-Sidenote: I started this with the idea of making it a Metroid-Monster-Hunter crossover, but later decided that Turok would be more up my alley. It is set along the lines of Turok Evolution more than anything. I own every Metroid game, except Zero Mission (the original is preferred to me).

Chapter I

"Warning: Unknown Anomaly Detected. Ending All Cryogenic Systems. Wake up, Samus."

Samus' eyes slowly opened, and quickly dilated with panic as her eyes drank in the sight before her. A worm hole, she thought. She'd seen one once, in her escapade—a nightmare more like – against the threat of the worst radioactive material known in the history of human, possibly ALL kind: Phazon.

It was almost two years since that chapter of her life… A chapter she remembered clearly. The material drove her planet that was called home by the Chozo (the race who raised her on Zebes), Tallon IV, into total madness. It caused the near extinction of the Luminoth on planet Aether, and the birth of the Ing (now extinct, thanks to her efforts), and the arrival of her greatest nemesis since Mother Brain and Ridley: an evil, power-hungry, Phazon-borne version of herself. In the end, in cooperation with the Galactic Federation, it brought them to Phaaze, the living planet that was the birthplace of Phazon. The only possible way to get there was by traveling through one of the wormholes it used to send out its "seeds".

The wormhole was pulling in her hunter-class gunship faster and faster.

"Thrusters at 100%. Pull of Wormhole Too Strong—8 G's and rising," spouted the computer in that familiar, slightly digitized voice. Samus realized there was nothing she could do—she accepted her fate, and closed her eyes. The pull was growing stronger. She could feel her body starting to strain; she prepared for the worst.

Everything around her began to stretch. The pain was immense, but nothing she couldn't handle. She'd been through far worse in her past. She tried to think of something to distract her from that strange feeling of wormhole travel. Anything. Her mind raced. Where is this going to take me? How will I get back to GF territory? More importantly, will I survive?

Then suddenly, it was over. She seemed to be already in the atmosphere of some planet. It looked lush; like a rather dense jungle. She brought up the map console.

"ERROR 404: Planet Data Not Found. Communications Jammed."

She thought for a while about where she could be. It was similar to the Torvus Bog back on Aether, but it was too dry, and much too colorful. It reminded her a lot of her old home world of Zebes, and the lush green grass and wonderful vegetation of it all. But if it were Zebes, she'd have already recognized it. Looks like I'm on my own, she thought. "Computer, bring the ship down for a safe landing." Maybe I can find a few things out on my own. The ship began to slowly descend, lowering the power of the thrusters, scanning the ground for good clearance. A few indigenous creatures scattered as the thrusters blew outward the underbrush below. The ship lightly brought itself to a hovering state over the ground below. She programmed the ship to run a self-diagnostic of all systems to check for any damage that could've been sustained in the trip through the wormhole, and then stepped onto the platform to be lowered to the ground. It brought her down, and she stepped off of it. It was her first step in this strange place, one that had no record through the Galactic Federation's databases (or at least she wasn't able to check with the present interference). For now, she'd just have to see what she could do on her own.