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Plastic, Plastic, Everywhere

K-Unit looked around as they entered Brecon Beacons. It was that time of year again. A two month review for training. But this time, it would be different. This time, Agent Rider/Cub wouldn't be here. He had been pulled out from his position as shooting instructor the year before two weeks before he was supposed to. There were guesses on why, but no one knew the exact reason. After all, he hadn't been supposed to take over from Jones, who was replacing Blunt, for another month. So really, they were all left hanging.

The one time all the unit leaders plucked up the courage to ask the seargant, it hadn't gone too well.


Wolf knocked on the seargant's door. "Come in!" was the answer.

All ten unit leaders entered in single file, then snapped to attention. The man regarded them for a moment before he saluted them, saying, "At ease. What is the meaning of all of you coming here?"

Wolf, the voted spokesman, as he knew Agent Rider best out of all of them- the teen was, after all, Cub as well, and the boy was still listed in the SAS as part of K-Unit -stepped forward, saying, "Sir, we would all like to know what happened to Agent Rider."

At this, the seargant, who was normally calm and collected- except for when he was yelling at soldiers, of course -stared at them, then started screaming at them. Not yelling, screaming. "I do know the answer to your question, but you aren't getting it! You weren't told for a reason, and that reason remains. DISMISSED!"

The men all saluted with a, "Sir, yes sir!" and hurried out.

But the door didn't close in time to block the, "Why? Why is MI6 so obnoxious?" moaned by the seargant.

They never asked again.

end flashback

Before K-Unit could settle into their cabin, however, a knock sounded on the door.

Snake, answering it, asked the new recruit standing there, "Yes?"

"The seargant would like to see you." was the reply, and K-Unit immediately hurried torwards the offices, worrying the whole way.

"You haven't managed to do something already, have you Eagle?" Tiger asked.

"What? No! You would have known by now!"

And it was true. The one person you never told a secret to was Eagle. That is, unless you wanted everyone to know in five seconds flat. The man just couldn't stay silent.

"We'll just have to wait and see." Wolf told them. And so they did.

"Come in!" The seargant called. They stepped in and went through all the formalities, but then they reached the subject matter.

"You have been called in for a mission to complete with an MI6 agent. He will be going in, you will be back up. That is all I have been told. Your helicopter leaves in thirty minutes."

K-Unit stared up at the Royal and General Bank. This was MI6's headquarters? A bank?

"Well, they are pretty general. I mean, you can't pick them out from a crowd. And some get to meet the queen, and become knights, so that covers the royal. And then they would need a bank with all the expenses they have to pay. So it makes sense." Eagle said, trying to explain this particular cover. All he got in response were a bunch of eyerolls and three fellow soldiers walking into the bank, leaving him to catch up.

"K-Unit! You guys are the unit going in?" A voice cried.

They all spun around and ended up gaping at Fox. "Fox! What are you doing here?"

"I'm the agent going in." He explained, then added, "And also the one taking you up."

Before they could, though, Wolf asked, "Hey, Fox? Whatever happened to Agent Rider? The seargant wouldn't tell us."

Ben stared at them in disbelief, then said cheerfully, "Well, you'll find out soon," then turned and proceeded to the elevator, leaving K-Unit to follow, wondering what he meant.

When they reached the correct floor, Fox lead them out, turning into a tour guide. "Over there is the acountants' offices, they cover the costs of everything," and "That there is Smithers place, don't go in without him, you'll just get lost, oh, and Smithers creates all the gadgets," until they reached a door that read 'Head of MI6".

"And here we are!" Agent Daniels announce cheerfully as he knocked.

"Come in." Came from inside, and, winking, K-Unit was lead inside. . .

Where they promptly gaped in disbelief. Sitting behind the desk was a familiar yet not so familiar man.

Agent Rider/Alex/Cub. Only, he wasn't in a wheelchair, and he had a leg!

"Cub!" They all gasped out, staring at him. "What are you doing here?" Eagle asked.

In response, he just shrugged, and told them, "Blunt's daughter- I know, hard to believe, right? -got critically sick, so he retired early to spend time with her. And then Mrs. Jones retired two months later, claiming she couldn't deal with the stress and sick feeling that came with the job and sending people to their deaths. So now I'm the Head."

"And your leg?" Snake asked, gaping at it. "Because you only had one before."

"Ah, yes," Alex said, looking at it. "It's actually just a prosthetic that Smithers made for me. But anyways," he said, shaking himself, "That isn't why you're here. The real reason is that one of our spies in SCORPIA managed to get hold of their most recent plan. Someone wants some art piece that he made to become one of the Seven Wonders of the World, so he hired SCORPIA to make it come about some how, as his is seventh in line. Obviously, that 'some how' is something that will kill millions of people."

"And it is?" Wolf asked.

Frowning, Alex said, "Unfortunately, SCORPIA plans on placing pound upon pound of dynamite, C-4 plastic explosives, and putty* on and/or in each of the Seven Wonders. It will be pulled off to look like a terrorist attack, which it actually is, just with a deeper meaning. Luckily, SCORPIA is being somewhat careless. They only trust one person to get the job done, and so that person will be setting it off from a few miles away from the Great Wall of China. So, we only need one agent to get the job done, as the detonater will be in one place and one place only. Agent Daniels, your job is to be that agent and infiltrate the ranks of people placing the explosives there. As, unlike Blunt, I do not enjoy sending agents off without back-up, K-Unit will be a few miles away from you, ready to go in if necessary."

The Head of MI6 frowned at them again. "Normally, I would be going in, maybe with Agent Daniels as my partner. As I am now Head, however, I can't , so the only other agent not currently on a mission who has dealt with SCORPIA before must do it. Unfortunately, that means you Ben. Good luck, all of you, and Smithers is waiting for you." He finished, passing a folder labeled Mission: Seven Wonders to Fox in the meantime.

Nodding, the five men left the room and headed for the gadget maker.

One week later, Fox sighed as he exited the Royal and General. It hadn't been a hard mission, and he hadn't even needed backup, but it had been strenuous. The lives of millions had been in his hands, and for the first time ever, he had faced SCORPIA without Alex by his side.

He sighed again. Sometimes, he wished Alex hadn't accepted the offer of Deputy Head and later Head of MI6.

* a form of plastic explosive, believe it or not

I will not be doing the actual mission, as I have no idea how to. Ta-ta for now.