held out a hand, saying in her very best Chinese, "Hi! I'm Kimiko! Nice to meet you!"

The boy looked at her hand for a second, but didn't raise his to touch it. His beautiful eyes lifted to look at her and he asked, "You're the foreign exchange kid from Japan?"

"Y-yes!" she stuttered back, amazed by how silky, sultry, and seductive his normal speaking voice was.

The boy frowned, wrinkling his flawless skin, and he turned his head, shouting, "Wuya! Come into the living room! The foreign kid's here!" He then motioned for her to come inside and Kimiko stepped inside.

The house looked modest from outside, but inside it was lavish. There were rugs that looked to be made of silk, paintings that looked one-hundred percent authentic, and random bits and bobs around that looked extremely expensive. The house's color scheme was beautiful too, it seemed like everything was based off nature. And the floor was white marble under the rugs! Geeze, what, was this family rich? What did the parents do for a living?

The godlike boy led Kimiko to a room with three splendid couches that were decked out with shimmering pillows and tassels and he told her to sit. Kimiko did and noticed a girl with incredibly big red hair come in. Kimiko observed her features for a moment; this girl had tanned skin and large curves, especially her lower ones. She was thin, but not overly skinny and she had big wide green eyes that seemed to shine when she looked at the godlike boy.

Kimiko hated to admit, but these two kids were incredibly attractive. Was everyone in China this attractive?

The girl looked at Kimiko and then she smiled and asked, "Oh, so you're a girl?" Kimiko nodded. The girl grinned happily and said, "That's wonderful! I'm Wuya!"

She went and shook Kimiko's hand. Kimiko smiled at Wuya and then Wuya said, motioning to the boy, "And that's Chase. He's my step-brother, but we're not related."

Kimiko waved shyly at Chase, he glanced his golden eyes at her for a brief moment before he muttered, "I'm going to my room." And he marched off.

Wuya sighed and whispered, "He's so hot…" Kimiko blinked, but she waved that comment off in her head.

"Am I going to meet your parents?" she asked, looking up at Wuya.

Wuya smiled softly and said, "Chase's mom died when he was born… My dad left my mom when I was two… Then our mom and dad married… They died in a car crash just before Chase turned thirteen… He was left in charge of all the money and family affairs…"

Kimiko swallowed and squeaked out, "I'm sorry."

"Nah, not your fault," she said, waving her hand. Wuya then smiled and said, "You speak Chinese very well, by the way."

"Thanks, I practiced for a while…" Kimiko said with a smile.

Wuya smiled at her and said that Kimiko would sleep in her room. So she led her down the hall. They passed a room that had a black door and blaring music behind it and Wuya said, "That's Chase's room… He hardly ever comes out…" And then they made it to a room with swirling black painted shapes on the green paint.

Wuya opened the door and flipped the switch. Kimiko stepped inside and immediately felt intimidated.

All over the walls in the room, covering every inch of the paint, were pictures of Chase. Every one candid shots, where he obviously didn't realize she took them. Several of them had Chase shirtless, or glaring at the camera. He looked angry in every frame. And his scowling golden eyes stared at her from every angle.

Kimiko looked at Wuya with terrified eyes. Wuya looked at her funny and went, "What? I told you, we're not related… Come on, here's your bed."

Kimiko inhaled and slowly moved into the room. This was definitely the beginning of a very interesting visa in China.

Yay… This is my idea… I thought of it a while ago…