Southampton, NY August 2001

It was another warm summer day in the Hamptons for Kennedy Weston as she woke up to the sound of the waves crashing against the shore just fifty feet from her bedroom window. Life was pretty good for Kennedy these days. It was summer vacation-for another two weeks anyway-and she was here at the family beach house in Southampton for the summer. Kennedy was seventeen and going into her senior year of high school next month. Her parents had decided to fly to England for a meeting with the Watcher's Council. Kennedy's Watcher had been left behind to keep an eye on her, like Kennedy couldn't take care of herself-she could, and anyone else who came along.

The day started like any other day. Kennedy woke up, showered, and put on a bikini and shorts. She had her usual French toast and apple juice breakfast then went to find her watcher. Kennedy usually found her watcher, Juliet Sternin, in the training room warming up. After her parents had accepted Kennedy's fate as a potential Slayer, they'd had a wing built onto the beach house as well as the year round home in Amityville. The wing here consisted of a training room, Ms. Sternin's rooms, and a small library where Kennedy spent three hours a day studying demonology or whatever it was called. From 7 am until 1pm Kennedy had training, three hours for books and three hours for physical combat. The training room was huge, enough for at least three pairs of sparring partners to work in without interrupting each other. But Kennedy was the only fighter here...well Kennedy and Ms Sternin.

"Good morning Jules!" Kennedy said as she walked into the training room to begin her physical work out. Kennedy was the only one allowed to call her Jules and that was only because Kennedy could never say Juliet without thinking of Shakespeare and the Romeo and Juliet play she'd done in the ninth grade. Kennedy had to play the role of Juliet and the guy playing Romeo was kinda cute but a total closet case. They'd come to an understanding and managed to make it through the play without gagging or laughing.

"Kennedy, good morning. I trust you slept well and are ready to train." Jules was British, no big surprise there but she'd lived for so long in America that her accent had evolved and relaxed. It wasn't as stiff as when she'd first met Kennedy almost 11 years ago.

It was 2pm and Kennedy was lying on the beach working on her tan. Her training had ended an hour ago and she had the whole day to herself. Kennedy closed her eyes and tried not to think about why she hadn't been called as the Slayer yet. It was frustrating to train for something almost your whole life with no way of knowing if it would pay off in the end. But, until Kennedy became the Slayer she could still live a relatively normal life. She had school, a small but close group of friends, and her training. She knew once she was called she'd have to give up her friends and her school and dedicate herself to the calling but until then, Kennedy was determined to enjoy being normal.

At 8pm, an hour after finishing dinner, the call came. No not that call. The phone rang and Jules answered it. Kennedy looked over at her from the couch where she was watching Charmed. Kennedy saw a shadow pass over Jules' face as she listened to what was being said over the phone, then Jules hung up.

Juliet Sternin hated having to give anyone bad news but she knew that this didn't even compare. She was loath to cause her young charge pain but she had to be told. Juliet walked slowly over to the couch but sat down on the coffee table. It was the only way she could look Kennedy in the eye when she told her the news. Juliet reached for the remote and clicked the television off.

"Kennedy, we need to talk." Juliet began.

"Umm...ok. What's going on?" Kennedy asked truly bewildered. Jules was acting strange. First off Jules would never sit on the coffee table and second, Jules would never just turn the TV off like that.

"Kennedy, I'm afraid I have some bad news." Juliet took a deep breath. "The plane, your parents' private plane, crashed into the Atlantic Ocean. No one survived but the pilot did manage to send out a distress signal. I am so sorry Kennedy, dear, but your parents are...dead." Juliet spoke softly.

Kennedy was in shock. It couldn't be true. It just couldn't. But one look into Jules' eyes and Kennedy knew it was true. Her parents were gone. Kennedy couldn't breathe and before long, her world went black. Kennedy welcomed the reprieve of oblivion as she passed out.



AN: There's definitely more to come so be patient. I wrote this a long time ago, and was asked to post it here. Hope it's enjoyable. Anyone out there remember Crossing Jordan? If not, look it up and check it out, it'll help in the coming chapters.