This was written a while ago, when the rumor was that Tobi is Obito. So that's sort of what this story is about, Tobi actually being Obito. Although now, with all that's going on it can be true again, haha.

Warnings: Yaoi, sadness, shouta (Kakashi is 29 while Naruto is 16), minor non-descriptive sex scene, OOCness.

This is two chapters long. The second chapter will be told from Naruto's POV.

Hatake Kakashi never realized how much he loved Uchiha Obito until the boy was dead. The death of Obito had such an impact on Kakashi. He was very slacking in his training, and the Hokage gave him a month of to relax and think everything through, because if Kakashi went on a mission being confused, and emotional stressed, he'd be killed. And the Hokage didn't want that.

During that time, Kakashi fell into a deep depression. He never once let go of the picture of his team that he kept. He was also given Obito's goggles, after they spent enough time at the dead Uchiha's memorial. He kept it right above his bed with the picture. Those were his most precious possessions.

When the month was finally over, Kakashi could help but think that it wasn't enough. But he had no other choice; he had to go back to training and doing missions. The war had a bad impact on Konoha, and they needed as many ninja's to complete missions as possible.

Kakashi tried to find someone that may fill his empty heart. Moreover, that was when he began dating Umino Iruka. However, Iruka was everything that Obito was not. Iruka wasn't clumsy, or loud, or obnoxious. And, because of that, their relationship had ended faster than it had begun. Iruka seemed a bit heartbroken, but eventually got over it with the help of another person.

And than Kakashi met Uzumaki Naruto and he felt as though he would finally be able to live again. He saw his long-lost-dead love within Naruto. Naruto was so alike Obito in so many ways. He had the same clumsy tendencies and so much more. Kakashi couldn't help but fall in love with the blond. He was the splitting image of Obito, and Kakashi was amazed. It was as if he had gotten a second chance at love, and this time, he wasn't going to lose it.

It wasn't until he came back after two and a half years of training with Jiraiya that Naruto agreed to be with Kakashi. He was happy with his former sensei, and enjoyed their time together. He felt as though he really loved Kakashi, and Kakashi really loved him. He was happy, for the first time since Sasuke's leave.

Naruto and Kakashi trained together (with the help of Yamato) in order to bring Sasuke back. When Yamato left for the day, Kakashi and Naruto stayed together in the training area. They didn't train though, they merely sat together and watched the stars, they just enjoyed being in each others company.

"Look Kakashi-sensei! A shooting star! Make a wish!" Naruto said one night as he closed his eyes and made a wish. As soon as he opened his eyes however, he saw Kakashi's eye starring right into his.

"Ka…Kakashi-sensei?" Naruto asked, blushing. Kakashi pulled his forehead protector off, and reached for Naruto's, pulling it off as well.

"You want to see my face right Naruto?" Kakashi asked. Although they have kissed and made out many times before, Naruto never saw the older mans face, Kakashi would always make sure Naruto's eyes were closed.

"O…of course!" Naruto blurted out.

"Then go ahead. Take it off." Kakashi whispered.

"Re…really?" Naruto asked. He felt so nervous for some reason. Kakashi nod his head and took Naruto's smaller hands within his own, bring it up to the top of his mask and letting go. Naruto slowly pulled it down, exposing his face. He gasped slightly and wondered why Kakashi hid his face behind the mask. Kakashi was gorgeous.

Before Naruto was even able to say anything, Kakashi leaned forward and placed a kiss on Naruto's lips, slowly pushing him down onto the ground.

"Kakashi-sensei? What are you doing?" Naruto asked as he felt Kakashi trail his lips down his neck, onto his exposed chest.

"Shh, just enjoy this Naruto, we can take it slow and gentle tonight."

"But-" Naruto began to protest.

"I love you, Naruto." At this, Naruto gasped. Naruto had gained a small group of admirers who had said those words to him. But he knew none of them really meant it. Hearing Kakashi say it made his heart clench.

"I love you too." Naruto responded, and let the older man push him down onto the ground. He gasped as he felt Kakashi pull down his pants and boxers. Thinking it to be unfair, Naruto leaned upwards and unzipped Kakashi's jounin vest, pulling it off and throwing it to the side. Growling slightly, he tugged at Kakashi's shirt, pulling that off as well. Kakashi raised his arms to help Naruto.

Kakashi leaned forward and pressed Naruto to the ground, spreading his legs so he could lie comfortably between them. He kissed and nipped at Naruto's neck and let his hand trail slowly down his chest, tweaking his nipple as he did so, gaining a moan from the lesser ninja underneath him. He continued his trail down, stopping just above Naruto's semi-hardened cock. Naruto whimpered and raised his hips slightly, hoping Kakashi would get the point.

Kakashi let his hand travel lower, causing the boy to moan loudly. Kakashi was sure Naruto did this himself, as all males did. However, it felt much better to have someone else do it.

He pumped the hard shaft a few times, moving his hand up and down slowly, and eventually picking up the pace. He held Naruto's hips down with his other hand, to prevent the boy from thrusting upwards.

"Ah! Kakashi!" Naruto moaned, releasing himself into his sensei's hand. Naruto panted and closed his eyes. It had felt so good. Much better then when he ever did it.

Once he let his breathing even out he reached forward and undid the button to Kakashi's pants. He hooked his fingers onto Kakashi's pants and boxers, and pushed them down to his knees. Kakashi pulled them down the rest of the way, successfully slipping them off and tossing them aside. He smirked when he saw Naruto's eyes travel down below and widen.

Kakashi took Naruto's face in one hand and kissed him lovingly. He pulled away and brought two of his fingers to Naruto's lips, who stared at them.

"Suck." Kakashi said, and Naruto took Kakashi's hand within his own, bringing his fingers into his mouth. He sucked and licked them seductively, not letting his eyes leave Kakashi's. After a few moments, Kakashi pulled his hand away. He lifted Naruto's legs so they were resting on his shoulder, making it easier to prepare the younger boy.

"Kaka…shi…I love you." Naruto whispered, and Kakashi suddenly felt his heart clench. He felt extremely guilty about something, but he wasn't exactly sure what it was. Something inside him felt as though it was going to burst.

"Naruto, this is going to hurt at first. Just brace yourself and try not to tense up so much." Kakashi said.

"Ahh…Kakashi, it hurts!" Naruto said, pulling the older man against his chest, seeking some sort of comfort.

"Shh, I know. It'll go away soon, I promise." Kakashi said. He leaned forward and kissed Naruto, running his tongue along the boys bottom lip. Naruto immediately allowed him entrance, wrapping his own tongue around Kakashi. At one specific movement, Naruto moaned loudly, but it was drowned out by Kakashi's own mouth.

It was almost animalistic the way the two were moving towards one-another.

"Kakashi…I…I'm so close." Naruto whimpered, after a few moments, Naruto moaned, releasing himself on Kakashi's hand and their stomachs. Kakashi moaned and exploded, kissing him as he collapsed on top of him.

"Kakashi, do you really have to leave for a week?" Naruto asked, finished with their lovemaking.

"Yes Naruto, but don't worry, nothings going to happen when I'm gone."

"I know." Naruto smiled, cuddling into the mans chest.

And after everything he and Naruto had been through, Kakashi found out that Obito was alive. It was on a mission that they met again, but Obito didn't remember him, because Obito had lost his memories, and he joined Akatsuki, his name wasn't Obito anymore, it was Tobi.

At first, Kakashi wasn't sure if it was really him. They met randomly in a forest and Kakashi was surprised at how much this Akatsuki member reminded him of Obito.

"What's your name?" Kakashi asked him. He wasn't sure if the Akatsuki member would respond, but to his shock, he did.

"It's Tobi! Tobi is a good boy."

"Tell me Tobi, what village are you from?" Kakashi asked, deciding to start a conversation.

"I don't remember." He said, sounding slightly sad.

"You don't…remember?" Kakashi asked slowly.

"I don't remember anything at all of my life. The only thing I remember is a sudden pain in my left eye, and it's all blank from there." Tobi said, and Kakashi gasped.

"Tobi, why do you wear a mask, and why do you cover your entire body?" Kakashi asked. His outfit was weird. It had many different types of screws. And the mask he wore had one hole, and hole to see from, which was on the right.

"Tobi looks scary, that's why." He answered.

"Let me see." Kakashi whispered. Could it really be Obito? Could his long lost love really be alive?

"Why? Why do you want to see me Kakashi?" Tobi asked. No one had ever asked to see his face before. Not even the Leader of Akatsuki.

"I…I never told you my name." Kakashi said, surprised. It had to be Obito! How else would some stranger know his name?

"No, you didn't, but there's something about you that seems so familiar." Tobi responded truthfully.

"Take off your mask for me Obito." Kakashi said. Tobi froze for a moment, wondering why this man called him that name, but he shrugged it off as he placed his hands on his mask, quickly pulling it off his face. Kakashi was speechless as he gazed at the face underneath the mask. It really was Obito!

"See? Tobi is scary isn't he Kakashi?" Obito asked. He had a patch over his left eye socket, covering it up. His entire right side of the face was scared, looking as though it had been crushed, and than reconstructed as neatly as possible. However, even the best operations were bound to leave some scars.

"No, no you're beautiful." Kakashi said as he reached out and caressed the scared skin gently.

"You're beautiful Obito."

It had taken some time for Tobi to finally remember that he was Uchiha Obito. Nevertheless, Kakashi was okay with waiting. He was so happy that he had gotten Obito back. Moreover, during the whole time, he completely forgot about Naruto. He ignored the boy when Naruto asked him questions, and asked if they could spend time together.

And after everything he and Naruto had been through, Kakashi let him go without a second thought.

After all, Naruto was just a replacement.