One Piece Newhart's Voyage

By Mathieu Leader

One Piece is owned by Echiro Oda support the dub, and the sub, and not by me but I hope you like my story.

Story Info: This story is an (AU) and will feature original characters from my previous One Piece fiction Revolt so I recommend reading that story first. Do not post OC's as it is my story.

But I am willing to take suggestions on how future chapters will progress.

Story Notes the character of Vice-Admiral Llanfair will return in a future chapter to see the Redeemer Pirates.

Also we will see the Warlord Picasso Rembrandt who is named after two characters Pablo Picasso and Rembrandt who are famous painters from the past.

Also the character of Lyle the Navigator will be replaced in the next chapter when he is dropped off at his hometown.

Also the Redeemer Pirates will be a quartet with Captain Newhart, Maurice the Redeemer, Elspeth Clancy the Widow of the Sea and the other two members

Chapter One:

The Adventure Begins Anew

There are frozen waters that surround the North Blue around the icy landmass known as Weddell, commonly known as the Northern Continent by geographers. Before the construction of Impel Down, the Great Gaol in the Calm Belt over 427 years ago. The worst of the world's prisoners went there to die in the cruel cold.

Most notable of these inmates was the grievous bloodthirsty giant Oars the Devil, who destroyed entire continents that where not under his control as warlord with his fearsome footsteps.

But since abandonment of the prison colony since the creation of Impel Down, the continent has been quiet.

An emerging pirate called Peter Newhart better known as the Solitary Pirate, sat in the warm log cabin of the Crowe Inn the main tavern on the island of Weddell.

Newhart had a voyage through the sea till he reached Lougetown for supplies on his adventure through the first half of the Grand Line and returned home to his hometown of Port Montgomery the main city of Weddell.

He drank a cup of sweetened tea in a cup his brown stared into the embers of fire thinking of the islands dark past as a penal colony when his ancestor Fleeting Jacob Newhart, a thief known for his quick speed stole gold from a World Noble and was sentenced to the island for his crime for the rest of his life.

His ancestor was had this nickname because nobody saw him as he ran from island to island robbing riches from the rich nobility and giving them to the poor.

His great-great grandfather Jacob was the last living person to be sent to Weddell, and in the three generations that transpired since his death. But Peter's occupation was a pirate but Peter's family where coaters of ships offering their services to marine and pirate alike and anybody who has a sizeable pay.

Peter thought of his father Oscar Newhart meeting a Fishman called Tom the legendary shipwright who built the Oro Jackson the frightening flagship of the Roger Pirate whom he now wore the golden wristwatch given to his father by Silvers Raleigh the first mate on behalf of the King of the Pirates.

"Ah, nothing like thinking of ones own past at teatime to unwind your mind. Before the journey ahead," Newhart spoke calmly

There was a buzzing sound and the small pink snail transponder that Peter had rang.

He picked it up a nervous panicked voice replied from snail "We're ready to set sail Captain Newhart are you sure that our two member crew can withstand the Grand Line?"

"Lyle trust me when I set as a marine to the sea, my adventures taught me. That as long as we have hope we can accomplish anything... Also hope is greatest gift that anyone can give to anyone it is limitless to whom you can you give it too," Newhart said proudly

"I understand sir where do you want me to take the ship," Lyle said nervously

"Take the ship on the Serene Current a special current that is fast enough to speed us to the Grand Line within a month or so," Newhart spoke coolly

"I've heard of this current but Captain Newhart sir that particular current has a tendency to drive ships off course," Lyle said nervously

"I'm willing to take that risk a life without risk is not a life in the slightest," commanded Captain Newhart sternly

Then Captain Newhart left and went onboard on the longboat which was his ship it had four red flags with gold crucifixes.

Captain Newhart wore a marine cap wearing an orange oilskin coat which hid his blue pinstripe vest with a red bowtie. He also had big black Wellingtons,

"Lyle, set a course for the Serene Current," commanded Newhart to a squat man with a long sandy fringe with grey eyes and an angular face wearing a checked red shirt.

Lyle nodded and said in his wheezy voice "I have some important news this came today from the sky."

Lyle handed him a scroll it read:


Captain Peter Newhart

Aliases the Solitary Pirate, the Crooked Commander:


He is charged with masterminding the plot to destroy Marine Base G-11, and for defection of the Marines and conspiracy to destroy Marine Branch G-11.


150000 Berry

"Jo, Jo, Jo, Jo," Captain Newhart laughed in his deep voice staring at his own face with they had captured.

His face was lined with a greying handlebar moustache and had his Marine hat askew he had heavy-lidded green eyes with thinning stringy brown hair dressed in his old Marine uniform.

Lyle asked curious "I thought a marine defector would have a higher bounty?"

"Ah Lyle, the reason why my bounty is so low... Is that if people where to find out a marine defected to become a pirate. It would taint their image so they gave me a low bounty to stop any unwarranted attention you'll be surprised how many marines have become pirates and how many pirates joined the marines." Newhart spoke thoughtfully

Lyle nodded in agreement

The cabin door opened a stocky tanned muscular man with black sunglasses wearing a green wreath on his forehead and wore a white tunic he was bald.

"Ah Maurice glad you've woken up,"

The man said in a low growl "See you've got a bounty a good starter bounty at that,"

Then a giant cannonball could be seen flying over the ship and heading towards the main deck.

Newhart commanded coldly "Maurice stop the cannonball from attack the ship,"

From his tunic Maurice pulled out a thin sword he said coldly "Seraphim Sword Style: Solar Slash," his sword shot out a ray of immense orange light melting the cannonball.

Soon they heard footsteps a thin ragged woman wearing a yellow bonnet and a silk red dress with wiry grey hair boarded the ship with silver eyes and a gaunt face.

"So Captain Newhart I see you've gone from a Marine Captain to a Pirate Captain how odd,"

"Do you know this woman captain?" Maurice said calmly

"Yes she was my last assignment as a Marine Elspeth Clancy the Widow of the Sea," Newhart spoke firmly

Elspeth said coldly "Foot of Kerasu," Elspeth ran at high speeds and jumped into the air unleashing a rapid assault of roundhouse kicks knocking out Navigator Lyle.

Maurice ran and crouched down and muttered "Art of the Seraphim: Starburst," then Maurice imploded causing a vast explosion knocking Elspeth out.

Then in a golden orb of light Maurice reappeared unharmed smiling at the unconscious Elspeth then Captain Newhart marched over to Elspeth and pulled out a silver shell and a net shot out of it trapping Elspeth inside.

Elspeth recovered "Please Captain Newhart... I did not mean to attack you my old crew is dead don't send me over to the Marines," she said shakily

"I will not turn you over to the Marines if you are willing to be our ships doctor and your skilled discipline of the Flock Fu fighting style could prove useful," Newhart spoke calmly

"Thank you Captain it'll be an honour to serve under you," Elspeth tearfully wept

Lyle awoken dazed and went away looking confused and went inside the cabin as he heard the beeping noise of an incoming call of his white long-distance snail transponder.

Marine Base G-63 Grand Line St. George:

High above the steep hill on St. George an autumn island with bronze leaves glinting in the sunlight stood the foreboding grey tower which was the headquarters of G-63 home of the 7th Branch of Marines.

A meeting of 2 marines including a Vice-Admiral from HQ: where taking place to discuss the situation of Captain Newhart defection.

Standing in the centre of the black tiled room at the glass lectern was a man in a grey suit that had a brown fedora with neat sideburns that had watery blue eyes Commander Bogart assistant to Vice-Admiral Garp.

"The reason for this meeting is an important one the defection of Captain Peter Newhart, A.K.A the Crooked Commander."

"A promising marine upstart who rose to the rank of captain, his first act of desertion was successfully destroying his own base. Killing a garrison of 1200 marines thanks to doing a deal with a pirate crew, which launched the attack on the base," spoke Captain Newhart with rising anger

A marine with flowing long pink hair with voluptuous red lips with dark eyes "Commander Bogart sir when G-11 will be reconstructed?"

"Hina the answer to your question is it is currently unknown if the base will ever be rebuild a memorial has been constructed to honour the fallen," Commander Bogart tersely

"Any suggestions Vice-Admiral Llanfair," asked Commander Bogart calmly to a medium sized Marine with a white cape. His hair was styled as bushy mousy brown sideburns that reached to his shoulders. He wore a black patch on his left eye with bronze epaulettes that adorned his dark blue cape.

"I was going to suggest using the Warlord Picasso Rembrandt but he's away in Vera dealing with some revolutionaries on behalf of the World Government ..." Llanfair spoke briskly

"However thanks to the Redeemer Pirates Snail Transponder being bugged by a Hacker Flea bioengineered by our top Marine scientists. That we pre-programmed to follow the ship due it having the bounty photo we know where they're heading towards Köln Island,"

"Köln Island I've never heard of it it's not in the Blues I've checked all maps," questioned a low ranking Marine perplexed

"There are the Four Blues the West, East, North, South, and then the Grand Line – Paradise and then there's the New World, not forgetting the Sky Islands as well the two Calm Belts, but what many sailors don't know before the first half of the Grand Line is that the Twin Cape at the foot of Reverse Mountain. Where all the currents from all Blues intersect is significantly larger..." Bogart explained with quiet interest

"So the Twin Cape is bigger but this still does not explain why and how Köln Island is off the map!" shouted the low ranked Marine in frustration

"Here's a bit of history lesson for you about 170 years ago... A treaty was enacted between the World Government and a Warlord of the Sea, the agreement was that this country is to be under the ownership of that Warlord. Thus she was given complete autonomy of this land after this Warlords death the Marines and the Warlords had a summit before the emergence of Gold D. Roger because fearing the arrival of piracy." Commander Bogart reminisced proudly

"Furthermore they feared the start of a revolutionary movement on the island free of World Government rule ideal for Revolutionaries rule as they would be absolved of any criminal offence. Llanfair explained softly

"The outcome of the summit was that the identity of the Warlord was removed from history as is its location if any act of piracy should be committed on Köln's soil a marine warship is automatically sent there," resumed Bogart intrigued

"How did he know of this island and moreover how do you know of Köln?" Hina asked intrigued

"Not all Marines fight on the battlefield in their careers some choose to work in other fields such as research, promotion of the marines, archives, the medical core, 7 years ago I lost a fight with Dracule Mihawk on the Isle of Astern, I asked to be transferred to the archive division to learn from history I came across a helpful petty officer called Newhart so we learnt together," Llanfair spoke coolly

"I will be taking responsibility for this matter myself as a convert operation... Mention this to nobody not even Kong or, Sengoku, I will uphold justice of old to preserve the justices of tomorrow be it moral or absolute or otherwise. This is the truth of justice be just to preserve all justice as it encompasses all walks of life rich to poor sick. To even those who are unjust and those who have experienced injustice knows of justice at one point in their lives or will at sometime in their lives,"

"You don't have the authority to do such a thing... You're a Vice-Admiral only an admiral or the fleet-admiral or even the Commander-In-Chief can authorise such a mission if you're heading into a neutral territory?" The low ranked Marine spoke skittishly

"Do not be afraid Ensign for my actions I'm a member of the Cipher Pol's as one of their Marine Liaison so I do have the power to do so," Llanfair

"Well that's settled but what are we going to do afterwards?" Bogart asked intrigued

"We will bring him to have a trial and sentence him to Level 6 of Impel Down to punish him as killing him would be a welcome relief to him," answered Hina coolly

3 day's later Köln Island

"Captain I spy a ship!" panicked Lyle peeping through a gold spyglass

"What ship is it?" Captain Newhart said curiously making a sandcastle on the white sandy beach

"It's a marine ship judging from the build of the ship it belongs to someone from Marineford!" Lyle shrieked

Suddenly the thin foreboding grey submarine emerged with the black cross emblem of the world government.

The hatch of the submarine opened revealing a Vice-Admiral...

The Vice-Admiral wore a black patch which covered his left eye he wore brown sandals and had an unusual variation on the standard Marine uniform he wore a black striped straightjacket secured with yellowing pieces of rope.

He had brown epaulettes on his shoulders and had shaggy brown sideburns.

So our paths would meet again Captain Newhart," the Vice-Admiral said gently

"Likewise Llanfair, I suppose you've come to capture me to put me in Impel Down?" questioned Newhart

"Indeed, I have my former friend. The defection came as quite a shock to us," the Vice-Admiral sympathetically cooed

Then the Vice-Admiral pulled out a small silver dagger "My weapon has been soaked in the juice from a Devil Fruit try and guess what power does my devilish dagger process," the Vice-Admiral spoke gleefully with a maddening glint in his eye.

"Pincer Swipe!" shouted Llanfair

Suddenly the dagger became a thriving black pincer he held out the dagger it pierced the Captain's shirt.

The Captain smirked and spoke happily "Your dagger is a cute critter," as Vice-Admiral Llanfair withdrew his dagger from Captain Newhart's chest.

Then suddenly in a blazing fireball First Mate Maurice appeared at his side

"Your dagger ate the Baggu-Baggu fruit Scorpion Model," Maurice spoke grimly

"Togetogeshii Strike," Vice-Admiral Llanfair his dagger became coated in a colourless fluid and he jabbed it straight into Captain Newhart's chest.

"Jo Jo, Jo, Jo, this is funny you know what Llanfair I have a power to not a Devil Fruit something much rarer,"

"What is this ability," Llanfair said quietly

"Colour of Observation: Mystical Memorisation," Captain Newhart said gently

To the Vice-Admiral's horror Captain Newhart's hands were now coated in the same steaming colourless poison as his dagger.

"This is impossible how in god's name where you able to copy my weapon Devil Fruit ability without consuming it this is obscene!" Vice-Admiral Llanfair shrieked in shock

"Oh Maurice taught me Haki he was a former member of Gan Fall's Enforcers he evacuated Skypeia when Eneru dethroned Gan Fall unfortunately he became a slave of a World Noble who came to Weddell, I brought him with my Marine pension it was a fair trade and in return for my kindness he taught me Haki..."

Maurice nodded in agreement

"This skill allows me to copy three Devil Fruit powers at any one time if I go over that limit then all of my memories of the other three fruits is forgotten," Newhart explained

Then Captain Newhart backslapped Vice-Admiral Llanfair in the face

"What does it feel like when the sting of injustice is felt by a peacekeeper of the World Government? When many of its citizens not at rest always on the watch relentlessly fear their leaders who punish them carelessly without the need to," Captain Newhart spoke sternly

Llanfair touched his cheek he felt a scar caused by the poisonous hands of Newhart...

"How long do I have left to live..." quivered Vice-Admiral Llanfair

"Oh hmm when I copied your weapons power I thought the poison should be slower in its reaction so it is I would say the poison will cause you to die within three years robbing you of your physical strength," growled Newhart grimly

Then Vice-Admiral Llanfair went limping away back into his submarine...

"Captain, will Vice-Admiral Llanfair return to fight us again?" asked Maurice coldly

"I have no doubt in my mind that he will return," answered Newhart crisply

"What are we going to do now?" asked Lyle who had hid in the bushes until now fearing the fight

"I'm sorry Lyle, but I'm afraid that I'm going to have to take you home as your not brave enough for my voyage it's the best thing to do ,"

"I understand captain," Lyle spoke softly

Next Time on One Piece Newhart's Voyage:

Defection: The Final Command

When Lyle is returned home...

Captain Newhart assumes the role of navigator and is met by another old friend Thatch 4th Division of the Whitebeard Pirates, we shall see how Captain Newhart went from being a Marine Captain to a Pirate Captain.