A Homestuck Fanfiction

DaveJohn / JohnDave

Chapter One

Your name is John Egbert and it is the 9th of December. It is pretty chilly outside and you forgot to take your favorite scarf with you. You've spent your leisurely morning walk around the park thinking about your schedule for the next month or so. Gosh, you're pretty booked! Today is basically the last day you're free for a long time.

However, you don't regret it for a moment. You are a GROWN MAN now, just past the age of 25, working as a MUSICIAN, and you LOVE what you do. You are also unsure why you are mentally capitalizing random words… Probably something you did as a kid, but you can't really remember now. It was so long ago. Anyway, you think you'll stop now.

Like you mentioned, you are a musician. You had decided to take up the piano again and used to play wherever you could get a jig. Hotel lobbies, bars, you name it. But by a stroke of luck, you were discovered by a talent scout, and now you're playing in fancy concert halls! You were always a pretty lucky guy. Honestly, you only started playing the piano again because you didn't really know what else to do with your life after basically saving the world, which you'd actually rather not talk about for the moment. You're past that now and are living a fairly normal life.

But enough dilly-dallying in the past! You only have one more day left for your break before you have to attend back-to-back concerts, press conferences, signings, and who knows what else your manager's got in store for you! You'll have to consult your trusty smart phone later, when your fingers aren't freezing.

So, you decide to talk walk around the city. Boy, you sure do love walks! That, and you don't really have anyone to spend your day with. Your trusty feet can get you anywhere. You visit bakeries, libraries, grocery stores, places where people usually go when they have too much time on their hands.

That was when you stopped in front of a music shop. Hey, you haven't bought the newest CDs yet! You might as well get them now, since you won't have any time to get them later, unless you count illegally downloading them from who knows where. You enter the shop.

Ahh, that new CD smell. Wait, do CDs even have that smell? You quickly dismiss the thought. It's times like these you're glad you don't really know anyone, so you don't run the risk of embarrassing yourself!

Oh, you haven't gotten this one yet! Or this one! Oh man, you should probably pick this one up too. How about thi-!

"Oh, gosh! I am so sorry, I wasn't watching where I was going!" You apologize profusely and bow your head in embarrassment after bumping into someone, too engrossed in all these awesome new CDs. Geez, even with your glasses, you're still blind as fuck. You look up. Why is this guy… wearing shades… in a store… on a cloudy day?