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John led Dean into the hospital room where his mom was laying slightly propped up against the headboard of the bed. In her arms she held a bundle of blankets.

John Lifted his eldest onto the bed next to his mother. Upon closer inspection, Dean noticed a small pink baby laying in his mom's arms.

"Dean," Mary said, "This is your baby brother Sam." Dean looked closer at him, he was so small, so fragile looking.

"I'm a big brother?" He asked with a smile. "Yes," John replied as he came up to stand next to Mary and Dean. He put his arm around his wife and leaned over Dean to give her a peck. Dean was so busy looking at his new brother, he didn't even notice.

"Would you like to hold him?" Mary asked. Dean nodded enthusiastically. Mary shiffted so she could hand Dean Sam while John sat in behind him with his legs off the edge of the bed.

Dean smiled warmly at his brother, "Hi Sammy," he said softly, "I'm your big brother, Dean." John and Mary smiled at each other at the nickname their oldest had given the newborn.

"I'm gonna teach you everything you need to know," Dean said, "like how to walk and talk and how to play." He spoke with such certainty, you wouldn't even know he was four.

The whole time he spoke Sam had his eyes on Dean. Smiling and reaching out his small hand towards Dean. He put his finger in Sams hand and his small fingers closed around it. Dean smiled.

"But most of all," he continued, "I'm gonna protect you and keep you safe. Always."

John and Mary sat in silence for a while longer, just watching their two boys with so much love. They knew Dean would always be there for his baby brother and even though Sam was still young, they knew he would do the same for Dean.

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