Hey everyone, sorry but I had been busy with life and I haven't been working on my stories lately. So here is the long awaited chapter 4 of Silence.

I own the idea of the story but not the char. and the show.


Where is he? Gordon had been around the island for an hour, he was worried. He hadn't found James anywhere, why I did that? I didn't mean to yell, I mean I haven't seen James there!

It was starting to get late and Gordon has to find James soon… but where? Suddenly he saw Henry; he was waiting at the signal to Tidmouth Sheds.

"Henry! Have you seen James?" Gordon asked. Henry looked at him with a worried look, "No… I don't think so… Why what's going on?"

Gordon explained about arguing to Emily about James and his yelling. Henry gulped, "Well, let me help. After all I'm worried for James too."

Gordon smiled, "Good, let's go."

As they set off, Diesel came from the shadows. He had overheard everything, Looks like I'm going too. After all they need help as well… if I know what Diesel 10 is planning…

Diesel made sure to follow the two big engines in a safe distance. He then overheard them talking again: "What did Emily say? About James I mean?" Henry asked, which this made Gordon grim, "Well, it isn't pretty. Emily was saying it was nice that James lost his voice… and was…" Gordon didn't want to cry, he didn't want to see Henry look at him like that.

"Emily… was saying that we shouldn't care." This made Henry gasp in shock, "Why…"

Diesel was beginning to feel sorry for them. He hated the steamies true, but he was beginning to hate Emily's harsh words about James even more.

He then remembers that time, when James was still in an undercoat in pink. He laughed until James left. It was funny, but what Emily said… was unbelievable.

Gordon and Henry was still searching for James when they spotted Edward, he was facing towards an open door shed. He had a grim look on his face.

"Edward, what's going on?" Henry asked his friend. "Shh." Edward hushed them, a stern look on his face. Gordon was confused at first, "What's wrong?"

Edward's face was now had a worried look, "It's James, I've been trying to cheer him up but without luck. He's scared of something."

Of me, Gordon thought, looking down, I was the one who yelled.

Edward then backed away, "Henry, can you try?" Henry smiled and moved a little closer to the shed. "James? It's me Henry; want to hear about the Flying Kipper?" James moved a little closer while Henry talked about his day.

Edward looked at Gordon, "I've never seen you this upset in my life." Gordon looked down, "Yeah, you could blame Emily for that."

When James saw Gordon he looked away, Henry and Edward saw this and looked again at Gordon. "Do you want to try and take him home?" Edward asked.

Before Gordon could reply, Edward smiled. "Don't worry about Emily, I'll tell Sir Topham Hatt about what Emily said."

Then he left Henry, Gordon, and James alone.

It was now dark by the time the three tender engines arrived at Tidmouth Sheds, Thomas and Percy were talking among themselves while Edward was watching the stars twinkle into the sky, he was also in thought.

Gordon parked next to Edward, followed by James, and then by Henry, who parked up next to Thomas. Suddenly everything was now quiet; the little engines had gone quiet when they saw James.

Gordon broke the ice, "Um, where's Emily?" "Sir Topham Hatt is talking to her, about what she said." Edward answered.

Normally the engines would be talking about their day and so forth, but because of everything that was happening no one had anything to say.

Then Diesel pulled up, this made the engines raise an eyebrow. "Um, hi. Listen I want to say something." Thomas moved a little closer, "How come you and the other diesels are becoming nice to us?"

"It's because we all feel bad for James, and what happened to him. Even Diesel 10 has taken notice." The steamies' eyes were wide, why would Diesel 10, out of all diesels, would be taking notice of the accident?

Diesel knew the steamies were thinking about this.

"Look, I… Don't know myself why Diesel 10 is up to. So don't ask me." And without another word he backed away to the Dieselworks.

The engines decided to sleep for tomorrow anyway, but Gordon was watching James. Something about what Diesel said made James a bit spooked.

Gordon pushed the thought out of his head, he shouldn't worry too much. He closed his eyes and fell asleep.

James wasn't tired, he silently watched his friends asleep. He had something in his mind, what is Diesel 10 planning? And why is Diesel looked all worried for?

James decided to go to the Dieselworks to get answers himself; he silently moved hoping he did not wake up the other engines and on his way to the Dieselworks.