A/N: Saw the promo for Chuck vs. the Santa Suit/Chuck vs. the Curse. It inspired me to write this. PROFANITY.

Sarah vs. the Curse

"Yeah, yeah, I got them." It was difficult to balance the phone between her ear and her shoulder and carry the box of decorations, but she hated talking on speaker in Castle. So she hurried up the stairs, juggling phone, box, and her sanity. Christmas at the Buy More.

What would the spy life bring next?

"I'll be up in five minutes," she said.

"Okay. Love you."

She had to smile a little as she hung up. They'd seen each other ten minutes before, but Chuck's sometimes-habit of hanging up with "Love you" still made her heart speed up just the tiniest bit every time. When she remembered what she was facing beyond Castle's door—an electronics store full of insanity at the holidays—the smile faded, though.

She was Sarah Walker, super-spy. She could do this.

Just as she reached the door, however, it slid open on its own accord. She took a half-step back in surprise—and her jaw dropped.

"Hi, Sarah," Daniel Shaw said. He was smirking and standing there, as close to smug as it was possible for him to be. "Miss me?"

Sarah dropped the box. As it fell, she had a split-second to wonder how the bloody hell he'd managed to get past Castle's security. Then she decided she'd care later, pulled out her gun, and shot him. Twice. Just to make sure.

The box hit the ground.

The look on Shaw's face as he went down was almost one of surprise.

With a growl, Sarah picked up the box and stepped over the bleeding and dead body at the bottom of the stairwell, and began to climb with the Christmas decorations in tote. "Goddamn writers," she growled. "Why couldn't they leave it the fuck alone?"