Gilbert stood in front of Arthur gritting his teeth so hard it hurt with his arms across his chest. His stomach was doing flip-flop's in a way that made him want to vomit and his head was hurting so bad all he wanted to do was close his eyes and sleep. To run back home and hid away under the covers until he could pretend he wasn't really about to go through with this.

But he couldn't do that. It was for Antonio and Romano and he just couldn't back out now.

After they had all gotten together things had seemed perfect. What more could he want out of life. He had Spain who loved him unabashedly and would tell him any chance he got. Who was never down and always up for a drink. He had Romano who loved him silently. Who would not hesitate to put him in his spot if he was out of line just as equally as he would try and show Gilbert he loved him if he thought the albino deserved it. Who was quiet when he needed it and had no problem tell him when he'd drank enough. The Spaniard and the Italian were constantly cooking up a storm and were hardly ever in a rush to get anything done. Their lives together were so relaxed at first. Nothing could have seemed more perfect.

But after the first month when they were finally starting to get comfortable again the fighting started up. Someone would get short tempered and then it wasn't just a back and forth it was a 'you two are ganging up on me' or a 'neither of you are right so just shut up'. They were always mad at someone. They must have said they were through a hundred times and just when it looked like everything would fall apart they would come back together again and things would mellow back out.

Francis assured Gilbert that this was normal. Double the lover, double the trouble it was nothing to worry about. All he had to do was keep things interesting. Lovers who were stuck in a rut were more likely to argue then ones always trying something new and exciting. So Gilbert had made it his goal to force them all into trying new things, and by god it worked. It was a balancing act really, if Gilbert tried to make them do too many new things, sex-wise or daily life-wise, Romano would get pissy and in turn Antonio would get worried that there was something wrong with what they normally did. And if they didn't do enough they would fall back into the boring everyday life for too long and start to bicker over nothing.

Gilbert was good at what he did but after being together with his lovers for so long now he was running out of ideas. So he had resorted to asking his lovers what they had always wanted realistic or not it didn't matter he would get it done.

Spain had of coarse smiled and told him all he wanted was for Gilbert and Romano to be happy and he would in turn be happy. It was Romano who had blushed and stayed strangely quiet. Gilbert had teased and begged and pleased to get the answer out of the blushing Italian.

"It's not possible so what's it matter." Romano finally shot at him.

"Nothing is impossible for the awesome me!" Gilbert had countered before Romano had growled in fury and spit out his answer.

"A girl!"

"A girl?" Gilbert asked blinking and tilting his head before glancing back at Antonio who was looking up slightly interested as well. "You wanna mess around with a chick? I'm down with that and I'm sur-"

"I want you to be a girl for a night." Romano said focusing far too hard on the dish he was cooking.

Prussia blinked at that and Antonio even leaned forward showing his interest in where this was going. "Like…you want me to dress up or something?" Gilbert asked

"No dumb ass. I want big fucking tits wrapped in a skanky ass outfit. I want a nice tight pussy where your dick is." Romano said turning around and cupping Gilbert's vital regions. He was being vulgar to try and hide his discomfort at his confession. "And you can't pull that off can you, so don't make me say stupid shit again or I will hit you." Romano hissed shouldering passed Gilbert to go to the pantry.

Gilbert had stood there a minute completely shocked before looking at Spain to ask him what was that only to find the Spaniard blinking at him as if he was seeing the image that Romano had put in both their heads. "You would like it too wouldn't you?" He asked scowling making Spain smile widely and laugh.

"Sorry Gil. The idea is kinda hot." He confessed rubbing the back of his head cutely.

It was then that Gilbert made it is mission to find out he could make their wish come true without permanently messing with his body. After much research and consideration he turned to England for help. The island nation was said to have magic and the only thing it could hurt by asking for help was Gilberts pride and he had more than enough of that to spare.

The Englishman had nearly choked on his tea when Gilbert had showed up at his house asking for is assistance. That had been three months and now he stood in the center of some crazy ass looking circle praying to god that he hadn't made a huge mistake.

"You're sure this is going to work?" Gilbert asked eyeing the chalk on the floor.

"Yes." Arthur replied without looking up from some huge tomb he was reading through apparently double checking he had everything.

"And why is Scotland here again?" the albino asked refusing to look at the red headed man who was smoking in a corner.

"Because you are asking me to summon a lot of damn magic Prussia." Arthur said shoot him a look from under the hood of his cap. "It's not a simple thing changing someone's basic structure. It's not as easy turning coal into gold. They are at least both stones this is more like…asking a plug to become an outlet."

Gilbert took a deep breath to calm his nerves before Arthur made them shoot up again. "Strip."

"I beg your fucking pardon?" Gilbert snapped.

"I need to write some things on your body. To channel the magic." Gilbert hesitated and Arthur huffed in annoyance. "Do you want this done or not!"

"Fine!" Gilbert snapped jerking off his clothes trying to block out the fact there were two men in the room who were neither of his lovers. "Fucking pervert." He muttered when Arthur started to write across his skin with an old school feather pen dipped in black ink. Symbols were placed on his chest spiraling out from each of his nipples. Then another was placed directly above his groin which he was fighting down from getting embarrassingly hard at the light touches. One more went around his throat. Arthur was strangely doctor-ish about the whole thing apparently taking his magic seriously.

"There…we are ready." The dirty blond said softly backing out of the circle taking Gilberts clothes with him. Scotland crushed his cigarette and joined Arthur at what seemed to be the head of the circle. Both of them leaned down touching the chalk line before standing in unison eyes closed as the air crackled with energy. The two started to chant and a strange otherworldly wind blew through the room making Gilbert wonder if this was such a good idea before the brothers opened their glowing eyes and the power that had filled the room was suddenly filling him.

The change was not as easy as Gilbert thought it would be. He figured it would be a pop in grow some tits and be done with it sort of thing. He was gravely mistaken. He was screaming before he even realized he'd collapsed to the ground. He could feel his body changing. Muscles breaking down, bones shrinking, skin stretching in directions it had never had to go before. Hips snapping to get wider. Shoulders compressing to not be so broad. His body was on fire as he curled in on himself he couldn't stop screaming even as his voice gargled and bubbled as his voice box changed pitch. It felt like someone had stuck a fork in his insides and was spinning it round and round like one does when eating pasta to get all the noodles on the fork as his internal organs shifted to make room for new things that had never been there before and loose things that always had. No part of his body was left untouched every muscle from his face to his toes twitched and changed and burned in a pain Gilbert had never known could even exist.

When it was over. And the power was gone. Gilbert was crying harden then he had ever cried in his whole life. Someone was calling to him from outside the circle but he didn't care. All he wanted was to scream and cry and soothe his pain filled muscles against the cold of the concrete floor.

He wasn't sure how long he laid there, in fact he was mildly sure he had passed out a few time, but when his cry's died down to soft hiccupped sobs Arthur was sitting next to him gently rubbing his back. Gilbert swallowed hard and sat up realizing at some point that Arthur had covered him with his cloak hiding his nakedness. That's when he saw them. Big round globes of prefect pale skin covered in spiraled black ink. "Holy shit!" Gilbert gasped before putting a hand over his mouth at the sound of his slightly higher pitched voice. Gilbert pushed himself up on shaking legs rushing for the stairs hearing Scotland chuckling as Arthur called after him that he was still too weak to be moving about.

Gilbert stumbled up the stairs but didn't slow before crashing noisily into the bathroom and stopping dead in his tracks when he saw himself in a full length mirror. Reaching hands up he caressed his new breasts and made a choked noise in the back of his throat at how sensitive they were. They were big. Not huge like Russia's sisters Ukraine but plump in his now smaller hands. "Wow." He said softly before his eyes traveled south looking at the now smooth expansion of his vital regions. One of his hands started to head downwards pausing to rub at his wider softer hips before dipping towards his real goal before he was cut off.

"Oh for the love of God be decent!" Arthur hollered red faced grabbing Gilbert's hand and thrusting the previously abandoned cloak at the albino covering his nudity as Scotland laughed behind them. Prussia blinked realizing he now had to look up at the blushing Englishman.

"I can't believe it worked. That was so old magic." The red head said eyeing a perfect view he had of Gilbert's ass.

Gilbert smiled at Arthur before taking the cloak and pulling it on before approaching the mirror again to look at his face better. It was still him; his cheekbones seemed to be a little higher. His lips a little fuller and his face as a whole seemed to have softened in a way that he couldn't quiet place. "I make a hell of a hot chick." Gilbert said pulling his suddenly mass amounts of hair over his shoulder. It was so heavy compared to his normal short haircut but the silver locks waved slightly and were silky smooth in his hands making Gilbert smile as he tossed them back over his shoulder letting them hang in the middle of his back. "This is insane…how long is this gonna last?"

"Three day at most." Arthur said.

"When I change back…" Gilbert couldn't force the question out and he heard Arthur sigh. "I'm not sure if it will be as painful, as this was the first time I have done this spell." Gilbert nodded before turning to face the brothers again. "Alright well it's been fun, but I have to catch the train to be home on time."

Scotland shook his head as Arthur about had a conniption when Gilbert tried to leave the house in only the robe he'd been given.