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Sarah sat quietly in her seat on the flight and tried to recall what had brought her to this place and time in her life. Two and half years ago she made a decision that would ultimately break her heart. Sarah had faced death many times in her career, she faced people that would scare even the most hardened agents but she faced and conquered all of them without much thought. Most of the time she had to really sit and think about some of her missions from her past that were considered high risk. They just never affected her to the point that one Charles Irving Bartowski did. Chuck scared the hell out of her.

Loving Chuck was easy. All you had to do was be around him and he just wore down what ever walls you had. He didn't use some new interrogation technique or some Vulcan mind meld ( oh god what has he done to me). He just used love and kindness and never judged you on your past, present or future. If you were around him for any amount of time, he just rubbed off on you. Even Casey had no defense against Chuck, he may of called him a moron all the time but she knew that Casey would protect Chuck with his own life. Sarah had never been in a real relationship in her entire life and that is why Chuck scared her to death. She could never figure out why he loved her. She had done things in her life that she would never let him know and that was part of her problem. How would he react if he ever found out? She loved him with all her heart but wasn't sure if she knew how she could love Chuck forever and not screw it up and break both of their hearts more his then hers. They never taught relationships at the farm, she was pretty sure she would have failed that course.

Bryce Larkin had offered Sarah a chance to leave with him and to go and fight Fulcrum and be the team they were in the past. She had no feelings for Bryce any longer but he did offer her one thing, an escape. Sarah took the easy way out and left the next morning without saying a word to Chuck. She knew that if she met him in person to say goodbye that there was no way in hell that she would ever be able to leave him. It was the first time in Sarah's life that she made a decision based on fear. Fear of one little ole computer nerd known as Chuck.

Sarah sat in her seat and was contemplating how she was going to accomplish this new mission that she was undertaking. This would probably be her most emotionally challenging mission she had ever been on. She was pretty sure that the physical toll would be something that she could overcome but the emotional part really had her worried. One thing Sarah was sure of was that she had never failed a mission before and she had no intentions of failing this one.

She was in deep thought when a voice cut through her concentration and she heard the male voice say that they were fifteen minutes from landing and that the weather was sunny and seventy nine in the greater Los Angeles area. When the plane landed Sarah looked up and read the sign that said "Welcome to LAX". She was now ready to start her mission which was to get her Chuck back and she was determined not to fail. Sarah had been given two weeks of vacation after her last mission and she intended to use every minute of that time to accomplish her task. She wanted this to be her last mission and fully intended on never leaving Burbank again unless it was with Chuck and they were heading to some place that required very little clothing and a whole lot of one on one time between her and Chuck.

Sarah had decided that the first thing she needed to do was find Chuck and watch him from a distance and see what his life was like now. She wasn't sure if he had a girlfriend or not and that would definitely determine how she would approach him. A girlfriend wasn't going to stop her but it would change her approach and these were some of the things she needed to find out by observing Chuck as much as she could without him knowing she was there.

With a ball cap, sunglasses and her hair tucked under the cap, she entered through the sliding doors that she had entered many times in the past but this time seemed to bring back a flood of emotions as she walked through the doors and she had to stop and steady her breathing before she could continue. Instantly fear started to take over her and she had to push the fear down and remind herself that she would not fail this mission and with that resolve she continued into the store.

She could see what appeared to be Chuck standing in one of the aisles with a tall row of merchandise in the Buy More. Sarah was pretty sure it was him but something seemed different. It had been two and a half years since she had left and a lot can change in that time. She could see that he was talking with what must be a customer beside him but she could only make out from the tip of Chucks ears on up.

Sarah was a little thrown off by Chucks apparent change in hair style from what she remembered from two and a half years ago. She noticed that the curls that she used to love so much were no longer there and instead Chuck had the sides cut very short and the top was spiked up about an inch in length and the top of each spike was blond in color.

Sarah would really miss the curls but this new hair style that Chuck had was kind of hot looking on him and she could not take her eyes off of him. She noticed that Chuck had finished talking with the customer and started to walk back to the Nerd Herd desk when she caught a side profile of Chucks face as he went towards the end of the aisle and noticed that along with being very tan Chucks jaw line seemed to appear more muscular and defined and it made Sarah wonder what had happened to make Chuck bring about these changes in his appearance.

Sarah watched as Chuck made it out from the aisles and her breath hitched in her throat at the sight that she took in, "OH MY GOD" Chuck had changed in a very very big way. First she could see his left arm as it came into view and it was massive and ripped and as she took in the rest of him she could see that it wasn't just Chuck's arm that was massive, Chuck was massive everywhere. Chucks shoulders and back were like a pair of wings that were spread out ready to fly and he was very tan everywhere she could see skin. She could also see that Chuck's legs were very large and that he had what could best be described as an unbelievable ass. She always thought that he had a cute butt before but this was in a whole new package and she was very much liking the package that she was seeing.

Sarah noticed that as Chuck approached the Nerd Herd desk, there were several women that seemed to have Chuck in their sights and appeared to be heading to the Nerd Herd counter. Sarah watched as three young women came over to Chuck and just couldn't keep their hands to them selves as they giggled swooned over Chuck. The one thing that Sarah picked up from the females gathering around Chuck was that he appeared to be the polite person he had always been but he did not seem to be flirting with them in anyway and that gave her a confidence boost that she still had a very good chance to get Chuck back. This mission was going to be her toughest one ever and she was determined to not fail. Failure was not an option.

Sarah decided that she needed to get out of the Buy More before she was seen by Chuck and she really needed to take in all the physical changes that she had just witnessed with Chuck. They were not little changes by any means in fact they were very big changes and she just needed time to set up her plan to get her Chuck back. She really didn't know what to expect as far as Chucks personality and whether it changed along with his appearance. She would observe Chuck for a few days to see if it was just physical changes or if Chucks personality had changed also. Sarah never planned to just walk back into Chucks life like nothing ever happened but with these changes she felt that she really needed to take her time and not rush into things. Rushing into to things would only cause mistakes and she wanted to make this as mistake free as possible. This mission was going to determine how Sarah Walker lived the rest of her life. Would she end up alone and unhappy for the rest of her days or would she have the love and fulfillment that she decided she could no longer live without?

Sarah loved Chuck since the first day she met him and she knew that no matter how this little mission of hers turned out, she would always love him. Sarah had come to the conclusion a long time ago that no one would ever have her heart except for a tall lanky nerd with the heart of gold that was probably the most caring person Sarah had ever met. Being away from Chuck all this time is what made her realize that all she was without Chuck, was a spy and that is not how she wanted to live the rest of her life.