The Raven-haired boy pressed his hand against the glass of the large office. "Why won't he love me..?" he sighed. "There were so many things I wanted from him" he smirked,licking his lips seductively.

He imagined the time he had cut Shizuo's shirt and pants open...Fisting his hand against the window, Izaya's heart rate began racing and face growing red. Looking around, he ran to the door and locked it.

Throwing himself down onto the couch, he closed his eyes and imagined the hands of his secret crush...Shizuo.

He sat up and went around the room gathering a few things. A cup filled with ice-cubes, a bottle of lotion, a towel and vibrator and a dildo... placing the items on the coffee table, he placed the towel on the couch [So he wouldn't make a mess] and layed down after stripping himself completely.

"M-Master shizuo...Punish me..."

Inside his mind

"punish you?" The blond smiled.

"Y-Yes~" Izaya moaned slightly.

Shizuo took the ice cubes and took one, rubbing it against Izaya's tender nipple.

"A-Ahh!" Izaya moaned. "Thats c-cold!"

"You like that?" Shizuo laughed.

"N-No! Its cold!"

"Well, too bad."

"Shizu-Chan..." Izaya wrapped his arms around Shizuo. "Master, punish me..." He licked shizuo's ear and smirked.

Shizuo took the ice cube, rubbing it against Izaya's other nipple. Izaya dug his nails into Shizuo's back. "S-Stop!" He cried out.

Shizuo ignored the boy's cries and took another ice cube from the cup on the coffee table, taking it and rubbing it against the tender flesh of Izaya's tight asshole.

"S-Shizu-Chan!" Izaya widened his eyes. "S-S-So Cold!".

Taking his middle finger, Shizuo pushed the icecube into Izaya. Izaya yelled loudly, almost drawing blood from shizuo's back by digging his sharp claws of nails into his lover's back.

"You want me~?" Shizuo smirked, kissing Izaya's neck lightly.

"Y...Yes..." Izaya blushed red.

"What do you want?" Shizuo bit down hard on Izaya's pale and sweet tasting neck.

"A-Ah!...Your..c-cock..." Izaya moaned.

Shizuo leaned towards the table. "Wait a minute, My little fuck...Close your eyes."

Izaya did as told, closing his eyes tightly.

Now that the icecube inside him was melted, and cool water dripped from him, a splashing sound was heard as a small dildo was shoved into Izaya.

"A-AH!" Izaya moaned.

"Thats not all." Shizuo took a small remote control, pressing an on button and turning a dial all the way to the right.

Izaya screamed loudly, drool dripping from his lips and his eyes rolling back into his head.

"Oh..O-O..Oh..." Izaya whined, raising his hips off the couch. Shizuo pushed the vibrating dildo into Izaya all the way, causing it to hit his G-Spot.

"O-OH! OH!" Izaya screamed "RIGHT THERE!" He continued, screaming as loud as he could. Izaya's 7 inch cock twitched with pleasure. He sprayed his own seed onto his chest, hitting Shizuo's chest as well. Izaya's uneven breathing was a sign for Shizuo to turn it off and take it out. slowly slipping it out after turning it off, He set it onto the table.

Shizuo smiled down at his 'Little fuck' and proceeded to grab the lotion and rub it onto his own nine inch. Moaning slightly, Shizuo shoved his cock into Izaya's hole.

"FUCK!" He screamed.

"Ah.." Shizuo made small moans and groans as he slowly thrusted in and out of Izaya, hitting his spot over and over. Being uke, Izaya made most of the noise. Over and over, faster and faster he pounded that sweet spot, causing Izaya to cum over and over.

"Faster, Faster!" Izaya would scream, still digging his nails into his love's back even more.

Shizuo began to pound as hard and fast as he could, rocking izaya's body against the couch.

"G-Goddamn.." Shizuo growled as he released himself into Izaya, His hot jizz filling Izaya in seconds.

"I love you, Shizu-Chan..."

"..Same to you, Izaya..."

The sad part

Izaya layed, covered with cum, sweat and drool, a dildo shoved inside him.

No one was really loving him, no one was really touching him and no one was really fucking him. All it was...

Was just Pure Masturbation.