E&C for JoMoFan-Spot

Adam laughed sweetly as he ran through the house. His husband had been in the shower and Adam had wanted to have some fun. So the pretty blonde had decided to slip in the shower with Jay, get the muscular blonde all worked up before he jumped out and left Jay to take care of himself. Of course Jay had instantly followed him, and was currently involved in chasing the long haired blonde through the house. Adam couldn't stop his laughter, knowing that Jay would 'punish' him when he caught him. And he knew he would love every second of it.

"Got ya!" Jay exclaimed as he caught Adam, picking him up and carrying the pretty blonde out to the back yard, befpre he threw Adam into their pool. Adam squealed as he went in and under the water and pouted as he came up. Jay laughed at him and offered a hand to his sexy pouting husband, not noticing the mischievous look on Adams face before he was pulled into the water as well. Jay growled as he came up and the next few minutes in the Copeland-Reso household was filled by the two blondes laughing cheerfully and dunking each other under the water. Eventually they emerged from the pool and Jay instantly swung Adam over his shoulder.

"We need another shower," he announced. "And then you're in trouble blondie." Adam laughed and pounded his fists against Jays back playfully. He really wasn't trying to get away, he loved being in trouble with Jay. It was always worth it.