Old Friend


It was a voice. A distant voice, but it felt familiar. After a moment, I remembered who he was. It was only a year ago, but his voice was like no others. Low, deep, and full of sadness and confusion, even when he finally found what he was looking for. And this felt different than some of the weird nightmares I have every now and then; like I had no control over my surroundings... not that I had any. Everything was dark and foggy, but his voice came through clearer than crystal. I discerned a tall, dark figure, and I immediately knew who he was. Why was he appearing in my dreams?


The figure stepped forwards. For a moment, I felt a jolt of fear as he approached; he seemed tense, more than I remember he ever was.

'I thought you were dead, BlackWarGreymon!' I exclaimed. 'You sacrificed yourself to seal the Digital World from MaloMyotismon... I never got a chance to thank you.'

BlackWarGreymon's yellow eyes narrowed slightly. 'I'm not here for your thanks.' BlackWarGreymon said flatly.

I backed up a step as he towered over me. 'Then why are you here? Are you really here? What's going on?'

He knelt to bring us to proper eye contact. 'You must listen to me. Something... someone has broken my seal in the real world. My data is dissipating as we speak. I don't know what will happen to me, but you must do something... find out what has happened. MaloMyotismon may be in the Digital World right now, and if he is left unchecked, my sacrifice will have been for nothing. Please...'

BlackWarGreymon glanced away slightly, but Agumon could see fear in his eyes. 'What about you?' I asked mournfully. 'What will happen to you?'

'I don't know... it doesn't matter. My purpose has been fulfilled, protecting the Digital World from MaloMyotismon. It's up to you and the Digidestined to stop him.'

I reached towards him as his figure began to fade away, hoping that he could somehow come back, but his eyes told me differently. 'BlackWarGreymon... are you content with that purpose? Are you at peace?'

'Who knows if someone like me can be... you still retain your purpose, don't you?' I nodded. 'Yes, to protect my friends and both worlds.'

BlackWarGreymon nodded with approval as his head was the last thing I saw. 'Then you must do what you can, Agumon. Goodbye.'

I opened my eyes to be greeted by the waning moon overhead in the clear night sky. Processing what I had just seen, it took me a while to actually move, before I realised I had tears in my eyes. I quickly wiped them away, but my shoulder ached as I did.

Damnit, I slept in a bad position again... I thought as I got up, rolling my shoulder.

I looked around, sighing as I remembered where I was. This is a boring place to guard, this dry, rocky outcrop. All I can do to pass the time is to smash rocks. And as they get smaller, it gets even more annoying, and more boring, as they just get reduced to useless gravel. Not to mention the fact that I have to all the way to Ghost Town to get food or water.

Remembering what I just saw, I ran to the nearby monitor to the real world, and it lit up as neared it. 'Tai?' I called. 'Tai! Are you there?'

After a few minutes of repeating myself, a sleepy-eyed Tai appeared on the monitor in his pyjamas. It was those stupid ones with bears on them. Not that I minded, since I don't even understand the human's fascination with clothes.

'... Agumon, it's five in the morning. What's the matter? This had better be good or I'm going back to sleep...'

Clearly, he thought I was just having another nightmare about my apple pie getting stolen. It suddenly occurred to me how ridiculous my dream was. But he needed to know!

I gripped the monitor frantically. 'It's Myotismon! There's a chance he could be in the digital world right now! I think... the seal that BlackWarGreymon made is broken!'

Tai looked at me grudgingly. 'Are you sure, Agumon? It sounds like you had another bad dream.'

I turned away, embarrassed. 'This one felt more real than the others, though. BlackWarGreymon spoke to me. I'm worried about him, Tai.'

'You shouldn't be.' Tai responded sympathetically. 'He finally found a purpose, and it was a noble thing he did. But... he's gone now, Agumon. You don't need to worry about him anymore.'

Despite me knowing he was right, I couldn't help but worry about him. I didn't know much about how data behaved if a digimon's body is destroyed, so I don't have any idea what's really happened to him. And no one else can explain in a way that I understood. 'I guess so...'

Tai blinked the sleep out of his eyes and frowned thoughtfully. 'Anyway, I guess I'll talk to Izzy and see if he can find unusual activity in the linkages between the two worlds. You can talk to Gennai, if you really want. If Myotismon is back, we'll stop him, just like before.' I nodded thankfully, and Tai smiled at me. I exhaled with relief; at least things were moving.

'Okay? Then good... morning?!' Tai then went back to his bed, grumbling to himself.

I thought about what Tai said as I waited for Gennai to appear in the monitor. I did have bad dreams, true, and had often bothered Tai about them several times before. But he doesn't see pie or food the way I do. One time a giant fish tried to eat me! That just feels... weird. But Tai knew why others were so bad; they often involved me trapped in the body forms of SkullGreymon or Dark MetalGreymon and I ended up hurting, or worse, killing, my friends. Whenever I talked with the other guys about them, they reassured me that I wouldn't voluntarily do such things. Gabumon and Veemon were especially supportive, as they often told me that I was too nice and strong willed to succumb to such rampages. Their words were sincere, and I'm thankful to have close friends like them. But then why do they keep happening? Maybe I should take Gatomon's advice and use sleeping pills... hmm, how are they going to get them over here...

'...Agumon. Hello? You in there somewhere?'

Gennai's voice had sounded out of the monitor. Finally. 'Gennai... sorry about it being so late, but... I need to talk to you about the seal BlackWarGreymon made.'

Izzy and Gennai had confirmed that the seal had been broken; that BlackWarGreymon was right, but there was no sign of MaloMyotismon. Instead, there were reported sightings of a holy knight digimon who had apparently destroyed what remained of MaloMyotismon's data as Izzy analysed the data linkage between the two worlds. I wondered who that digimon was. And more, BlackWarGreymon really did speak to me. I miss him... it wasn't fair for his life to be so short.

And another holy knight digimon. Not Omnimon, obviously, or Imperialdramon, as Veemon and Wormmon had both been with their partners at the time. Who is this digimon? Well, if he destroyed MaloMyotismon's data he could be an ally...we should try and find him, he may have some answers as to whether the digital world is really in danger.

I looked up at the horizon as the sun began to rise.

BlackWarGreymon... you proved yourself... a true digimon. Rest in peace, old friend...the Digidestined will continue to protect both worlds, as you once fought for as well.