From: J. Trevizo

Subject: New story – Always There When You Need Him

Rating: T for minor violence

Spoilers: Covert Affairs through part of the second season finale, "Letters Never Sent". AU starting after the scene with Annie and Danielle in the bathroom…

Disclaimer: I do not own Covert Affairs – I'm just playing wit the characters for a bit.

Relationship: Annie/Auggie UST

Summary: Instead of Annie being a sneaky crack shot, things go as they usually do with her – badly.

Hi all! Okay, I was not exactly thrilled with the end of this episode. I could not get the idea out of my head that if that scene with the assassin had been different then the Annie/Auggie final scene never would have taken place and maybe his choices might have been… different. So here's a quick take on what could have been.

Always There When You Need Him

By Jeannine Trevizo


"Run," Annie said, holding her sister's head in her hands as their foreheads pressed together, "run to the boat do not look back, no matter what."

After what seemed to be eternity Danielle took off, her blond hair and red pea coat cutting across the grass as the shooter heard her, quickly running through the house. He saw her flash on the other side of the windows of a sun room and fired, breaking glass. He hurried to get outside, trying to line up his shot.

Annie had made her way through the house and come out the other side from his right. She stood there, dark clothes and blonde hair flying as she took aim, needing to stop him before he shot Danielle.

Then somehow, inexplicably he knew she was there. He turned, gun trailing on her and she realized that she had once chance.

She fired, three quick, successive shots and she watched them hit him in the right upper chest. He fell quickly, his eyes staring out at nothing.

She'd expected to feel numb when she first had to shoot someone. The instructors at the Farm talked about the feelings, both physical and emotional when you shot and killed your first target.

What she hadn't planned on was the very literal burning in her stomach. She pressed her free hand down against her stomach and held it there as she fought the very real pain that blossomed there. Breathing rapidly she slid the gun into her pocket and pulled out her phone. It was a simple thing to hit her redial even as her hand shook, her body going into shock

"Anderson," answered Auggie on the second ring, his voice expectant as he realized that it was Annie's line.

"Auggie… I got him," she said, her voice nearly cracking on the last as she saw the man who had murdered so many and had been planning on killing her and Danielle sprawled on the grass. "He's dead."

Auggie couldn't help the small sigh of relief. Mills Croft was bad news and had he gotten the chance he knew he would have killed Annie to protect his identity.

"Good job Annie Oakley. What's your 20 for the extraction?"

"I… there's a problem…"

The hesitation he heard in her voice unnerved him. Of course she'd just shot and killed someone, so there was that, but there was something else… something he couldn't pinpoint.

"Walker…" he started to ask, the slightest hint of worry filling his voice.

"He… shot me," she breathed brokenly, the words barely making their way from her lips as she pulled her hand away from her stomach, the pale skin stained red.

Annie felt the fire that had consumed her body be replaced by ice and then her legs suddenly gave way. She fell in a heap on the grass as Danielle's voice attempted to pierce the haze that surrounded her with her scream as she disobeyed her sister and looked back to see Annie fall.

"Annie!" yelled Danielle even as Auggie called out as well back in the DPD in DC, the realization that Annie was in serious trouble having finally sunk in.

Danielle skidded to Annie's side, finding her lying on the grass, eyes blinking slowly as she fought to keep them from closing. Seeing her sister lying there, phone still tightly gripped in her hand shocked Danielle into a stupor. When Annie's eyes fluttered closed and didn't reopen she panicked and cried out again, her hands shaking her sister's limp form.

Over the silence around her, Danielle realized that she could hear a voice yelling through the phone and pulled it from Annie's hands as she brought it up to her ear.

"Auggie?" she asked as she recognized his voice.

"Danielle, what's happening?" he asked, disregarding the fact that she knew that it was him and that he was Annie's agency contact. He needed to focus on Annie…

"She shot him but…" Danielle began as she frantically pulled open her sister's jacket and then her shirt and then gasped involuntarily at the blood she found there. "Auggie, she's been shot!"

The words hit Auggie like a hammer, and all thoughts of Africa, Parker, his eyesight or his future being blind flew out the window as his mind's eye imagined Annie Walker bleeding out on the ground half a world away. Everything in him screamed at him to do something, anything to save her. But with him stuck at his desk in DC he was limited to what he could do. But if he could get Danielle to help him…

"Where has she been shot? I need you to be as specific as possible," Auggie asked, his voice taking on an authoritative tone he used as a handler as he fought to get Danielle to focus and to keep himself from losing the tenuous grasp he had on his self control.

"It looks like her abdomen, maybe a few inches above her belly button."

"Is it in the center or to the side?"

"Uh… maybe a few inches from her left side," Danielle replied, her eyes assessing her pale looking sister and the darkening patch of liquid pooling under her.

Auggie closed his eyes briefly, throwing up a small thank you to whomever was watching over Annie. It wasn't a center shot so her spine was more than likely intact. Now it was a matter of assessing what organs had been affected and if there was still a bullet in her.

"Okay… I need you to turn her slightly… I need to know if the bullet went through…"

Danielle pressed the speaker button on the phone before she laid it down on the grass and then carefully moved Annie. Twisting her sister's upper body she heard Annie groan softly and her hands shook a bit.

On the other end of the line that little quiet groan gave Auggie a sliver of hope. She as still breathing and could register pain… he just needed to get her medical attention… right now. He put the line with Danielle on mute as he turned to his team.

"Stu, I need you to get a fix on Walker's phone. Once you have the location get a call out to the emergency services in Stockholm and get an ambulance out there. They need to know they have a gunshot wound and that they need to be there five minutes ago," Auggie yelled, the fear in his voice evident to Stu and the others around him.

"There's a hole in her back," Danielle finally announced and Auggie let out a small sigh of relief. Digging out a bullet was not something that was a good thing, and the longer it would have stayed in her before getting it removed would have increased her chances of infection and worse. "But she's bleeding… a lot."

That was a problem. If Annie lost too much blood before the ambulance could get there… He forced himself not to think about it. She was going to be okay… there was no alternative…

"Okay, I need you to find anything to stop the bleeding. Towels, rags, anything. Then hold them in place with something."

Danielle carefully laid Annie back down before she stood and raced into the house. Heading back to the bathroom she grabbed a couple of towels and hurried back to Annie. She placed them over Annie's wounds and then used the red wool belt from her jacket to tie them in place. As she pulled it tight Annie moaned and her eyes fluttered, opening briefly albeit unfocused.

"Annie?" Danielle asked frantically; over the phone line Auggie heard the plaintive question in Danielle's voice that was echoed in his own mind.

When she didn't answer Auggie's instincts kicked in…

"Annie!" he called out, his hands shaking over the keyboard as he waited for a response.

"Auggie?" whispered Annie quietly and Auggie couldn't suppress the grin that covered his face at the sound of her voice.

"You bet Walker. Just hang on. I've got a rescue on the way."

"Of course… you do," Annie mumbled softly, her eyes beginning to drift shut again. "You're Auggie."

Auggie felt his breath rush from him at the way she had said she expected the rescue, how she'd said his name… the very trusting and simple expectation that whenever she needed him that he'd be there for her. Did she have any idea how it made him feel sometimes to have to let her do the 'heavy lifting' when all he really wanted to do was be the one that could ride in to the rescue? How much he needed her to be okay? How he'd do anything because of how he… felt…

His eyes closed and his hands tightened to fists as the emotions that he'd submerged since before Ben Mercer's return into Annie's life for her fought their way to the surface. There had never been a more significant relationship in his life that compared to the one he had with Annie Walker. Even what he thought he'd been building with Parker before their eventual parting paled in comparison… and he'd yet to get the courage to ask for anything more…

Now though…

"Auggie, Stockholm emergency services are on their way. They should be there anytime," Stu announced, breaking him out of his mental reverie and Auggie nodded.

"Danielle, help is on the way. You should hear sirens any minute."

There was a long pause, and before Auggie could turn on Stu and demand a status both he and Danielle could hear the whooping trill of the ambulance.

"They're here Auggie. Thank you!"

"Don't thank me yet. Call me when you get to the hospital. I want all the information they give you…"

"Okay," Danielle replied as a pair of medics came around the back of the house and immediately went to work to stabilize Annie.

As they did so, Danielle disconnected the phone line, leaving Auggie in sudden, unbearable silence…

He knew that he should wait. That Danielle would call and give him any news on Annie's condition. Once the ambulance had arrived he knew that Annie was probably going to be alight. But he found that he didn't care… He couldn't lose Annie without ever telling her how he really felt…he needed to be there. He had to touch her, hear her… tell her…

Without a second thought he reached over and pressed a button for an outside line and quickly dialed a ten digit number. His fingers nervously tapped on his desk as he waited for the call to be picked up on the other end. His breath rushed out of him as someone finally answered.

"I need to change a flight please," he said to the person on the other end of the line. "Travel under Anderson, August from Dulles to Massawa, Eritrea. I need to change the end destination… yes, Stockholm, Sweden. I need the first flight out… I don't care how much the change fees are, just charge them to my credit card."

He waited and nodded, accepting the information from the woman on the other end of the line.

"Thank you," he said as he disconnected the line and quickly checked his watch with his finger to realize he had very little time. "Stu, tell Joan I'll call her when I get to the airport. And that I'll be back… I'll be back when Annie is."

Stu nodded and watched his boss get up and swiftly move to the door, heading across the world to be with the one woman that he had finally realized he didn't want to be without.