Gilbert swallowed hard when two sets of eyes stared at him but no one said a word. "Say something." He said softly his face heating up terribly suddenly wishing he had more clothes on. "Please."

"What did you do?" Romano asked finally his signature scowl back on his face once he lost the completely awestruck look. The Italian stormed into the room going with what he knew best. Being angry until he knew what was going on. "Seriously what the fuck did you do!" He growled and Gilbert put his hands on his new hips, cocking one to the side as he found it was more comfortable. "I did what you asked! What's the big fucking deal! Stop staring at me like an idiot!"

Romano made a chigi noise before grabbing a handful of breast making Gilbert make a startled gasp noise as he squeezed it non to gently. "Are these real?"

"Yes you dick now let go!" Gilbert snapped shoving him away his face beet red.

"Gilbert…how did you…I mean…" Antonio was rubbing the back of his head looking away shyly but still peeking despite himself.

"Look I had a little magic done so I could do this for you two and now I am feeling really fucking stupid so can you both either tell me it was worth it or get the fuck out so I can hid for the rest of my life!" He said looking down. He was starting to feel tired again and really wanted to sit down before he got dizzy and passed out looking like a real idiot, but suddenly Romano was lifting his face. It was strange to have to look up at the other man.

"You did this for me?" He asked.

"I sure as shit didn't do it for myself." Prussia said crossing his arms across his chest finding terribly uncomfortable before slipping them under the new boobs.

Romano chuckled. "You are a stupid man…" He leaned down placing the lightest of kisses against Gilberts lips making them tingle. "But I like you that way. What do you say Bastard? Doesn't she just look good enough to eat?"

"Is it ok…I mean to…"Spain looked nervous as he stepped closer before reaching a hand out and touching Prussia's arm.

"Yes." Gilbert said watching the tan hand trail up the thin appendage before he traced his finger tips to Gilberts neck. "What is this?" He asked tapping the mark Arthur had written there.

"It was part of the spell or something I didn't have time to wash it off yet." Gilbert replied as Romano walked behind him and ran his hands across his lace covered back. He shivering at how rough their hands felt against his now baby soft skin.

Antonio gave him an encouraging smile making Prussia wonder if he looked as panicked as he felt. "The bed?" Prussia asked and Lovino placed a kiss in the center of his back. "Oh I am going to do awful things to you." He purred in his silver haired lovers' ear loving the way her body shivered.

"Get on the bed." Antonio whispered and Gilbert complied immediately slipping from their holds to climb onto their bed needing the space to clear his head a minute and calm his racing heart.

"You sure are something Gilbert." Antonio said looking at her with his eyes half lidded as he started to unbutton his shirt. Romano made a hum noise in agreement with their Spanish lover as he brushed Antonio's hands aside and worked the shirt off faster. "You take too long." He said drawing the taller man's attention off Gilbert allowing the Prussian to feel like he could breathe again. "I want to watch you two together." Lovino said keeping his eyes down cast to hide his embarrassment pushing the shirt off Spain's broad shoulders before kneeling and unbuttoning his pants. The black trousers dropped to the floor followed by underwear and a warm mouth around Antonio's hardening length. The Spaniard moaned in appreciation his hands wrapping in Romano's hair before pulling him off. "Enough. Or you will make me cum to soon Lovi." He chuckled and the Italian made a chigi noise wiping at his mouth. "Light weight." He teased before Antonio started towards the bed.

"How would you like to do this?" He asked reaching a hand out touching Gilbert's hair, rubbing the long lengths through his fingers.

"I don't know." He breathed out. He felt like such a virgin it was stupid really but everything looked and felt so much different then it normally did. Even his body was reacting differently. He could feel something inside him tighten and his new vital region start to get wet when he'd been watching Romano give head. His nipples tightened and came to points and his heart was thundering in his breast.

"It's alright." The mocha colored man said with a reassuring smile as he crawled onto the bed and took Gilbert in his arms. "We will figure it out along the way. Just tell me if I do something wrong and I will stop ok."

"I'm not a real girl Antonio stop treating me like one." Gilbert snapped finally gaining back some confidence as annoyance filled him. He pushed Antonio onto the flat of his back and kissed him harshly till they were panting and grinding together lewdly. Gilbert could feel his ass peeking out from under his chemise and had the strongest urge to pull it back down before He felt the bed dip again and Romano's hands were rubbing the exposed globs making Gilbert gasp and Antonio chuckle.

"How about we start somewhere familiar." The Italian pulled pushing two lube covered fingers into his ass. Gilbert felt like his world was splitting as he rocked forward. He cursed under his breath as Romano worked his fingers in and out of his hole. Spain chuckled at him and kissed at his exposed neck before pulling an earlobe into his mouth and teasing it between his teeth as Romano slipped in a third finger. Gilbert accepted the third easier as his body relaxed. He didn't normally bottom to Lovino, mostly he'd only bend over for Spain as a rule but today was kinda an exception due to the circumstances.

Romano's fingers slid out and Gilbert grit his teeth to keep from crying out when something larger than three fingers pressed up against him. Lovino gripped his soft hips and shoved inside making Gilbert rock forward and hid his face in the crook of Antonio's neck where he bite down on the man's shoulder growling out in half pain half pleasure.

Gilbert flinched forward when one of Antonio's fingers lightly touched his new clit causing him to gasp and making Antonio chuckle. "Aww Gil your all wet." He teased making the albino blush bright red and dig his teeth in harder as the tears at the corner of his eyes dried up as Romano sat still letting he adjust before give a few shallow test thrusts making him gasp. "Rub her again Toni. It makes her ass get so much tigher." Romano said his voice lower then normal filled with lust.

"Can I?" Antonio asked as the head of his own rock hard cock bumped Gilbert's brand new entrance. Gilbert nodded without thinking about it. The idea of being filled with both of them at the same time was almost too much to bear. "Do it." He demanded smashing the need that rose in him to say please.

Antonio started to push up and in making Gilberts closed eyes fly open before slamming back shut again.

So full.

He was so damn full.

It took him a full thirty seconds to realize someone was talking to him. Lovino was being strangely still rubbing his hands on Gilbert's lower back soothingly as Antonio pet his head speaking again. "Gil…baby are you alight?" He asked as the albino blinked his eyes open again pushing himself up off the Spaniard below him not having realized he'd even collapsed against him.

"I'm fine." He said clenching his teeth trying to absorb all the new feelings in him.

"You're shaking asshole." Romano said from behind him making him realize that indeed his body was trembling.

"I'm fine damn it, just move." Gilbert hissed. When neither man moved Gilbert took it upon himself to rock his hips making all three of them gasp. "Oh shit Lovi. I can feel you too." Antonio said eyes wide in astonishment before he started to move in union with Gilbert who was growing more frantic by the minute. Romano joined them groaning every time his and Antonio's heads rubbed together threw Gilberts thin layer of skin separating them.

"Please!" Gilbert hadn't meant for the word to come out but the begs poured from him like water from a broken spout. "Oh God please. I'm close. I'm so close. Romano, Antonio please!" He clawed the shoulder of the man below him, practically sobbing as his body tried to reach an orgasm it didn't know how to handle. His new breast rocked with every thrust from the boys making his nipples brush against Spain's chest sending sparks of electricity through his body. Romano had leaned forward his body lying across Gilberts back as his hands clasped tightly at supple hips jerking Gilbert back onto both darker skinned males cocks leaving him seeing stars when suddenly his body was rocked in a way it never had been before.

It was like a freight train running through his body. He could hear himself crying out but could do nothing to stop it as his inside clenched uncontrollably over and over and over around his lovers as if trying to suck them in deeper. He felt Spain's cock spasm inside him followed by Romano's before they all collapsed into a heaping pile of sweating bodies panting before Antonio started to laugh. Romano followed next before Gilbert joined them as they all sprawled out on the bed.

"You are insane you know that don't you." The wavy haired man said rolling over to look at Prussia who smiled back at him.

"Did you like it?" Gilbert asked.

"You bet your sweet little girly ass." Romano said rolling over to join the conversation pulling Gilberts smaller frame against him before Spain followed suit claiming Gilberts other side.

"Then it was worth it." Gilbert said allowing himself just a moment to enjoy being held before he would kick them both off for coddling him. The two beside him fell quiet and Gilbert went to ask them what they thought of everything when he realized they were out cold. "Bastards." He muttered not feeling the least bit tired from his own orgasm. He smiled to himself before deciding not to kick them off him just this once relaxing into their embrace. He would spend the day with them tomorrow trying out more fun sex in his temporary tiny body before going back to his normal self and winning the best boyfriend of the year award. Life couldn't get much better.