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Arthur Kirkland sat by his window, looking down on the commoners outside as they bustled about in their everyday lives. It was high noon and it was difficult to look anywhere without being slightly overwhelmed with the bright light of the sun. He looked at them curiously, almost as if wondering how they could go about the world with all that labor in their hands every single day.

Of course he knew no labor. He was filthy rich.

He was the son of probably the richest man alive in their town. Although that rich, divorced man passed away when his only son was still a little kid of 7 so Arthur grew up with no parents to know or love. He grew up with his only companions, the maidservants and the butler named Alfred.

He knew no other company but it means not that he doesn't yearn for any. Sometimes he ponders over whether he should go outside with the other townsmen but when his father was still alive he always forbid Arthur ever interact with a commoner, more so to befriend them.

So Arthur, in shorter words, grew up ALONE.

And perhaps even...Lonely

He continued to watch outside and his eye spotted that certain man who has been loitering about for a while now. He squinted his eyes and then frowned. Oh. It's him.

That man was always around walking about and flirting with the ladies or even some men when he feels like it. He does everything with that forsaken smirk and he moves about with an air of finesse and condescending mystery that Arthur couldn't help but be irritated with him. What right has he to act like he owns the town? Arthur has more rights to do so than him. But he never got the chance...

Arthur's slightly flustered train of thought was interrupted by a familiar ring of a bell and a hardened, stiff call of Alfred's voice.

"Master Kirkland. Lunch is served"

He stood up and took one last look at the blonde, long-haired man outside, who just walked off with another woman with a kiss to her cheek, and he frowned as he walked off to the dining area.

What a bloody, showy moron...

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