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Chapter 14- Round One

"Can you give me one good reason Mr. Malfoy that you are standing buck naked in the Great Hall? In the middle of breakfast?"

Draco did a once over of the Great Hall. He probably should feel a bit more embarrassed of the situation at hand but he couldn't help but take great pleasure in the wandering eyes. He wasn't one to be insecure, he knew he had an astonishing body. Especially naked. He spent many hours sculpting and maintaining his naturally given good looks. The only thing was he was completely exposed, magic wise anyway. He never liked being too far from his wand. He only knew a small assortment of wandless spells, and those would not help him if any Gryffindor or enemy alike decided to use this rare opportunity to strike. He was, after all, one of the reasons Harry stayed in Slytherin.

Speaking of Harry he thought as he looked toward the Slytherin table. He wasn't here. What was he going to do now? He'd thought at first Harry meant the broom closet in where they shared their first real intimate encounter. Then maybe the Slytherin common room where they made their truce and had sex, but he decided against that, since that's where he'd go if he was, at all flustered with his current predicament. So the Great Hall was the last logical choice- this was the place where they first met, well at least in Hogwarts anyway. It's where Harry rejected his friendship. Besides, if Harry was indeed 'punishing' him, having him expose himself to the entire school would be a sure bonus. So what in Salazar's name was he looking for?

"Are you going to answer Professor McGonagall Mr. Malfoy?"

He looked toward the faculty table to only roll his eyes as the Headmaster motioned for him to approach the table. He strutted forward, ignoring the snickers coming from most of the tables. He stopped, giving all his teachers a bored look. He needed to find Harry, who cares if he was naked. "I'm just giving the fine students of Hogwarts a show Professor,"

"Really Mr Malfoy? You do not have to lie to us. Has someone stolen your clothes? If someone is bullying you…" Professor McGonagall inquired

"Bullying me? Me? That's a joke right? Look Professor, my nakedness is quite voluntary. Can I go now?" He asked, feeling a bit cold. He needed to find Harry.

"Then why in Merlin's name are you naked Mr. Malfoy? At least let one of us conjure you up something to wear,"

"That will not be necessary," He replied as he spied Harry's owl come soaring toward

him carrying a large parcel. He stretched out his arms as the package fell toward him. He ripped it open, a small chuckle escaped him.

"What in Merlin's name is that Mr. Malfoy? Why is Mr. Potter sending you a package? Do not tell me Mr. Potter has anything to do with your…. predicament," Professor McGonagall asked- man was she ever nosy he thought.

"Do you really want the answer to that question Professor McGonagall? If I were you, I'd just admire the view and move on," He said, picking up the note left on the specific article of clothing.


I see you figured out my first clue. If only I could be there, watching you standing in the middle of the Great Hall naked. Please tell me one of the teachers is questioning you about it. Let me guess, it's either Professor McGonagall, Professor Snape or Dumbledore. Either way, I will enjoy hearing about it later from Astoria.

I've been thinking a lot about first year. I've always wondered what would have happened if I accepted your hand in friendship all those years ago. Do you think we would have been together? I don't think so, were not Malfoy and Potter without the anger, lingering looks and obvious obsession with each other. It's probably why there's so much sexual tension between us. I guess there's a fine line between love and hate. Besides, you have to admit, having sex with your former enemy is just too much fun.

Anyway, speaking of sex, on to the next stage. I think you've suffered enough, don't you? I think it's time for a reward. One where I'm naked too? If you can find me, that is. So here's my clue. I'm in a room in which no one but you can enter, it's uses many but for us, it'll be our secret place for the day. Come find me, or I'm starting without you.


P.S I've enclosed an article of clothing for you to wear. You're probably cold, though last time you saw this sweater, you told me you wouldn't be seen with me. So your choice, wear it or be naked. I'm betting on the latter.

He couldn't help but just shake his head. Harry was quickly proving to be living up to his Slytherin roots. He unfolded the knitted sweater, turning his nose up in disgust. Harry must be really hating the Weasley family right now if he was giving him this sweater knowing full well the entire school was watching. Though they all had seen how Harry really felt about the Weaslette. Was it wrong that he was completely and utterly turned on when Harry did evil things?

"Are you even listening Mr. Malfoy? DRACO!"

He looked over to see Professor McGonagall standing up, waving in his general vicinity as she made her way toward him. For the love of Salazar, why couldn't she keep to herself.

"Look Professor, am I in trouble or what? I'm just naked, what's the problem?"

"The problem Mr. Malfoy, is your complete disregard for your teachers. I think a detention is in order. And for Merlin sakes, put on the sweater. Maybe Mr. Potter can escort you back to your dorm rooms. Where is Harry?"

"Hopefully naked, waiting for me to shag him senseless," He answered honestly, laughing as he watched Professor McGonagall eyes bugged out, her jaw falling open- completely and utterly speechless at his response. That'll teach her for pestering him.

"Excuse me," Professor McGonagall was finally able to utter.

"Draco that is no way to speak to your teachers," Snape called out, giving him a telling look.

"I have to agree with Severus here. That's two detentions Mr. Malfoy and 50 points from Slytherin for your insolence. Now put on that sweater and head to your common room to find some robes or it'll be a weeks worth of detention,"

"Then I guess you'll be seeing my handsome face all week because I would rather be naked than wear this atrocity, that is a sweater," He snarled as he proceeded to throw the sweater in the general vicinity of the Gryffindor table. "I do believe that belongs to you Weasel family,"

"My mum made that for Harry, why in Merlin's name is he sending you this?" the weasel snapped, jumping up from his table to snatch it up from the ground.

"Well from the note, I'm gathering he's wanting the whole school to know he's done with you, and your blood traitorous family. He's made his decision on who his real friends are, does it hurt to know Harry wants absolutely nothing to do with you? Or that all this time, I've been shagging your best mate, while you try so hard to get him back?" He mocked, watching as the redhead seethed in front of him.

"Fuck you Malfoy! We get it. But hey I'm not the one naked in front of the entire Gryffindor house without my boyfriend wandless. Now who's the one who can do nothing?" Ron mocked, making him pale. He watched as each member of Harry's little gang of friends stood up, taking out their wands.

He really needed to watch his mouth.

"Harry may not be here, but we are," Astoria called out as she, the Slytherin Quidditch team, Blaise and Pansy came to his rescue. "Don't start something you obviously can't handle. We outnumber you, and outsmart you,"

"I have the backing of the entire Gryffindor house Greengrass. I'm not afraid of your little pack of git worshippers," Ron snarled as the entire Gryffindor house stood up in support.

"And I have the Slytherin house," He piped up, turning to look at his table. He smirked as every single member of his house stood up, wands raised. "So Weasel, looks like we're at an impasse. My guess though, we win just out of sheer knowledge of the dark arts. Can any of you actually cast a worthwhile spell?"

"Mr. Malfoy, Mr. Weasley. Stop this- now! Mr. Weasley, we know all of you are hurting that Harry has chosen the Slytherin house over Gryffindor. But, as Mr. Potter said last night, he feels Slytherin is his true house. So starting a fight with Mr. Malfoy will not solve anything. Mr. Malfoy, just because Mr. Potter has indeed chosen Slytherin, does not mean he will stay there. I can revoke the last sorting and force Mr. Potter back in Gryffindor if I see fit. This is not a bragging contest, Mr. Potter is a person, not a prize," Professor Dumbledore declared. He wasn't serious? He couldn't actually force Harry back into Gryffindor, could he? Harry was his now, the Gryffindor house was not getting him back. "You will all get along, or there will be dire consequences. Now Mr. Malfoy, please go back to your common room and find some clothes. Anything will do,"

"Will do Headmaster," He called out as he slowly sauntered out of the Great Hall, whistles and cat calls following him out.

Now to find Harry. And claim his prize.

Draco stopped, turning to face the large, black metal door that hadn't existed there before. So he was right, he thought as he ran his fingers over the carvings along the door. He wasn't sure what to expect if he opened the door, this was the Room of Requirement after all. He took a breath, his fingers clasping the door handle, turning in and making his way inside.

His eyes had to adjust to the dimmer of the candlelight as the door closed behind him. The walls were dark, possibly black- it was hard to distinguish with the lack of light. There was a massive bed on the far left of the room, he'd never seen one so colossal. The comforter was a rich, dark green color, with what appeared to be black sheets underneath. He'd expected Harry to be laying on the bed but instead he was leaning on a chair, his legs propped over the arm- twirling what appeared to be his wand.

Harry gave him a once over, a sultry smile greeting him. "I see you got my last clue,"

"I did," He replied, sauntering over to Harry, wanting nothing more to ravish the raven-haired man. "Love the room,"

Harry smirked up at him, swinging his legs over to put them back on the ground. "Thought you would. I wanted to have the day for ourselves,"

"All you had to do was ask," He asserted, straddling Harry's legs and planting himself on top of him. He slowly ran his fingers along Harry's chest, then torso- teasing him. "We have school you know. And trust me, all my teachers will know if I'm not there,"

He gasped as Harry roughly grabbed his manhood, giving it a powerful squeeze- making his eyes roll back in his head as a moan escaped him. "I'll risk a weeks worth of detentions to fuck you Malfoy,"

"Good to know, but won't they'll coming looking?"

"Is someone worried they'll be caught shagging the wizarding hero?" Harry mocked, his fingers still wrapped firmly around his shaft as he started to lick along his torso.

"No," He murmured out, slowly succumbing to Harry's sensational teasing. His head fell back as Harry's lips and tongue trailed up his chest, lingering on his nipples.

"Well I requested the room only be visible to you, so there's no need to worry," Harry whispered into his ear as he nibbled on his ear lobe.

"I could get used to this, maybe I should let you punish me more often," He commented, his palm drifting dangerously low, his fingers slipping into the Slytherin's robes- giving Harry's cock a gentle squeeze through his pants. Harry's lips vibrated against his neck as the man let a strangled moan escape him. "Who knew Harry Potter liked public displays of shame. I didn't know you could be so dirty. Next time, I suggest we have sex in public,"

Harry's face appeared in front of his, a playful smirk adorning the mans face. "I'd like that. But I was testing you Draco. You asked me if I could trust you and I told you I didn't know. Now I know,"

"Because I flashed the entire school?"

"Because you were willing to for me. Not many people would embarrass themselves for someone. And it was such a turn on knowing you exposed yourself to the entire school for me," Harry mused, their eyes finally meeting.

There was too much room Draco thought as he finally captured Harry's lips with his. He wasted no time in swirling their tongues together, exploring the familiar territory. It turned him on when Harry talked dirty. He liked Slytherin Harry, hell, he loved it. Having him all to himself. "Well then it's my turn,"

"Anything you want Draco," Harry replied, licking his moist lips. Oh the things those lips could do.

"Bed," He finally commanded, getting off Harry.

Harry quickly obliged, he stalked after him. He crawled on top of the Slytherin, crashing their lips together again. He took his wand from Harry's hands, as he casted a spell to remove Harry's clothes- he was way too turned on to do it himself. Harry gasped as he found himself completely exposed, and he took no time to kiss along Harry's now naked chest. He'd never get used to how sculpted the man was, he had such a broad chest.

He loved seeing Harry squirm underneath him, the most alluring sounds escaping the smaller man. His fingers wrapped around Harry's cock as he left kisses along Harry's torso. Dumbledore was wrong, Harry was a prize. The most spectacular of prizes because he was all his. His body. His lips. His cock. All his. No one else made the boy-who-lived moan like he did. Had him so wantoning.

He brought his fingers to his lips, wetting them but was completely surprised as he was flipped over, Harry on top of him. Harry smirked up at him, and with one flick of his wand his arms were tied to the bed post. "Really Harry? Let me go,"

"Aw where's the fun in that?" Harry asked, grinning down at him as he winked, his mouth travelling lower, leaving a trail of hot kisses in their wake. He watched, unable to do anything as the wizarding savior ran his hands down his thighs as his mouth found itself in front of his pulsating cock. "I love knowing how damn bad you want me,"

He could only nod, completely enthralled as Harry's lips slowly descended on to his cock. He let out an uncharacteristic whine at how painfully slow this was going. He needed to feel those lips wrapped around his shaft. He gasped as flesh touched flesh, feeling every inch of Harry's tongue as he ascended up his manhood, Harry's eyes completely fixated on his. He thrashed against his binds, needing to have some control- only to be denied as Harry forcefully pinned his thighs to his bed.

He was forced to watch as Harry, his gaze locked with his, ran his tongue along leaking head of his cock. His head fell back against the pillow as Harry mimicked the same action, feeling pre-cum dripping out, only to be caught with a flick of Harry's skilled tongue. He let out a strangled moan as he felt the Slytherin's mouth envelop the throbbing head of his dick in one quick movement. Who knew Harry was so good at this? Being unable to run his fingers through Harry's raven hair was making this so much hotter. His eyes rolled into the back of his head as Harry's mouth engulfed more of his impressive length- he could himself go deeper into his warm and inviting mouth.

His hips without thought moved gently in time with Harry's movements. Harry's mouth was driving him absolutely mad, having no control wasn't something he was used to. His fingernails dug into his palms, his eyes popping out as Harry swirled his tongue along the crown of his dick. He finally was able to open his eyes, only to stare into the emerald ones of his partner- had he been staring this entire time? "I'm close,"


With a loud pop, Harry's lips left his cock, saliva dripping down his shaft. He whimpered, he was so turned on right now, he needed something, anything to let him finish. His eyes widened as Harry straddled him- what in Salazar's name was he doing?

He groaned as Harry screamed out- he could feel Harry's tight ass engulf his throbbing erection, feeling himself fill Harry's hot velvet channel. "Fuuuuuck,"

Harry's lips quickly found his in a heated kiss, his cock completely up to the hilt inside of the boy-who-lived. He needed to touch Harry, do something. He could feel Harry's body adjusting to the intrusion and with one violent thrust, he hit Harry's prostate. Harry moaned into his lips, impaling himself again and again on his manhood.

Their lips finally parted, both of them gasping for air. He stared, intoxicated as Harry's gleaming body shone in the candlelight as it moved in a rhythmic fashion- up and down his cock. Damn he was so close. His entire body was on fire, every part of him was electrified. This was absolutely brutal not being able to lay a finger on his prize. "I…. I need..."

His mind was completely fried, unable to form any real sentences. As if reading his mind, Harry finally let him free of his binds. He moaned, grabbing at any available part of Harry's body. His arms slithered around the Slytherin's torso, bringing him closer to his chest, finally able to control his thrusts. Harry bit into his shoulder as he flipped them both over, his cock never leaving Harry.

Immediately the wizarding savior wrapped his muscular thighs around his back, plunging his dick deeper into the tight, glorifying hole. He gazed down to see Harry completely in the throes of passion. Pupils dilated, lips slightly apart. Those eyes were going to be the death of him.

"I'm so close,"

He glanced down to see Harry's cock pulsating, leaking and begging for release. He obliged the Slytherins silent wishes, wrapping his long fingers around his throbbing erection. His hand mirrored his thrusts- he was close too.

He aimed for Harry's prostate, hitting it over and over- watching the man beneath him come undone completely- thrashing and moaning underneath him.

With one final hard plunge, he shot out his load- Harry's splashing all over both of their chests as they came at the same time.

He groaned, his soft dick slipping out of Harry's entrance as he fell next to the Slytherin, his chest heaving from the exertion. "That was amazing,"

Harry turned to look at him, his eyes shone of carnal lust- still lost in his orgasmic high. "That was only round one, we still have the rest of the day"

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