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The very next day, Arthur was mentally preparing himself for what was about to transpire. The dreaded event was coming on and he wasn't even sure if he was ready. He sat up on his bed and stared out the window. Whatever will he do when he finally sees them? Would he have to pretend to like them? Does he have to be too formal? Had Alfred not dragged him into this, then he would safely be back in London, not minding any business except managing his property.

Then his thoughts flitted back to Francis. What happened that night was still in his mind. How does he have to act now? How can he act so normally around him now that he knew what had happened to Francis? It made everything harder, especially the part about disliking him. Will everything be awkward now?

A frustrated groan came out of his lips and he pushed himself back down on the bed to stare at the ceiling. "What am I going to do?"

Just then, a knock came from his door and Arthur hissed. "Come in"

Alfred stepped inside and went over to his bed. "Arthur. I sent a letter yesterday with regards to our whereabouts and that we have arrived to Paris safely. I just got this today." He held a letter in his hand and tossed it to the side. "The gathering has been moved. Your cousin, Sir Ian, had fallen ill and is unable to see any visitors for a while. They said most likely it would push through a week from now. You don't have to worry about it for another week longer"

Arthur's eyebrows furrowed and he sat up to open the letter and read it. Sure enough, all that Alfred had said were true.

"Our sincerest apologies for the delay of our planned gathering as one of the hosts, Sir Ian had gotten ill due to the weather and may not be able to push through with the reunion-…" he read on and smiled "This is exactly what I had been praying for. Thank heavens I don't have to see them yet"

Alfred only shook his head while smiling before patting his arm "You technically just rejoiced from the news your relative got sick." This made Arthur scowl and blush a bit at having his error pointed out.

"Oh it doesn't matter" Arthur replied "Scold all you will but I am thankful upon not having to see them just yet." He stood up and walked over to try and get out for breakfast. "Aren't you coming to breakfast?"

Alfred had to grin and then follow him while whispering "Francis made breakfast today"

Arthur paused and then scowled. Well there goes another of his worries. Alfred noticed his sudden hesitation and gently thumped his shoulder "Don't be so hard on him. He really isn't that bad. He's a little straightforward, sure but he's actually a pretty nice guy…"

It's not that.

After last night, Arthur already got a pretty decent clue on Francis being a good man. He just wasn't sure how he should act around him. He could still feel the raw emotions last night like it had happened only minutes ago. He shook his head and sighed. "I know. Let's just go and eat before I change my mind"

Upon reaching the dining room, they saw everyone but Gilbert was in their place. Francis already set the table as Matthew sat down and Antonio clapped his hands. The Spanish man seemed excited. Arthur raised a brow and scanned the room. "Where's the other guy?" he asked.

Matthew raised his eyes at him and smiled "He went out to get something from the store. He'll be back in a few minutes"

Then the door opened and a loud voice cried out "The awesome is baaaack!" Antonio rolled his eyes and Matthew giggled "Well I take it back. He's home."

Gilbert came in with a basket of something and a bouquet of flowers that looked like they have just been picked. "Francis… these are for you" he gave him the flowers and kissed his lips quickly. Almost like a peck really. Francis only blushed, chuckled and shook his head with a smile, murmuring "Merci mon ami"

Arthur watched all of it with confusion. So Francis and Gilbert were together? Were they lovers? How come nobody said anything? He couldn't help but stare at Francis and then drop his gaze down to the food before eating. So Francis and Gilbert were lovers apparently.

Gilbert sat down and rubbed his hands together. "When Francis cooks, my day turns pretty damn good" Francis on the other hand, pinched Gilbert's cheek before sitting down as well. "You exaggerate cher…"

As they all began to eat, everyone began to react to the food. It tasted like heaven in every bite. For a while, Arthur could hardly say anything and even fought not to make any noise. The food was exquisite.

After a while, Alfred raised the question that Arthur's been mentally asking. "So… are you two… lovers?"

At this, almost everyone chocked a little bit at what they were eating and Matthew burst into a hearty fit of laughter while Gilbert blushed and chuckled. Antonio snorted loudly and fought to swallow while Francis raised an eyebrow. Gilbert waved a hand dismissively. "I could only wish. Anyone would be lucky to have him as a lover." Then he snorted as well 'But no. We're just really good friends. I give him gifts whenever he cooks breakfast because he's like a god in the kitchen and I appreciate it when he does cook. Antonio does that sometimes too" to which Antonio and Matthew nods in agreement. Antonio shrugged.

"Si. As you have tasted, his food is fantastic. We believe that he deserves a few bribes to cook, once in a while. All in all, Francis is still very much free for the taking" he said, as the rest of them laughed.

Arthur fought to keep his composure and combed his mind for an explanation as to why the news that Francis and Gilbert were not lovers, suddenly brought about a wave of relief over him. He didn't understand why he was suddenly more lighthearted upon knowing Francis had no lover just now. He shook his head to ignore it.

After breakfast, Alfred packed a few things and some money, much to Arthur's curiosity. He stared at Alfred dressing up in his coat and gloves. "Where are you heading to?" he asked as Alfred finally put his hat on.

"Matthew and I are headed out for a few things. He said he would show me a couple of places and I was much too excited to say no. I figured you were tired so I assumed you didn't want to go"

Alfred was right though, Arthur didn't get much sleep and wasn't up for going around and about the city. He gave Alfred a small smile before muttering "You and Matthew are getting along" which pulled a small blush from Alfred "He's one of the nicest men I have ever met. It's hard not to get along with him."

With a nod, Arthur moved out of Alfred's way with a small "Have fun"

As soon as they were out, Gilbert and Antonio also dressed up to go somewhere, much to Arthur's dismay. They were going to visit each their own relatives and would be gone the whole day. Soon, they too were out of the house and Arthur was suddenly terrified upon realizing he was left alone with Francis.

Soon, he felt a tap on his shoulder and he turned around abruptly, only to catch his breath as he saw it was the French man himself. He was smiling at Arthur warmly before shrugging. "I'm assuming you're tired from what I put you through last night. So I was wondering if there was some way I could make it up to you"

Arthur couldn't answer him and could only stare at him as he spoke. Finally, after a few seconds of silence, Francis ran a hand through his hair. "Do you drink? I have brandy in the cellar"

Arthur couldn't help but smile.

"Yes I do"

Francis smiled back.