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Mother Nature stiffened, and Santa looked surprised. The man had messy grey-ish hair, and cold, calculating grey eyes. He was wearing a grey suit, complete with a pair of grey loafers. On his face was a cold smile, and he winked at Everest.

"Eve, it's been a while! Couple hundred years, sure blows by when you're immortal, huh?" He teased, and Everest stiffened before sighing.

"Hello Zephyr... How's life treating you?" She asked, and Zephyr's face seemed to darken.

"Not well lately... I've been kinda lonely, and noticing that you finally returned, I decided to give it a try too... Sorry about the toys... Winds are hard to control, and well... Northern ones especially!" He joked, slowly stalking towards Everest.

Suddenly, the doors burst back open, and Everest's sisters all ran in, glaring at Zephyr in hatred.

"What are YOU doing here, Zephyr?" Sandra asked, frowning.

"Just visiting, Sandy, no need to get an attitude with me," Zaq spat, chill laced into his words as a breeze swept into the factory, causing Sandy and Blossom to shiver slightly.

"Zephyr, what are you doing here?" Mother Nature asked calmly as Zephyr spun to face her.

"Oh my! I didn't see you there Mommy! It's a pleasure to see you again after all of those ice-cold, lonely years!" Zephyr said, in a sickeningly sweet voice.

Suddenly, frost started to form on the windows yet again, and Zephyr turned to glare at Jack Frost. Jack glared right back as Zephyr smiled in annoyance and amusement.

"Hello there, Frost. It's been a while since I last saw you… When was it? Right after you and Eve broke up? Yep. That was it," Zephyr managed to say calmly, before venom seeped into his voice on the last sentence.

Jack Frost stiffened, and the frost spread even quicker as Everest tensed up. Santa stepped forward in confusion, and placed a fake smile on his face.

"Sorry about this, but who exactly are you?" Scott asked, and Zaq turned to look at him before putting on an oily smile.

"I am Zephyr Aquilo… But most mortals know me as the Northern Wind… You must be Santa Claus! A pleasure to meet the new you, I'm sure," Zephyr said, quickly brushing past Scott to saunter over towards Everest.

As he neared, Jack Frost and Everest tensed up. He simply bowed to Everest, taking her hand in his, and laying a chilly kiss to the back of it. Then, he turned towards Jack, where he quickly shook his hand. Their hands were clasped for a second, and the temperature in the room seemed to drop when their eyes met.

"Zephyr, what are you doing back here?" Mother Nature asked, stepping closer to Zephyr, before he was suddenly 10 more feet away from her.

"What? I can't drop in to say hello to my best friend Jack and my Cousin Santy?" Zephyr asked, fake innocence seeping into his voice.

When Mother Nature simply glared harder, Zephyr sighed dramatically, and dropped backwards, landing on a small cloud. Getting comfortable, he floated closer to Jack Frost, giving a bone-chilling smile.

"Well, I heard about Jack's little fiasco with the whole 'Escape Clause' thing… So I decided to come in and check on Santa, see if he's got everything under control," Zephyr confessed, placing his hand over his heart.

"How did you hear about that?" Autumn asked, sticking her nose into the air.

Suddenly, Zephyr was right in front of her. Autumn stumbled backwards in surprise, her red eyes wide with something akin to fear. The cold, grey eyes met the red for a split second, before Autumn caught herself and stopped her backwards retreat.

"Well, you know how talkative my family is. It's quite hard not to hear about things when the wind brings you news of it."

Zaq appeared to be studying his nails, while Autumn was left furious at him. She stepped forward as if to slap him, but Blossom caught her arm.

"Sister, you know how he is," Blossom chimed, "Do not be angry at him for something he cannot control."

Autumn shrugged her sister's hand off of her arm, and backed away from Zephyr, coming to stand next to Sandra.

"And the always preppy Blossom! How've you been these past millennia?" Zephyr asked, bowing to Blossom, who simply blushed and backed up slightly.

"I've been fine. And you?" She asked, her green eyes wide with fear.

"Good. Lonely, but good. Thank Father Time someone has manners around here!" Zephyr said, turning to glare at Jack.

Suddenly, the doors banged open, and Father Time walked in, quickly followed by the Easter Bunny and Cupid. His face was pulled into a frown, and he walked swiftly towards Zephyr, who, for the first time since he showed up, looked a bit frightened. He stumbled back a step, and Father Time stopped right in front of him.

"Zephyr Aquilo, what are you doing here?" Father Time questioned, leaning on his staff.

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