DISCLAIMER: I DON'T OWN HAYATE NO GOTOKU. Hata Kenjirou does. It's a nice manga, GO READ IT!

Chapter 1

Katsura Hinagiku breathed in a sigh as she sat on the park bench. She had left the house for an early morning stroll after she'd woken up at 4:00 AM, and felt energetic. Everyone at home was probably still asleep, just as she had found them when she had woken up. Her stay at Nagi's was due in a month and she still hadn't confessed to Hayate. 'Hayate...' she thought as she got up and jogged back home.

She could smell breakfast as she entered the house. She made her way into the kitchen and found Hayate, back turned towards her, busying himself with breakfast and a bento box. "Who's that bento box for, Hayate-kun?" she asked suddenly, startling him. He turned around slowly and gave her a smile. "Hinagiku-san! You're up early!" he said. "So who's it for?" Hinagiku asked. "For Luca-san. Since I'm Luca-san's health manager, I have to make sure she has proper and balanced meals everyday." Hayate explained. "Really." she mumbled. "Really! Please don't get the wrong idea, Hinagiku-san!" he said nervously. Hinagiku felt jealous at the thought of Hayate making bento boxes for Luca. And it was very likely for Hayate to like someone as cute and idolistic as Luca. "You're breakfast is ready, too, Hinagiku-san." Hayate said, interrupting her thoughts. "Thank you, Hayate-kun. But I'm not hungry." she said, staring at the food infront of her. "But you have to eat! As the student council president, you must have a lot of work, and most of the time, not have enough breaks to eat. And breakfast, is the most important meal of the day!" Hayate started. Hinagiku stood up and smiled at him. "Don't worry, Hayate-kun. I will eat proper meals later. But just not breakfast. I have to go to school now." she said, giving him a smile. "But Hinagiku-san! Hinagiku-san!" Hayate called out as she walked out of the kitchen. "Oii! Why are you calling for Hinagiku, Hayate?" Nagi asked, looking very annoyed(and sleepy), as she entered the kitchen. "Ojou-sama! You're up early!" Hayate said, surprised. "What are you talking about! I can wake up whenever I want. Waking up at this time is an easy feat for Sanzenin Nagi!" she said. "Nagi asked me to wake her up so she can write her manga. She was pretty determined to do it last night." Maria said as she came into the kitchen after Nagi. "Ah, ojou-sama is getting serious now." Hayate said, smiling. "Nonsense! Hayate, I've always been serious! I'm just a little bit more serious now!" Nagi said angrily as she walked back into her room, with Maria behind her calling for her. Hayate rushed out and caught Hinagiku just as she was leaving. "Hinagiku-san! Could you please take this bento box to Luca-san? Ojou-sama is up so i have to attend to her." Hayate said as he held a plastic bag with a bento box infront of her. Hinagiku stared at the bento box for a moment, then smiled at Hayate and took the box from his hand. "Thank you, Hinagiku-san! However can I repay you for-" "Hayate-kun. Go and do your best to make Nagi-chan come to school. There is no need for repaying me just for this simple favour. I'll be going now, bye." Hinagiku interrupted as she walked out. "Bye, Hinagiku-san!" she heard Hayate before she rounded a corner.

Hinagiku pressed Luca's apartment doorbell and waited. After a few moments, Luca opened the door, with a surprised face. "Uh, Hina-chan? What are you doing here?" she asked, her face a question mark. "Hi, Luca-chan. I'm helping Hayate-kun deliver this bento box to you since he's busy. Here you go." Hinagiku said as she gave it to Luca. "Oh, thank you. Do you want to come in?" Luca asked. "No thanks, I don't want to intrude, and anyway I have school to go to." Hinagiku said. "Come on, I'm lonely here. And.. school doesn't start this early." Luca said. Hinagiku looked at her watch. She still had a few hours till school started. "Well I guess I could stay for a while." she said and went in. "Great! So, have you had your breakfast?" Luca asked as she set her bento on a table and sat down. "No, not yet." Hinagiku said. Luca patted the space beside her, and Hinagiku sat down. "Why not? Doesn't Hayate cook for you?" Luca said. Hinagiku blushed. "O-of course he does! I just didn't feel hungry." she said and Luca shoved a spoonful of rice into Hinagiku's mouth. "Wh-What are you doing?" Hinagiku asked after quickly finishing the spoonful. "You said you didn't feel hungry. So that means you're hungry now, aren't you?" Luca asked. "Well maybe just a little bit.." Hinagiku said softly. "Hina-chan, can I ask you something?" Luca asked. "Sure, ask anything." Hinagiku said. "Is Hayate-kun.. you're boyfriend?" Luca asked. Hinagiku blushed and stared at the ground. "Wh-wha-what kind of question is that!" Hinagiku said, still looking down and blushing like mad. "I was just wondering. You two were together the other time and you live together. You seem like a couple." Luca said. "We're just friends! That's all! And there are other people in the house too!" Hinagiku said, flustered. "Oh. Okay." Luca said quietly. "Well I have to go now, Luca-chan. It was nice talking to you." Hinagiku said, getting up. "Yeah! I have to get going soon too." Luca said, letting her out the door. "Bye, Luca-chan." Hinagiku said as she bowed. "Okay, bye, Hina-chan." Luca said as she waved her goodbye.

"Hiiina-chan!" Izumi called as she entered the student council room. "Aren't you supposed to be in class? What are you doing here?" Hinagiku asked and stood up. "Heheheh- Hina-chan, I was wondering if you know where Hayata-kun is?" Izumi asked as 2 other heads popped in from the open door. "What do you three want with Hayate-kun? Stop causing trouble for people, and go back to class! Anyway, isn't he in the same class as you 3?" Hinagiku asked. "Well, yes, but he isn't in class. We checked." Risa said as she and Miki walked in. "And the weird thing is, Nagi-chan is in class." Miki said. "But he was up this morning.. that's weird." Hinagiku mumbled as she walked around her table and leaned on it, crossing her arms. "This is a mystery we have to solve, Hina-chan!" Izumi said. "With the help of your brains and strength, Hina-chan!" Risa said. "That's right! There's no one of more capability than our Hina-chan!" Miki said. "I guess I'll check the house first." Hinagiku said. "The house?" Miki asked as the 3 of them leaned in close to Hinagiku. "What does that mean, Hina-chan?" Risa asked. "Well I live with Hayate-kun now.." Hinagiku started and the 3 idiots interrupted with a load of questions. "Wait, wait, wait! I'm only living there because Alice-san insisted on me taking after her!" Hinagiku said. "Who is Alice?" Miki asked. "That smart looking girl.. who we found.." Hinagiku said. "Oh, Hayata-kun's kid with you?" Izumi asked. "Oh yeah! I remember her!" Risa said. "How could we forget." Miki said. Hinagiku blushed. "You guys know it's not true! I could never have possibly have a child as big as her!" Hinagiku protested. "Ah, but Hayata-kun didn't exactly deny, did he?" Miki said. "That's right!" Risa said. "Hina-chan has a family!" Izumi squealed. "They're not my family! And I'd better go check if Hayate-kun is home now." Hinagiku said as she made her way to the lift.

"Hayate-kun!" Hinagiku called as she walked around the house. Maria was probably out grocery shopping at this time of the day and Alice was still asleep, as usual. "Hayate-kun!" Hinagiku called again. No answer. She had checked the kitchen and pretty much everybody's room. Everyone except Hayate's room. She gulped at the thought of going into the room of the person she loved. But she had to solve the mystery. She slowly opened the door and peered into the dark room. She switched on the light and gasped at what she saw