Author's Note- Here it is, the revised edition of Slytherin Roots. I've changed it drastically in some parts then kept some of the parts the same. If you haven't read this fanfiction at all them let me say, this is a Harry Potter fanfiction where Harry get's sorted into Slytherin. I'm not a huge fan of dominant harry submissive Draco, I do plan on maybe having a few parts like that but I believe Draco has a dominant personality, especially sexually to Harry. Also Harry will be going a little dark, he is in Slytherin after all- and yes I do know not all Slytherins are evil.

Summary- Harry get's sorted into Slytherin, the golden trio get split up and everyone begins to change, especially Harry. Is it Draco who is making him darker, or was it always in him? And what are these feelings they both have, is it just friendship, or is it something more? Draco and Harry's friends begin questioning what is going on, will they be able to save Harry? Is it too late? Or does he really need to be saved?

Warning- It's rated M, so yes there will be Draco/Harry parts, sexual parts. If you can't handle gay sex, any mention of it, swearing, well then why the hell are you reading M in the first place? Oh and a little Hermione and Ron bashing since I like bashing them.

Disclaimer- I DO NOT own Harry Potter, if I did the story would be very different.

Chapter 1- Silver and Green

Harry yawned, stretching his arms above his head as he, Hermione and Ron made their way to the Great Hall. It was nice to be back, even with everything that had happened in this castle. He turned to look at Hermione and Ron only to roll his eyes as he watched them bicker about something trivial. He couldn't understand how they could argue every single moment they were together.

They reached the Great Hall and Harry couldn't help but admire the splendour of the hall before walked toward the Gryffindor table. As they walked past the Slytherin table, Harry swore he heard git muttered under the breath of Malfoy, but he ignored it. As they reached the Gryffindor table, everyone seemed to be chatting away, summarizing what they did over the summer. Harry took his place in between Seamus and Neville, Hermione and Ron sitting beside Ginny.

"So what's going on? The teachers look a little nervous" Harry asked, getting shrugs from parts of the Gryffindor table.

"Yeah and where are the first years? Shouldn't they start on the sorting soon?" Ron piped up, nods and confused face erupted from the Gryffindor table. Harry watched as Dumbledore stood up, the hall going silent.

"Good evening students, welcome back to Hogwarts. It is good to see all of you once again. Now as you may have noticed, the first years are not present at the moment. This year is going to be a little different. With Voldemort returning, parents have sent the Ministry and myself letters complaining about certain students parents rumored membership to the death eaters" Dumbledore began, all eyes looking toward the Slytherin table.

"Oh good, maybe the ferret will get expelled," Ron spat, the Gryffindor table erupting in laughter.

"Now I know we cannot judge students and houses on rumors,but the Ministry has requested that all students be re-sorted. Now being sorted in a different house does not reflect anything bad on you. And no, there will be no re-dos of any sort. I'm hoping this will teach all of you who do get re-sorted or your friends to respect all houses. Hopefully this year, we won't have as many house fights. Now Professor McGonagall, would you please do the honors,"

The entire room went into a complete uproar. Harry went pale, wait what if he got sorted into Slytherin like he was supposed to last time. He couldn't afford to be in the same house as Malfoy. He knew for sure his father was a death eater and most likely Malfoy was or was soon going to follow in his footsteps. His eyes landed on the silver haired git, his eyes narrowing at the mere sight of him. He watched as Draco conversed with his friends, his eyes however landing and narrowing when they met his green ones. Draco then smirked at him, his eyes never leaving his. "I don't have time for this, I speak for all the Slytherins were fine with being in our house, and we all I'm sure, I know I do, have better things to do,"

"What to go do the dark lord's bidding? We all know your father is a death eater" Ron snarled jumping up, glaring at Malfoy.

"Oh you'll pay for that Weasel" Harry watched as Draco's nose flared and he slowly stood up, shifting to glare at his best friend. Harry sighed, watching as Hermione yanked Ron back down.

"Mr. Weasley, Mr. Malfoy please. This is exactly what I was referring to. Next outburst like that and you both can spend your first night with me in detention," Dumbledore stated, Harry chuckled as he watched Ron go even more pale. He watched as Draco just smirked, not even caring.

"Abba, Martha Abba,"called Professor McGonagall. A girl in forth year scurried up on the stage. Professor McGonagall placed the hat on her head. Shortly after, the hat announced to everyone, Ravenclaw. The scared girl ran back to her spot on the Ravenclaw bench.

"Will this really change anything? I mean come on can you really see any of us being in different houses?" Ron muttered, many of the table shook their heads no.

"You never know, we've all changed since coming here. What do you think Harry?" Hermione asked, glancing at Harry. He tore his eyes away from Malfoy to look at her. What should I tell them, that I was supposed to be in Slytherin in the first year? That my thoughts have become darker since last year? That most likely I will be placed in Slytherin?


"Yeah, whatever you say,"

"Were you even listening?" Ron asked, Harry noticing people were staring at him.

"Yeah, something about being in the same house,"

"What wrong Harry? Do you want to talk about it?" asked Ginny, joining in on their conversation.

"I'm afraid I'll be put in Slytherin," Harry said, looking down at his empty plate.

Ron burst into fits of laughter. Ginny and most of the table quickly followed suit but Hermione didn't laugh. She looked at him a little concerned. He rolled his eyes, he knew this was going to happen.

"You…. a ….. Slytherin" giggled Ginny.

"Yeah Harry, I mean come on, you being like Malfoy, never going happen." laughed Ron

"Well I was supposed to be in Slytherin in first year. Come on guys, I have Voldemort's powers what do you expect!"

"Harry's right guys. I mean with you-know- who's powers floating inside of him, he could very well be a Slytherin. If we're confessing things I have one too. I was supposed to be in Ravenclaw," said Hermione.

"You were?" Ron asked, Hermione just rolled her eyes at him.

"You have to admit, it fits, " Hermione said, Harry couldn't help but silently agree with her.

"Granger, Hermione Granger" announced Professor McGonagall. The whole table went silent, glancing in her direction. She made her way to the front of the room. She sat down on the chair and she looked over at Ron and Harry. Ron grinned and Harry nodded. She smiled at the two of them. She didn't want to be separated from her two best friends. Professor McGonagall placed the hat on Hermione's head. The hat sat there in silence for a moment before shouting...


Harry and Ron went pale. Ravenclaw? Hermione nodded and she went back to her seat. Tears were forming in her eyes as she sat back down. He couldn't believe it, if Hermione could be sorted in a different house, what does that mean for him? Harry reached out and patted Hermione's hand sympathetically as Ron rubbed her shoulder.

"Ravenclaw" echoed Hermione

"I'm sure it'll be ok I mean we'll still see each other. We'll just have to find a meeting place or something," Harry said encouragingly. Hermione looked up at him, a small smile forming on her lips

"Really? What if we break apart?" Hermione asked, Ginny giggling beside her.

"You guys are the golden trio, I doubt that'll happen. I mean unless Harry gets sorted into Slytherin and becomes brainwashed by Malfoy," Ginny stated, again the whole table erupting into laughter.

"Malfoy, Draco Malfoy" announced Professor McGonagall ( A/N ok so that's sort of ridiculous I know but lazy to write more script and this story is based on Harry and Draco so bere with me)

Harry watched as Draco made his way to the front. Draco turned, dusting off his robes before falling into the chair gracefully. He leaned back in the chair, resting his hands on the arms of the chair. " Don't ruin my hair,"

"He's so in Slytherin," Ron chuckled " If he gets in another house, there might not be anyone in Slytherin"

Professor McGonagall placed the hat on Draco's head. It paused for less than a moment before…

"SLYTHERIN" The entire table of Slytherins erupted into cheers. Draco smirked as his entire table erupted into cheers. He sauntered back to his usual spot in between Zabini and Parkinson.

"Well at least some of the world still makes sense. Who knows, this could mean we'll stay in the same house," Ron stated "You couldn't pay me to be in Slytherin, if I got sorted into Slytherin I would be on the next train home,"

"So Harry, what will you do if you get sorted into Slytherin?" asked Neville, joining in on their conversation.

"Beg Dumbledore to put me back in Gryffindor" Harry suggested, shacking his head "Honestly I have no idea. I can't see Malfoy and I ever becoming friends, we will most likely kill each other before I even step into his precious house,"

"Parkinson, Pansy Parkinson" announced Mrs. McGonagall

Harry and the others watched as Pansy made her way up to the front. The hat was placed on her head. They waited for a moment and sure enough…


" WHAT?' exclaimed Pansy " I demand a re-do"

"No re-dos Miss. Parkinson sit back down" said Dumbledore.

Pansy huffed and she made her way to the Slytherin table.

"Well I wasn't expecting that," said Ron

"Too bad for Malfoy, he won't have anyone to shag" said Harry.

Most of the Gryffindor table burst into thunderous laughter. Ron slapped Harry on the back, Hermione gave Harry a small smile.

"Potter, Harry Potter" announced Mrs. McGonagall

The whole room went silent. Harry looked at his friends sadly and made his way to the front. He smiled at Professor McGonagall before taking a seat on the chair. She smiled softly before placing the hat on his head.

Ah Harry Potter, we meet again. The boy who didn't want to be in Slytherin. Still have the same feelings as last time?

Please put me in ANY other house but Slytherin I'll do anything.

You can achieve great things in Slytherin Harry. Not all Slytherins end up evil as most presume. They make the most loyal friends if one has the luck of being friends with one.

Right, Malfoy or any Slytherin being my friend- doubt it.

Never underestimate anyone Harry, you never know who your true friends really are...

Just please not Slytherin. Please not Slytherin. Please not Slytherin. Please not Slytherin.

"SLYTHERIN" screamed the hat.

Harry watched as the whole room went into complete shock. In the corner of his eye he saw Snape choke on whatever he was drinking- Professor Flint lightly tapping Snape on the back to stop the coughing. He glanced at his table who was now shifting their eyes from him to the Slytherin table with questionable looks. Harry finally glanced at the Slytherin table. Most of them seemed displeased with the answer, most however were shooting glaces at Malfoy. Harry then looked over at Malfoy, even he was surprised but a slow grin formed on his lips. Great, Malfoy will have a field day with this one.

"Sit back in your seat Harry" said Dumbledore.

Harry quickly stood up and walked back to his table. Some of the Gryffindors were giving him dirty looks. Great I'm not even Slytherin for one minute and they think I'm evil. Right Sorting Hat, make true friends, more like my true friends will be coming to my funeral.

"Slytherin?" Ron breathed, giving Harry a weird look. "So... um well, you're not going to be friends with Malfoy right?"

"Do I really have a choice? I mean really he's the only Slytherin I really talk to, I mean if you can call what we do as talking" He muttered, rolling his eyes as he glanced at his new table. If he couldn't be friends with Malfoy he knew he wouldn't last in Slytherin since Malfoy practically ran the Slytherins. Was the hat even right? Could he and Malfoy even be friends, would Malfoy even consider being his friend? Sure in first year he wanted to be, but he rightfully refused to be and since then he and Malfoy had such a heated animosity towards each other.

Harry watched as everyone else got sorted. Ron was sorted in Hufflepuff, Ginny was put back in Gryffindor and Blaise was sorted into Ravenclaw. The first years were then sorted into their houses, supper was served and then Dumbledore addressed the students

"Since some of you have been sorted into new houses, it'll be the same as first years, your books and robes will be in your new rooms, as well as class schedules. Now please, make your way to your new houses and lets all try to get along. You are dismissed,"

Hermione burst into tears and hugged Ron and Harry. Ron and Harry looked at each other and shook hands. Harry nodded than he felt someone tap him on the shoulder. He turned around to be face to face with Malfoy.

"Hello Potter, it seems you are my new roommate. How in the hell you managed to end of in Slytherin is beyond me but you did so since I'm the only Slytherin who will even talk to you, it seems I'm the one whose supposed to take you to the Slytherin common rooms" Draco stated, a smirk escaping his pale lips " Lets go, I don't want to spend another second with a mudblood, a blood traitor or any of your other annoying Gryffindor prats,"

"You little ferret I swear to Merlin I'm going to..." Ron started wiping out his wand but Harry quickly stood in front of Malfoy.

"Ron as much as I'd love to agree with you right now and hex that smirk off Malfoys face, he's in my house so please just leave him this time,"

"Yeah Weasel, we're in the same house, can't be hexing me now. Besides I brought you friends. Blaise and Pansy seem to have betrayed me and gone to different houses, so enjoy," Draco chuckled, Pansy and Blaise moved to stand next to Hermione and Ron "Alright Potter, lets go to the dark side,"

"Bye guys, see you tomorrow, hopefully" Harry said waving as moved to walk next to Malfoy. He watched as Crabbe and Goyle fell into place in front of them. Most of the hall watched them walk out. Some of them seemed confused, others were glaring in their general direction. He wondered how Malfoy could be okay with people giving him dirty looks all the time. Would this be how the entire population of Hogwarts treated him now? "So why are you being nice to me Malfoy?"

"If you must know Potter, you are now my roommate and maybe Gryffindors are nasty to people but as Slytherins we stick together, even if they How in the hell did you even get into Slytherin anyway, I can't see you jumping at the chance to join us I mean most of Slytherin wants you dead. Besides I thought you were Dumbledore's lap dog, couldn't he put you back into Gryffindor anyway?"

Harry looked at him. He did make a good point. He was surprised Dumbledore was okay with him moving into Slytherin. It must be so that all houses will get along if he and Malfoy could get along. "Don't know I think it was my destiny anyway, I was supposed to be in Slytherin in first year, I guess the hat didn't want to hear my pleas this time to not put me in Slytherin,"

"Why wouldn't you want to be in Slytherin?" Malfoy asked, a confused look on his face.

"Because I didn't like you," He stated, making Malfoy laugh. "What's so funny?"

"The idea that we could have been friends in first year. I guess we'll get the chance to find out now," Malfoy said as the walked down the stairs into the dungeon corridor. Harry turned to look at Malfoy again. Did Malfoy just allude to him even considering the idea of them even being friends. They stopped as the reached the Slytherin entrance. "Mudblood,"

"Wow that's pleasant,"

"You'll get used to it,"

They made their way into the Slytherin common room. It was a low ceiling - dungeon like room with dark lighting. The room had an elegance to it, but one that came off as cold. The room was decorated with green and black furniture, greenish lighting illuminating the room. It looked almost the same as it did the last time he was here. Draco signalled him to take the seat next to him on the couch facing the fireplace.

"What are we doing?" Harry asked, a little frightened. He couldn't really just trust Malfoy- he never knew what that silver haired ferret was planning.

"Snape is going to make an announcement, I guess all the head of houses have to do it with everyone being re-sorted. Bet you never imagined the day when Snape would be your head of house huh?" Malfoy said, chuckling at his last comment.

"You're enjoying this aren't you?"

"Every second of it. My godfather hates you, I hate you, the Slytherins hate you and yet here you are. All the times we've made fun of you here- this is probably Dumbledore's dumbest idea yet,"

"Draco, there you are. You must be dying to get your hands on Potter, where is that ex Gryffindor... oh," Harry looked up to see Theodore Nott standing in front of them.

"You twat he's right beside me. Besides we're Slytherins and he's one of us now, so be nice," Draco stated, running a hand through his platinum blond hair. Nott rolled his eyes, nodded in his direction and took his place next to Malfoy. Harry watched as Snape swept in, storming into the room, stopping infront of the fireplace. Huh I guess Snape always look angry, even with his precious Slytherins, I guess I'm part of that too.

"Welcome back Slytherins and new comers," Snape began, his eyes landing on Harry. He couldn't tell if Snape was angry or just in different. His eyes snapped back up to gaze around the room. "Now Slytherins I know this may be hard on some of you to lose your friends, or have enemies amongst you now but I'm hoping you can be mature and respect the Headmaster's decision. I hope you will take in the example of your prefect, Draco Malfoy who has befriended his enemy, Harry Potter. No picking on the new Slytherins, this will not be tolerated by me or your prefects. For new comers, the same thing goes for you as well, Slytherins always stick together, no matter what house you were previously from. That is all, now could Draco and Mr. Potter please see me in their room. Goodnight,"

Snape walked passed them and up a stairwell. Harry stood up and followed Draco up the stairs toward Snape who had stopped in front of a black door. "Now both of you, I know there has been problems in the past between you too, and merlin knows I am not okay with this, but Dumbledore seems to think you two can get along so I'm trusting that you and Harry can find some way to do that, or at least find a way not kill each other. If anything happens, you can always come and talk to me Draco,"

Harry rolled his eyes as he watched the two of them. Of course Snape would side with Malfoy, it's always his fault never Draco's. They quickly embraced and Snape walked back down the stairs.

"Well Potter welcome to our room," said Malfoy, opening the door in front of them.

"Why do you want to room with... wow," Harry simply stated, admiring the room as he walked in. The room was the same size as his room in Gryffindor but it only held two beds, both kind sized. The bedding was green, silver pillows placed at the front of the bed with the Slytherin crest sewn onto them. The room was black, with a few paintings scattering the dark walls. However the one wall where the beds were painted the Slytherin green. Past the two beds were two leather chairs, the carpet beneath them was silver. Two desks were on the opposite wall of the beds, both a nice mahogany. Draco walked past him, sitting on the far bed.

"What isn't this what the Gryffindor rooms look like, but with the ugly Gryffindor colors?" Draco stated, laying on his bed.

"Well yeah but I mean we had to share with more than one person. Is that your own bathroom too?" Harry asked, walking past Draco's bed and toward the door at the far end.

"Yeah of course, full shower and bathtub. You sound so surprised Potter. I wanted my own room but apparently in Hogwarts it's good to learn how to share. Blaise was my old roommate but I think I can settle with having you as my roommate now,"

"Why me? Aren't we enemies?" Harry asked, more concerned with the amount of space he and Draco had to share.

"Yeah of course but my father always says it's good to keep friends close enemies closer," Malfoy drawled making Harry turn to give him a questionable look. "Ok fine, Nott's a perv and well most of the Slytherins I've either slept with or hate so I guess that just leaves you. Besides Potter, you're a Slytherin now and I plan on taking this opportunity to make you a true Slytherin myself"

"So wait, you don't hate me?"

"Not at this moment no, but if you keep asking me dumb questions I'll start to. Look Potter, you either room with me or one of the other Slytherins take you pick, I don't care either way,"

"Honestly I think you're the only Slytherin I actually talk to or even know. So yeah I guess I'm okay with it too," Harry said, finally settling on his bed. He turned to look back at Malfoy who moved to start unpacking his stuff. "So I guess we should think about how we can get along. I think it would be best if we called a truce,"

"Fine whatever you say Potter," Malfoy muttered, moving into a room in between the two desks.

"We should probably start calling each other by our first names too. Also maybe we should shake on it,"

" What you want to do an unbreakable vow too, just in case?" Draco snarled. He watched as Draco walked out of the room, wow was that a walk in closet? Of course Malfoy out of all people would have a closet the size of a master bedroom. Malfoy walked up to him, extending his pale hand towards him "Fine Harry, truce,"

"Truce, Draco,"Harry emphasized, taking Draco's pale hand in his, shaking it quickly before letting go.

"This is going to be a long year," Draco muttered, he couldn't have agreed more.


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