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Foreign- 12

Kimiko had been home for about a week now, and she was still angry at Chase. Sure, she was happy to be home, but none of it overshadowed her rage. Kimiko had been texting Wuya all the time- they wanted to stay friends- but texting her made Kimiko think of Chase and that made her angry: it was a vicious cycle.

Tonight, Wuya and Kimiko were talking on video chat. Kimiko had to speak in Chinese for her, otherwise Wuya wouldn't understand anything she said- texts were automatically translated. Wuya smiled at her friend, but suddenly their conversation about boys took a sharp turn.

Looking worried, Wuya said softly, "Kim, you really need to come back… Chase needs you here…"

Kimiko slammed her hands down and shouted, "Why should I? He was a jerk to me! And I didn't even do anything!"

Wuya exhaled a little before saying, "I know what he did Kimiko, but… When you were here, he was so happy. I haven't seen him laugh in years, and you got him to laugh every day. Kim, when you're with him, he's a better person… He's himself again… Now that you're gone, he hasn't come out of his room at all- not even to eat! Kimiko, he's starving himself because he misses you!" She emphatically waved her hands on screen to show her point.

"Good!" Kimiko spat, pouting and scowling away.

"Kimiko… He was mad at you because he was jealous of Raimundo… He loves you, and I know it," Kimiko stared at her in shock, but Wuya didn't let her say anything before continuing, "I know he's in love with you. He tried to hide it by acting tough around you at first, but you changed him… He was always flirting with you, always joking with you and picking on you, but only because he wanted to make you happy! Kimiko… The Chase I knew never even smiled… You changed him into a good person… When you were her… he was happy… Please, even if not for him or yourself, come back so I can see him happy again… At least one last time…."

Kimiko wanted to cry, but she looked away and tried to hide her emotions. She choked out, "Then he should have said something…!"

"Kim… He tried… You were just too thick to realize it… That's why he was so angry about Raimundo… I know I didn't see it, but he must have really touched you if Chase got that angry… Kimiko… Please come back… Even if for one day… Just make amends with Chase… I don't want to see him die, but if I have to, I want him to die happy…" Kimiko was wide eyed. Chase was really starving himself over her? She felt terrible.

Wuya sighed and said gently, "I know you know I was in love with Chase… I know that… But he's happy with you… And I want to see him happy more than I want to be with him… If being with you makes him happy, then I want nothing more than for the two of you to be together… Kimiko…"

She paused and smiled as a tear rolled down her cheek… "You bring out the best in him…"


"Chase, can you come here for one sec? This delivery guy says he needs your signature on something!" Wuya called over Chase's blaring music.

"Go to hell!" Chase shouted back.

"Chase! I can't sign it! He says you have to! Will ya just get off your butt and sign this one measly paper?" she shouted.

Chase's door swung open, slamming into the wall loudly, and he came out looking disheveled and angry. He walked over to Wuya, who stepped aside to reveal a very familiar Japanese girl in a pale blue dress with black ribbons. Chase froze where he was.

"Why are you here?" Chase asked, looking hurt and ready to kill at once.

Kimiko smiled softly and walked up to him, saying gently, "I didn't get to spend the full time with my roommates… Don't you think I should stay until the time's up…?"

"You left for a week," Chase grumbled, not looking at her.

Kimiko reached up to touch his face and she whispered, "I know, and I'm sorry… But I wanted to come back…I wanted to see you again…" Chase looked at her, turning his thinner face to stare.

She smiled tenderly at Chase and Kimiko whispered, "I missed you Chase… I'm so sorry I hurt you…" She threw her arms around his neck and held him. And slowly, but surely, Chase's arms wrapped around her waist in a loving embrace.

Chase held the back of her head and Kimiko felt tears against her skin as he choked out, "Please don't leave me again…! I love you…!"

Kimiko smiled and began crying as well- that was the voice of a lonely child who never truly got the love he had always needed: his parents dying twice before he could truly experience them had left Chase a cold and empty shell. Love was dearer to a person like Chase than any organ. And Kimiko was honored to be the one to give that essential bit of life to Chase.

She nuzzled her head into his hair and she whispered, "I promise I'll stay with you Chase… I'm not leaving any time soon…"

They probably could have kissed, but all their emotions were felt in that embrace. They didn't need to kiss for each of them to know that the other was completely devoted to them. Chase loved Kimiko, and she knew it. Kimiko loved Chase, and he knew it. What would a kiss say that wasn't already clear?

Wuya watched them sway softly in their embrace and she cried tears of joy- even though she would never have Chase, she didn't care anymore. Chase and Kimiko deserved each other… They completed each other and gave each other love… Even if their love was so very new to Chase. Even if that love was…foreign…

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