A/N: Okay, so this takes place after Buddy Claus is born and Jack is defrosted. Hope you enjoy it. Please tell me what you think!

Disclaimer: I do not own any characters in this story except for Everest, Blossom, Autumn, and Sandra.

Jack Frost was defrosted, his frosted hair now regular, and causing him to feel fuzzy inside. Smiling joyously, he was joined in the group hug, and everyone dispersed when suddenly Mrs. Claus went into labor. After the baby was born and they all gathered in the town center to celebrate, four small balls of light appeared. Everyone was staring, and Frost frowned at the blue dot that seemed to glare at him. Suddenly, the balls seemed to hit the ground, and women appeared before them all.

The yellow dot formed a tanned woman with sandy hair and earrings in the shape of suns. She wore short yellow shorts and a short sleeved yellow jersey that said 'Summers' on the back. She had bright yellow eyes, and she had a pair of black sunglasses propped on her head. On her feet were a pair of yellow tennis shoes.

The green dot formed another woman with green hair and eyes, with slightly paler skin. She wore a short dress made of green leaves, and in her hair were flowers and flower petals. Her earrings were small tulips, and wore a pair of lady's slippers for shoes.

The red dot formed a woman with bright red hair and orange-red eyes. She wore a longer dress than the green woman, but it only came to her ankles. The dress seemed to be made out of autumn leaves, and her earrings were a pair of leaves. On her feet appeared to be pointed leaf-shoes with an acorn decorating the tip of them.

Suddenly, the blue dot formed another woman. She had very pale skin and blue lips. It looked as though she had been frozen in the snow. Her blue hair shimmered as if it had been slightly frozen, and her eyes were blue and as cold as ice. Her dress was long and blue, with fur lining the end of the sleeves and the collar leading down to her feet. The robe covered her feet, but if you were to be able to see her shoes, they would look like snow packed around her feet.

As the silence lengthened, the blue one stepped forward, eyeing Jack Frost with interest and hatred.

"So, I see that you have officially defrosted Jack Frost," She spoke, and Mother Nature stepped forward.

"Everest Wintergreen, what are you doing here?" Mother asked, and Everest laughed, making the sound of bells jingling.

"Why, Auntie Nature! I'm surprised! Aren't you happy to see me? I mean, it's not like I tried to destroy Christmas this time!" She said, and Frost frowned as Everest glared at him.

"Why are your sisters here too?" Mother Nature asked, and suddenly Santa stepped forward.

"Who are you ladies?" Santa asked, and Everest glared at him.

"I'm Everest Wintergreen, the Spirit of Winter," Everest said, and the Yellow woman stepped forward.

"I'm Sandra Sol, or Sandy, the Spirit of Summer," Sandy spoke, and then the red one stepped forward.

"I'm Autumn Maple, the Spirit of Fall," Autumn said, and then the green stepped forward, smiling warmly.

"I'm Blossom Tulip, the Spirit of Spring," Blossom announced, and Santa looked shocked.

"Why haven't they been to any of the meetings?" He asked Mother Nature, and she scowled at Everest.

"Because of what Everest attempted to do," She explained, and Everest suddenly got mad.

Everyone backed up as the temperature in the room dropped about ten degrees and her eyes turned bluer and colder.

"I didn't do anything! All that happened was Chris Cringle got pushed in freezing water! He didn't even die!" Everest complained, and Santa looked alarmed.

"You killed the first Santa?" He asked, and Everest shook her head.

"No.. But that's not important! We have to refreeze Jack Frost before the entire North Pole melts into the ocean!" Everest exclaimed, and everyone looked frightened except for her sisters and Jack.

"What do you mean?" Curtis asked, and Everest glared at him.

"I control snow, blizzards, holly, tinsel, everything about winter except for ice and frost! The only one who can control it is currently on hiatus and unable to stop all the ice and frost in the world from melting!" Everest said, and Scott thought for a moment.

"So, what do we do?" He asked, and Everest frowned.

"We have to refreeze Jack Frost without freezing his heart," Everest explained, but Scott was still confused.

"So how do we do that?" He asked, and Everest's sisters spoke up.

"Throw him in the Arctic Ocean and wait for him to freeze," Autumn said, but Blossom spoke up.

"But that would freeze his heart also, and take too long," Blossom said, and everyone turned to look at Everest, who was blushing with a frown on her face.

"Of course, Everest could fix this… She has the power to freeze people but leave their heart unfrozen…" Sandy said, and Scott spoke up.

"What does she have to do to freeze him?" Scott asked, and Everest spoke up.

"I have to kiss him…" She said, and Jack looked unsurprised, while everyone else gasped in horror, "but I won't do it,"

"Please! It's the only hope for the North Pole!" Curtis cried out before Jack stepped forward.

"If she's too frightened, she's too scared," He said, and Everest hissed.

"I'm not-" She started, but Frost interrupted again.

"Sure, you're just so scared of me! Oh no! I can't kiss him to save the world!" Jack mocked, and suddenly Everest was face-to-face with him.

"You don't scare me, Jack Defrost! I fear no one!" Everest screeched, and Jack rolled his eyes.

"Chicken!" He exclaimed, and suddenly Everest grabbed the front of his jacket and pulled him into a kiss on the lips before shoving him back as everyone watched with fascination.

Ice started to slowly form on his feet before traveling up his body, and making crackling noises as it formed onto Jack. Suddenly, he was frosted again, and Everest looked at him in anger.

"I hate you, Jack Frost!" She screeched, running to the door and opening it before slamming it shut in anger.