"Great now I have a giant chicken falling on my head. I knew that maybe this was a bad idea. Oh well at least dying is impossible, intense pain however is quite possible."

You might be wondering how I got here or why a giant chicken monster is falling on my head. Well I found a funny book with magical powers of inter-dimensional travel. I signed on for the trip and well here I am in the game world of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2: Grimoire of the Rift. Its a fun turn based game placed in the magical world of Ivalice.

Wait maybe I should start with not the book but me. My name is Alan and I am 17 years old. I am 6 feet tall on the dot. I have dirty blonde hair, blue eyes and barely any muscle although I am quite tough for my lack of muscle. Hopefully that will serve me well. I guess due to you not seeing me I guess I should say a couple other things. I am quite pale due to not spending as much time in the hiking and other outdoor stuff as I could. I also have glasses, black round ones.

I am from a small little town in the mountains that others can't wait to get away from. Ironic considering I love it there and I am the one to get away from the place. Regardless I had a happy existence there going to school, playing video games and going on the occasional hike or camping trip.

So we get back to the book. I found it on my bed one day when I got home from school one day in December. Nobody could tell me where it came from so I opened it to see what it was about. It looked quite familiar and I realized that it depicted Ivalice from the game mentioned above."

I made it about halfway just like Luso did and low and behold blank so like Luso I skip to the end. Finally I get to the same question: "One is fated to fill these barren pages. Know you his name?" So like an idiot I write my name.

And promptly nothing happens. I was rather angry. What is this some kind of joke?

Well I asked and I didn't receive oh well. I go through the motions until its time for bed and then I crawl into my bed. I fall asleep after a while. I don't feel like playing my DS today.

One second I am falling to sleep the next I am falling through a blueish whitish portal. It was amazing at the time but I should have not signed that book.

So I land on a large feathery mass to break my landing and then I realize that if I am coming in at the right time there should be Klesta around so...

Suddenly I hear a loud and quite indignant "Krawwk" below me. I realize that I have the intense misfortune of having landed on the blasted bird.

I jump off the bird and run for the nearest tree. I know not very brave but I just landed on a giant monster bird! When I make it to the tree and look around behind me I see I am in a large verdant forest filled with bird song, a babbling brook and the whole 9 yards. However I am now faced with a giant bird trying to kill me as well.

I decide to see if I am still in my P. J's at the moment because that would be horribly embarrassing. I am surprised to see that I am in favorite clothes. My navy blue sweatpants, Blue sweater, tan t-shirt, my tan trail runners and my favorite tan boonie is hanging from my neck.

Suddenly a loud voice rang out "You there, other boy that fell from the sky!"

I look around to see Cid, Luso, a Viera, a Nu Mou and the clans judge. Guess I didn't replace Luso after all.

I call out in my dazed state "Who me?"

Cid answers "Yes you come here!"

I look around before running full tilt over to him.

Cid says "Good now before anything else drops from the sky lets deal with our new arrivals. You" Pointing at Luso. "have already been sworn into our clan for your safety but now it appears we have another member to induct. What is your name?"

"My name is Alan."

"Good now swear an oath to the judge so you may join our clan."

I stammer a bit before saying "Um may I join the clan please?"

The Judge draws his sword and swings it up-wards. Please don't be wearing a ridiculous outfit like Luso's. I feel a tingle and I see a flash of light. I feel my self getting heavier. When I look down at myself I see that not mush has changed but I have a belt with a sword on it and I think my clothes are probably actually protective now, plus I have a shield fastened to my arm. Awesome.

Luso speaks up "How come he got to keep his clothes from home?"

I tell him "I have not a clue."

Cid speaks up at this point "Ah he's brought the little ones along to feed. Stand back you two we will handle this lot."

I look over to see that two smaller birds have strolled into the clearing.

He then turns to both mages and says "Ready yourselves!"

Luso asks "You're going to fight them?"

Cid tells us "Once you both have stood back as I've told you, yes."

Luso enthusiasticly replies "Hey let me take a swing at them! I swore my oath. That means I can't die, right?"

I chip in and say "It might be a good idea seeing as that is a pretty large bird over there."

Cid sighs and says "Spoken like true greenhorns. No, you will not die, but get a beak in the eye and you might wish you had."

Luso replies" Well, I didn't mean I'd go in first or anything. And I'm no fan of getting beaked... But I won't just stand here while you do all the hard work. C'mon let me fight!"

I chip in and say" That goes for me too." Even if I know this might not end well for me.

Cid Thinks it over for a second before hesitantly replying "I did not intend to make you fight when I invited you to join us however... You promise to do exactly as I say?"

We both reply with a positive answer.

"Fine you both may fight. I am Cid. And you are?"


"Very well, Luso, Alan. We begin!"

Well let the action start huh.

The viera gives us the whole how moving works in combat and then the Nu Mou gives us the speech about magick and charging it up over time.

After that we go to work.

I turn to Luso and tell him "Maybe we should leave fighting the big one to the professionals and we should go after the little chicks."

He agrees.

I draw my sword and realize that its my sword from home. A simple steel blade with a decorated hilt that comes up in points on either side to catch other blades and a decorated pommel with an A on 2 sides of it. Funny thing is it cost $15 bucks and I didn't see the A's until I got home. And I notice that its sharp. Never been that before. Lets try it out.

I walk towards the chicks carefully with my shield up and my sword pointed down slightly. Lets hope that watching so much T.V, reading so many fantasy books and playing so many video games have taught me something about sword play.

The first one suddenly jumps at me and startles me. I raise my shield to cower a bit and as a result I get beaked in the belly. What a great start. It didn't hurt much but it was quite the blow to my ego. What little of it I had after all. I try to stay humble so I put myself down sometimes.

Regardless I thrust with my sword at the chick and cut a few feathers off it with my half-hearted stab.

It lunges at me again but this time I remember to keep my shield in front of me. I Block its attack and stab it with a bit more gusto this time. It skwaks a once and dies. Well that was far easier then if thought. Suddenly a huge shadow envelops the ground around me. I look up to see Klesta the super bird hovering over my head.

Well here we are back to where we started. The cursed bird floating slightly over head and ready to smash me into the consistency of bread pudding squares. Well I should have been careful of what I wished for.