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Note that some of the engines will be out of char. Thomas and Friends just belongs to their owners, and I just own the story.


By: VivianShadowGirl

Rated T

Plot: After a horrible accident, James just stopped talking to anyone, but now he's becoming depressed and getting nightmares about the accident and it's to Gordon and Henry to try to get their friend back to normal.

The Accident

It was a beautiful day on the Island of Sodor, the engines, steamies and diesels, were working hard to be really useful engines.

They didn't want to cause confusing and delay.

One day Gordon, the express engine was helping Henry with a long goods train. Normally the big blue engine wouldn't want to work with freight cars, but Sir Topham Hatt, the railway controller needed two strong engines to take a goods train to the docks.

Henry, the long green engine, was up in the front. "Are you ready Gordon?" he called out to the back. Gordon whistled back, saying that he was ready and they were ready to go.

With a heave and a huff, the two big engines were on their way.

Now the goods train they were pulling and pushing was heavy, and it would be difficult to push up on Gordon's hill.

And the freight cars were up to their usually tricks, "Hold back! Hold Back! Hold Back!" they laughed, Gordon and Henry were in no mood today of their tricks.

"Pull as hard as you can Henry!" Gordon called out to the front. Henry smiled and pulled as hard as he could.

But then there was trouble.

The freight car's holding back plan was working and soon the two engines had to stop. "This is just great!" Gordon fumed. "We're going to be late!"

Then there was even more trouble: Henry can hear an engine's whistle coming down the track, what's worse: two of the big freight cars were blocking the way.

The engine never saw it coming before it was too late. And Gordon trying to stop it was also too late coming.

Then the crash ending just as it begun.

Henry and Gordon both opened the eyes, because Henry couldn't see anything Gordon gasped at the sight: loads of fish, fruit, and building parts were all over the tracks. Some of the freight cars were still shaking in fear.

Gordon did admit this: that was a really terrible accident. Then the big engine saw something that made his wheels run cold, there in the middle of the site was James. He looked terrified and didn't move, in fact, he wasn't looking at ether Gordon or Henry.

Then Hiro and Rocky arrived, Sir Topham Hatt was in Hiro's cab. He looked worried, "Is everyone ok?" he asked.

"I'm alright," Gordon said, "but I think you should take James to the steamworks. He had collide with the cars hard."

"You can take him there as soon as we cleaned up." Sir Topham Hatt said, then he added, "I'm just glad everyone is alright."

Little did anyone realize that something wasn't going to be alright.

Soon the site was clear and Gordon took James, who still didn't say a word and looking out into space. Gordon did a small smile to cheer him up, but it didn't work.

Soon they arrived at the steamworks, Victor and Kevin were there. Victor was happy to see Gordon and James, Kevin, on the other hand, was cleaning up.

"Gordon my friend, how are you? And what happened to James?"

Gordon explained about the whole thing so far, "…and now I can't understand why James won't talk to me."

Victor smiled, "I understand Gordon, and I'll make sure James is good and new." However a few hours later it was starting to get dark and James's buffers were as good as new.

"Well James my friend, you're fixed." Victor smiled, but James didn't smiled back. Something was clearing not right.

Gordon began to notice as well, "James, are you ok?" James started to open his mouth, but there was no sound. He tried it again, again nothing.

Victor then gasped, "Cinders and ashes! James… you lost your voice!"

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