Let me first say that I was inspired to do a RePlay of this game for two reasons:

#1: This is a boss game that needs more attention, and #2: I loved reading the Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia RePlay that Momoko Harukaze did!

So thank you for inspiring me, Momo! :)

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The two of us had been friends since way before I could remember. We grew up in the same town, we went to the same school, we liked all the same things, and we went on the same adventures. However, one thing that separated me from Todd was our personalities.

Todd was a cheerful, hyper kid like me. The only thing was he got easily scared. I practically had to drag him on this adventure! On the other hand, I'm more of the outgoing kind of person that doesn't mind taking risks if I have to (or want to).

Oh, I almost forgot to introduce myself! I'm Dina Sentōki! I'm hoping to one day become a world renowned Fossil Fighter! That's why me and Todd are here today. He heard there's some Vivosaurs hanging around up on this mountain, and I'm hoping to catch one!

If you don't know already, Vivosaurs are dinosaurs that were revived and given special powers and types. People often challenge each other to Fossil Battles that involve each of their teams, which can have up to three Vivosaurs, battling against each other. They also have shorter names taken from the original dinosaur name they had, like "Tricera" for "Triceratops".

"Hey, Dina! How long are you going to stand around and look at the scenery? Huh?" Todd yelled. I turned around and started walking toward him.

He was getting impatient, "Quit stalling and get over here, Dina!"

"Geez, Todd! I can only go so fast!" I growled at him. His anger faded and he smiled when I got to him, "You know the people said there were wild Vivosaurs up here, right?" I nodded.

Todd jumped up and down excitedly, "Man, I never thought I'd get to see one with my very own eyes! What if we find a Compso? Or better, a T-Rex!" he was extremely excited.

"Well they're not gonna just waltz right up to us, so let's go find one!" Todd nodded, "Yeah, standing here isn't going to help us! And we're not leaving until we get our hands on some Vivosaurs!" Todd sped ahead a little. "Race you to the top, Dina!"

I grinned mischievously, "You're on, Todd." I yelled, running after him.

About eight minutes later we were at the summit of the mountain, gasping for breath from running. Todd stood up, "Hey..." he started, "There's no Vivosaurs here! Someone must have lied to me!" he stomped his feet angrily.

I sighed, "They're probably around here somewhe-" then a huge tremor shook the ground, and Todd became terrified in an instant.

"Wh-what was that? What's g-going on?"

Another tremor shook the ground. We bother whipped around to the direction it was coming from. The bush in front of us shook slightly.

"Th-there's something over there! W-we'd better go!" I stepped forward, "No, let's see what it is first."

"Are you crazy? What if-" Todd was abruptly cut off as the bush shook violently and a rush of blue came charging out.

"Th-that's an... Allosaurus!" Todd screeched. The massive Vivosaur raised its head to the sky and roared. "Now Todd, just back away slowly and maybe it won't-"

"RUN FOR IT! WE'RE GONNA DIE! IT'S GONNA EAT US!" he whirled around and hightailed it away from the carnivorous reptile. "Todd! TODD! Wait up!" I yelled after him.

But we were stopped in our tracks at the edge of the cliff.

Todd was trembling beside me, "AHH! We're screwed! We're so going to die!" I stepped ahead of him, "I'm not letting that happen!"

Todd gasped, "D-Dina? What're you doing?"

"Protecting you. I refuse to go down without trying!"

Todd was silent. The Allosaurus was approaching us fast. I braced myself for its attack, but a screech broke the silence. Todd turned around, "EEEK! A Pteranodon!"

My face lit up, "Todd, look! That's not just a Pteranodon, it's-"

"Quick, jump on! Both of ya'!" there was a man on the back of the flying reptile.

"Huh?" Todd said questionably.

"Get a move on, now!" the man yelled again. Todd froze to the spot. "Todd!" I grabbed his hand, ran, and jumped onto the Pteranodon's back. "Gaaaahhh!" he screamed before latching his arms around my shoulders.

The man smiled, "Yeee-haa! Hold on, partners!" he directed the Ptera away from the mountain. At the edge, the Allosaurus roared, angered that his prey had gotten away.

The man sighed, "You folks alright?"

Todd was still holding onto me with his eyes closed, shaking with fear. "Todd. We're safe. You can let go now." He opened his eyes and his face turned red, "Sorry! Sorry! Yeah, I think I'm fine." he replied. I turned back to the man. "Yep. We're good!"

He nodded in reply, then turned back toward the base of the mountain.

After landing, the man walked us back to the path where we first scaled the mountain. Todd suddenly gasped, "OH, MY, GOSH! Y-you're... Joe! Joe Wildwest!"

The man grinned, "Yep, that's me. Surprised you know my handle, kid."

"Of course I know you!" Todd said happily, "You're the greatest Fossil Fighter in the world! You're skills are legendary!"

Todd did another one of his jump-up-and-down happy dances, "I can't believe I'm actually talking to THE Joe Wildwest! This is the best moment of my life!" Then he sighed, "I bet I sound like an absolute nerd, right?" But Joe just smiled.

"Not at all, partner! It's nice to meet 'cha!" Todd smiled again.

I smiled too, "Well, thank you for saving us, Mr. Wildwe-"


The three of us turned and saw the Allosaurus trekking around the mountainside near us. "EEEK!" Todd screamed before hiding behind me.

Joe frowned, "That Allosaurus is madder than a sack full'a hornets! But we can't just leave it riled up like that, or folks'll be in heaps'a trouble like you two were!" he griped his bag, "Ain't no other choice! We gotta subdue the critter with a Fossil Battle!"

Joe looked at Todd, "How 'bout you, kiddo? You up for it?" Todd's face went blank, "I'll even loan ya' one's my Dino Medals for the fight. So, how about it?"

Todd looked at Joe, then at me, then at Joe again. Then he held his stomach, "Oooohhh! Ooowww! My stomach, it hurts real bad! I knew I shouldn't have eaten that rotten banana! Oowww!" I looked at him suspiciously, Are you serious? A rotten banana? I thought. But I decided to leave him alone.

"I'll fight." I said. "I don't think Todd's well enough to do it." I saw Todd grin slightly from the corner of my eye.

"Well I guess that's fair enough. Pick one'a my Dino Medals here for battle. There's four'a them to choose from. Pick whichever one strikes yer' fancy." he pulled them out of his bag and handed them to me.

It was hard to choose between them, Well, Aero is pretty cool, but Toba looks like it would have a better defense... Maybe Tsintao? But then I saw Dimetro's medal shine for a moment.

"I choose Dimetro." I said confidently.

"That's a fine choice there, small fry! Dimetro packs a punch in battle!" Joe said encouragingly, "Just remember, when you throw that Dino Medal yer' Vivosaur will be unleashed. The strength of a Fossil Fighter depends on how strong their bond is with their Vivosaurs." he turned to walk away, "So make sure to get along and have fun! Now go get 'em!"

I nodded then went up to the Allosaurus, Dimetro's medal in my hand. It noticed and turned to face me.

"Alright Dimetro... LET'S GOOOO!" I threw the medal at the Allosaurus, and it glowed brightly in mid-air. The light formed into the shape of a sail-back reptile before disappearing.

"Graahh, graaahh!" Dimetro growled. It glanced back at me for a second. Oh, right! I need to make it attack! But the Allosaurus was faster and snapped at Dimetro with its massive jaws. Luckily, Dimetro dodged the attack. It's enraged, meaning it'll probably attack out of fury instead of aiming first! I decided to use that to my advantage.

"Dimetro! Attack Allo with Dimetro Fang!"

"Grrraaaahh!" it obeyed and ran at Allo, clamping down on its shoulder before retreating. Allo became more enraged and snapped at Dimetro, holding the poor Vivosaur in its mouth. It screeched with pain, but flashed suddenly before Allo growled and threw it at the ground.

"Dimetro!" I yelled. It simply growled and stood up.

Joe raced to the edge of the field, "That was Dimetro's special ability, FP Absorb!" he yelled, "Every time Dimetro gets hit by that there Vivosaur, it absorbs some of its FP!" I acknowledged him with a thumbs up before refocusing on the battle.

"Dimetro, use Dimetro Fang again!"

"Graarr!" it roared, then it attacked the Allosaurus again. Allo finally calmed down a bit, then a brief flash occurred before Allo returned to its Dino Medal.

"Good job, kiddo!" Joe said, picking up the medal, "You calmed down that big Dino with ease! You might just have the potential to be a great Fossil Fighter!"

"Yeah!" Todd exclaimed, "You handled that battle like a pro, Dina! You're awesome!"

"Thanks!" I replied, "But um..." I leaned over to him, "Didn't you have a stomach ache before?"

Todd gasped, "Oh yeah! My stomach ache's gone! But umm," Todd hesitated, "Oh, who cares about it now! You were amazing, Dina!"

"I agree with 'ya, partner! Now," Joe said, clenching the Allo medal in his hand, "This here Allosaurus was abandoned by a cruel fighter! Reckon' that's why he had his shorts in a bunch."

We both turned to face Joe, "Vivosaurs are meant to be with people they trust. If they're abandoned, they go feral and their true nature emerges. That's why I'm here actually," he continued, "The Fighters Association asked me to round up rouge Vivosaurs."

Then he stopped, "Aw shucks, where are my manners? You know this already, but I'm Joe Wildwest, and I'm a Fossil Fighter."

I introduced myself, "I'm Dina Sentōki! I'm hoping to one day become a famous Fossil Fighter!"

"And I'm Todd Tokage. Dina is my best friend! We always cheer for you on TV, Joe!" he threw his hand up in the air, "We both want to be great fighters, just like you!"

Joe bent his head down and laughed, "Aw, shucks. You two small fries are really makin' me blush. Well, I should be seein' you two home, but I ain't finished with my job yet here. But y'all seem pretty good on yer' own. I trust ya' to be alright."

I was about to say goodbye when I realized I still had Dimetro's medal. "Um, Mr. Wildwest? Here." I handed him the medal.

"Aww, bacon! I durn almost forgot that there Dino Medal I loaned ya'!" I sensed a sad aura emitting from it.

"Tell ya' what," Joe said before handling me the medal back, "You keep it, as a present from me. Plus, Dimetro seems to have taken a liking to you!" the sadness vanished and was replaced with happiness. "Wow! Thank you, Mr. Wildwest!" I said with surprise.

I looked over at Todd, "Aww!" he moaned, "If only my stomach hadn't started hurting..." all of us laughed.

"Listen here, small fries. If you love your Vivosaurs and share their passion for Fossil Battles, then you can accomplish anything!" Joe said. We both nodded our heads in agreement.

"Alrighty! I look forward to one day seein' both of you as proper Fossil Fighters!" he turned and started off, then turned around, "Adios, kiddos!" and he walked off up the mountain.

Todd laughed, "Wow, we just met Joe Wildwest! Now we have to become Fossil Fighters! Let's do it, Dina!" We threw out hands in to the air and jumped.


*Sentōki means "fighter" in Japanese
*Tokage means "lizard" in Japanese

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