Poetry can do a Gatekeeper a world of difference

By: Pinkbun17

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Chapter 1: Same boat

Matt Freeman is trying to busy himself by doing some random online searching, and it appears to be keeping him calm. It has been 6 months since Scarlett was shot, who is in critical condition as he types.

Over and over again the event plays in his head. Just when they all find the final member of their group, something awful like this happens. Too bad it wasn't just some horrible nightmare, because quite frankly it isn't.

Nearly everyday everyone in the group visits her, and things don't look very hopeful, well not in his eyes. It's mainly due to the fact that he's somewhat used to a depressing end. So many people have died, and he wasn't able to stop it; in all honestly he blames himself.

How can someone like him and five other random teenagers be able to stop an evil hundreds of thousands of years old? He questions nearly every single day.

Why did it have to be him? He truly ponders in circles. The others claim they feel the same, but he feels he holds more reasonability over everything.

Without really noticing the blue eyed male comes across a sort of blog site about a girl's emotional bond with the world around her. Somewhat curious, he decides to read it anyway.

I don't know if anyone really cares, but I think this world is pretty damn rotten. The reason I say that is because so many people seem to only care about themselves, and money. Why I always enjoy questioning myself, because I don't think life should be this way.

The girl's blog goes on about the examples in her life, and Matt finds himself nodding in agreement. Do humans really deserve to live?

As the blogs become more recent, they get deeper and more hateful towards people in general. Even though what she says is of anger, the poetry she posts has a calmer, sadder tone to it.

Support Yourself Alone

By: Pinkbun17

The sun is shining,

And yet no warmth reaches over to me

A cold shadow looms over,

And I chose to hide within

I know nothing of these people,

And yet I ache to understand

What is it they see?

Do they pretend and give fake smiles?

Dejected from their thoughts,

And yet I feel perfectly fine

There is peace, even in this cheerless place.

Accept everything as it is,

And don't dare glance back

Do not keep your melancholy feelings all to yourself;

Just stand tall

Expect absolutely nothing and

Do not bother to lean on another

The meaning in the poem changes a lot on how Matt sees the blog. The girl writing feels upset with people, but deep down yearns for hope, and perhaps some comfort. Matt agrees he's in the same boat.

"Maybe playing hero shouldn't even be a part of my life." He states, and slowly starts thinking of giving up.

'Looks like the old ones are going to win anyway…'

To be continued...

My notes:

First ever non anime related fan-fic! –cheers- Not sure where I'm really going on this, but I don't have a depressing and awful ending ahead. (That would be pointless)

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