So after some grueling weeks I finally made this! Take that Shikamaru-Syndrome (my friend) lol ^_^ She had said I couldn't make a NaruHina and this is to prove her wrong XP. True it is not my preferred pairing (ITAHINA BITCHES!) but I tried my hardest. Now I'm naturally a dark person and what better way to express that than by the Greek gods muahahaha I know many of you are like Greek Gods wtf is this bitch talking about?

Well to tell you simply the Greeks liked them pretty and tortured oh so very tortured. My kind of stories ;D hahaha so I chose the tragedy of Apollo and Daphne. Now if I had really gone with the story this would be a...well tragedy however since said friend from above said she wouldn't take it for real's if I did do it like that I have modified the ending and well the whole story in general. For those history people out there you'll see some differences :cough: arrows of lead :cough: so my bad I was mad at myself when I didn't follow the story itself but got used to it :eye roll: Anyway Perla, woops Shikamaru-Syndrome, I hope you like it and find it satisfactory.

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Apollo and Daphne: Naruto Style

"I didn't ask for it to be over, but then again, I never asked for it to begin. For that's the way it is with life, as some of the most beautiful days come completely by chance. But even the most beautiful days eventually have their sunsets" ~Unknown

I was about half in love with her by the time we sat down. That's the thing about girls. Every time they do something pretty... you fall half in love with them, and then you never know where the hell you are. ~ J.D. Salinger

Crave for a thing, you will get it. Renounce the craving, the object will follow you by itself. ~ Swami Sivananda

Konohamaru always had admired Naruto, the god of the sun; among other things. He'd never admit it aloud but he did admire him, and it seems that all the other gods except the blonde knew it. He would always follow him, at a distance of course, and would stand in awe of the cheery god's feats. One day in particular after hearing the prayers of his followers and the cries of others for some days, Naruto got his best bow and arrows and made his way to a mountain where a Python named Orochimaru had decided to take up residence. The Python had been terrorizing the villagers, nymphs, and generally everything within its vicinity by breathing black smoke that clouded the area, blocking out all sunlight and making it hard to breathe. Angry for the intrusion, well prevention, of sunlight he descended to the mortal realm to take on the deadly serpent.

Konohamaru ever so interested in his idol's actions followed him behind, hiding in the dense darkness created by the Python. He watched as the battle dragged on for hours the Python was tricky bastard, until finally with an arrow aimed straight at the heart Naruto brought Orochimaru down. As the smoke cleared, the sun once again shone on the destitute land and a child's laugh could be heard, loud and joyful.

"What? Who's there!" he demanded eyes swiveling to check his surroundings.

"It's only me; Konohamaru!" the god-ling answered stepping out from behind the tree he had been. Naruto was surprised and a little irritated that he hadn't sensed the small boy.

"Hey Naruto, can I hold your bow and arrows? Or just one arrow, please?" Konohamaru asked eagerly, his eyes never leaving said arrows at the moment. Rolling his eyes and grinning Naruto laughed aloud at the request folding his hands behind his head.

"Naw little god-ling, you'll burn your hand with mine. Plus these are for adults not children. Come on I'll take you to your mom. Don't want her worrying now do we?"

Konohamaru pouted but took the god's warm hands in his own and they both set off.

'Fine if I can't hold one of his, I'll get my own!' he thought to himself a plan forming in his head.

Once back at their home Naruto let his hand go.

"Tell your mom I said hi, Sakura too." Naruto said as he made his way back to court.

"Ok!' Konohamaru replied. He went to his room where Sakura, his mother's favorite nymph and his caretaker, was at.

"Where have you been?" She shrieked at him as he went inside. Sakura was a fiery woman and it still amazed him how she even associated with his mother since all she'd shown to the opposite gender was contempt, even more so to the gods. She had bright pink hair like those of cherry blossoms and green eyes like apples, not to mention a strength that could rival that of Heracles himself.

"Naruto says hi." He answered sheepishly, hoping to avoid getting scolded by her.

"Tell him I said to leave me alone." She shot back. Then a smirk graced her features. Konohamaru gulped in fear. "Now it's time for your bath."

"No, mercy!" he cried and tried to run away.

Hours later.

"Hey, Sakura-chan...?"

"Yes Konohamaru?"

"Can we go to dad's place?"

"Which one?" Konohamaru knew she wasn't talking about a residence but rather a person.

"The one who's more of a father to me," was his response, Sakura grimaced slightly but hid it before he could see her.

"Ok." She responded not in the mood to scold him. They soon made their way to the gates where Konohamaru's 'father's forge was at. Sakura knocked on the door and waited patiently for an answer back. She was not left waiting for long.

"Who's there?" a voice from inside called, it was soft and deep, soothing to the ears and sort of laid back.

"It is I my lord, Sakura, along with your son." The door slowly opened at the end of her sentence, warm light and heat spilling out from the dark forge. That was all they needed to come in. The god of smith and metallurgy was a crude but kind god, different form the ones at court though his social skills were a bit lacking.

"Sakura, a pleasure seeing you as always, what does my son want this time?" he asked while picking Konohamaru up.

"I want a bow and some arrows like Naruto!" Konohamaru said, squirming to be put down. Rolling her eyes in distaste Sakura grimaced at the blonde's name but there was a glint of fondness in her eyes, whether it is to Konohamaru or the blonde is up to debate. Asuma just smirked in amusement.

"Sure I'll make you some even better than his," he said and put him down.

"Thanks dad." Konohamaru said and flew out the door; literally, his wings were out of shape and needed to be used. A frazzled looking Sakura followed soon afterward.

A week had passed until Asuma finally completed his 'son's request. The arrows were beautifully crafted made of gold and platinum that returned to his small satchel, where they were held. The satchel itself was made of Golden Fleece from; you guessed it, The Golden Fleece. In his excitement Konohamaru showed them off to whoever he could. Sakura watched him from inside the forge, Asuma right next to her. Then Aphrodite walked in smiling hugely.

"You have made him very happy Asuma, thank you." she said sidling up to her husband.

"I will do plenty for my nephew…." Asuma trailed off as he watched the small god-ling, a cigarette in his mouth.

"You know he sees you as his true father, right?"

"Yes and I love him as a son…however that does not change the fact that he is my nephew and not my son."

"Are you trying to make me feel guilty?"

"Only if there is something to feel guilty of Aphrodite."


"Hey mom have you seen my arrows!" Konohamaru asked, rushing inside.

The goddess of love smiled before shaking her head no in response. She quickly left Asuma's side to escape the tense atmosphere and went to her son.

"How bout I make them special," she said.

"Really, how!" he said in enthusiastically. In the background Asuma groaned 'Nothing good is going to come of this,' he thought and went to his forge.

"Here's how. You are my son, so it goes to say you should be an extension of me. Therefore these arrows here," she picked out half of them, "will make someone fall desperately in love with someone else. These here," this time she added a small design to the rest, a splinter, "will make the person hate another intensely. Each will be with the first person they see and apply to both humans and gods."

At first Konohamaru was disappointed, he wanted to be a great warrior who could beat back any monster. Then he remembered what made great heroes, after all his mom, Asuma, Kushina, Naruto and even Tsunade and Kurenai spoke of it when a hero was in the making. Love made heroes. Not always of course and it wasn't the only driving factor but it was one of the biggest.

"Thanks mom!" he said and with that he took off flying to Earth, ready to make heroes.


Meanwhile towards the east , Naruto was preparing to make his daily run around the Earth.

However, "I don't feel like doing this today."

"B-But my lord you must or else the humans shall die!" A frantic Dawn spoke to Naruto.

"Not like that," Naruto grinned, laughing at the poor goddess' look, "what I mean is like hiding the chariot behind some clouds and going hunting instead or training with the teme. I've been falling behind." He said the latter with a hint of malice and darkness.

"Oh," the minor goddess blinked before snapping to attention, "then I shall call the Winds and have them send some clouds my lord."

"Cool! One more thing, call me Naruto. You know I don't like the whole formality thing." He shot over his shoulder, his laughter shaking the palace when he saw how flustered she looked.

So when the humans woke that day it was to a cloudy morning that would last the rest of the day till night fall. Unbeknownst to them, the god that provided them with their daily light was off in the forest to their side having a good time.

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