Diesel races to the Dieselworks in a worry state. He had no idea on what to tell Diesel 10 on what he had heard from Gordon and Henry.

Man, this is getting stupid. I mean people and engines do lose their voice sometimes. Why would we be worried about this?

He then began to realize that someone was watching him. He stopped and listen, "Hello?" There was no answer. Diesel frowned, oh come on! What was I thinking?! Last time I was scared because of Thomas pretended to be a ghost!

Then he heard something, Oh great what now? The sound was getting closer and closer. Diesel shivered and moved on.

He arrived at the Dieselworks, he notice that the only ones awake were none other than Diesel Ten, Arry' and Bert.

"Where have you been Diesel?" both Arry' and Bert asked. Diesel 10 rolled his eyes at this, but smiled. "Welcome back Diesel, so what's been happening?"

Diesel explained from Emily's harsh words to Henry and Gordon's talk. Diesel 10 listened, "I see." Suddenly the sound of puffing was getting closer, this made the diesels jump.

"Who's there?" barked Diesel 10. This caused the noise to stop. "Go see who it is." Diesel 10 told Diesel, who went to check outside. Then, Diesel suddenly gasped, "What are you doing here?!"

James was outside of the Dieselworks, raising an eyebrow at the diesel. Diesel 10 and the rest of the others went to check this out.

"What's he doing here?" 'Arry asked.

"Search me." Bert answered his brother.

Diesel 10 rolled his eyes at the twins but then turned his attention to James. His mood changed, "Go home James."

This made the red engine taken aback by this, wasn't Diesel 10 supposed to be the villain here? "I mean it. Go home, get some sleep. Please."

And without saying another word Diesel 10 slowly backs away, followed by 'Arry and Bert. Diesel was the last to follow them, but not before looking at James with a sad smile as if to say It was bad timing for you even being here.

Then James was alone.

Ok I know this isn't my best chapter ever in a story... let alone a Thomas story. But hey, I'm back. I promise I'll try a little harder on the chapters but then again I've been gone for 6 weeks.

So that's all I can say.