Chapter 10 – Be Careful What You Wish For

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A few hours earlier…

"Listen up you two," Derek said low and menacing, moving closer towards Stiles and Scott. His blue eyes alternated between the two. "I have a job for you two."

Stiles let out a small chuckle, folding his arms over his chest as he looked at Derek. "Is Derek Hale actually asking us for a favour? Has-"

When Derek's icy cold glare cut through Stiles, it silenced him.

"So what do you want us to do?" Stiles said nervously.

"I want to do something special for Erin and I need you and Scott to be waiters," Derek proposed.

Scott smirked a little. He was helping his sister's boyfriend with a romantic dinner. He wasn't sure if he wanted to be disgusted or happy for his sister. "And what will we get in return?" Scott questioned.

"I'll tell you what you will get if you refuse," Derek said with a grimace, grabbing Scott's shirt and pulling him close to his face.

"Fine, fine. We'll do it," Scott said, genuinely nervous from Derek's threat.

After Derek released Scott, Scott smoothed down his shirt. "We're not wearing tuxes."

Unfortunately for Scott and Stiles, they were forced to wear tuxes under Derek's orders. Scott continued to tug at his cuffs in hopes to make the monkey suit more comfortable, but it was useless.


Erin was in her room debating what she should wear for tonight. Derek had told her that she should come dressed in something pretty. He had her guessing what it could be that he was planning to do tonight, but she couldn't put her finger on it. She didn't have that many options. There was a blue cocktail dress that would look great on her and there was also a red dress that suited her. After ten minutes more of debating, she settled on the blue dress. The dress clung to her body perfectly and showed off her flawless body. Her legs appeared to be longer due to the dress stopping at her upper thigh and the silver strapped shoes she picked was a good match. Once she was dressed, she took a few minutes to work on her hair. She didn't do much to it, just added more curls.

She arrived five minutes later than the planned time at Derek's house. Erin rushed into the house and when she did, Derek's strong arms greeted her around her body. He gave her a kiss on the lips before pulling back. "You made it."

Derek led Erin to a set table in his living room. On top of the table was a bouquet of red and white roses that were contained in vase in the middle of the table and placed on respect sides were two wine glasses and silverware.

"What's the occasion?" Erin asked as Derek pulled out her chair for her.

His smile reached his eyes and Erin blushed slightly at the intensity of his gaze. "You."

Scott appeared to her left and Stiles to her right. "Good evening, Madam. We will be your servers for the evening." Scott poured her a glass of red wine and Stiles placed a napkin on her lap.

Erin laughed. "Nice tux, boys."

Derek was nervous, Erin could tell. He was almost stammering, filling silences with meaningless conversation, checking on Scott and Stiles constantly. Erin was exhausted watching him.

Dinner had been lovely. The chicken pasta from her favourite restaurant was delicious. Derek had gone to a lot of trouble and Erin couldn't think what all the fuss was about.

Derek returned from the kitchen and took his seat. Erin reached across the table and took his hand, a smile gracing her lips.

"Derek this has been lovely, but to be honest you're kind of making me nervous."

Derek tossed his napkin onto the table. "I'm sorry. I just wanted to give you a special night-a normal date."

Erin laughed. "And it has been perfect."

"Erin, I..." Derek began. "I want to tell you something."

Her eyebrows rose as she looked at him. "What is it?"

"I-" he started, but Stiles appeared and it made his jaw tense.

"More wine?" Stiles appeared on Erin's side and began pouring wine in to her glass.

Derek tried again "Erin, I..."

"Desert will just be a few minutes." Stiles sprang in to a description of the desert.

"Stiles," Derek tried to interrupt and Erin smiled at Derek apologetically. The desert description continued. Derek raised his voice above Stiles and stared straight at Erin "Dammit! I'm trying to tell you I love you."

Stiles looked at Derek. "Sorry dude, but I don't swing that way." Derek half stood from his chair before Stiles ran to the kitchen.

"Erin, I love you."

Erin smiled shyly and a pink blush coloured her cheeks, "you did all this just to tell me what I knew all along?" she asked

Derek laughed lightly "I wanted to make you feel special" he told her.

Erin stood and walked around the table then made her self comfortable on Derek's lap wrapping her arms around his neck "I have a brother and a boyfriend who are werewolves, plus a Stiles, I couldn't feel more special if I tried, but thank you, and you know I love you too" Derek gently kissed her lips and Erin kissed him back.

Stiles cleared his throat trying to get the kissing couples attention but earned no response. "Erm…desert is here" he said softly

"I somehow don't think they want it" Scott said steering Stiles towards the door.

Erin was awoken by a noise. She was in Derek's bed. She hadn't been asleep long and the noise hadn't woken Derek, who was lightly snoring, so the noise in the house startled her awake.

She listened for a minute and heard it again, it sounded like the squeaky floor boards on the landing. "Hello" she called out, panic suddenly flooded her. What if Kate had come back to finish the job? She was defenceless, she was pretty sure if she tried to stand up her legs would buckle beneath her. She heard the noise again, closer this time. Erin wasn't going to wake Derek, she would deal with it on her own, and it was probably her paranoid brain working over time anyway. She silently swung her legs out of the bed and started towards the bedroom door.

There was a certain scent in the air that signalled to her that someone else was in the house. An animalistic nature soon took refuge in her body forcing her to straighten her stance and prepare herself for anything.

Darkness clung to her form as she slowly descended down the wooden stairs of the house. The closer she got to the bottom of the staircase, the more her senses told her that she was in danger. Her eyes scanned the first level of the house for any unwanted visitors until they came across the silhouette of a woman.

Erin recognised her from the back. It was Kate Argent. The sight of Kate caused her blood to boil and a hunger to rise up from somewhere hidden. Before she knew it, Erin's nails began to sharpen and her canines protruded from her mouth. An angry snarl left her throat and soon Kate's dead body lay at her feet doused in a sheet of her blood. Feelings of accomplishment and satisfaction settled into her mind. She had never felt so powerful in her entire life. Glancing up from her kill, her eyes locked onto a mirror hanging before her. She gasped at the sight of her new appearance. Eyes the colour of the Pacific Ocean, canines that resembled the teeth of a wolf, and her hair mussed around her head like a lion's wild mane.

Erin sat up in bed, gasping for air and sweat rolling down her forehead. The clock beside her bed read that is was only three o'clock in the morning. She looked at Derek who was asleep beside her. Letting out a sigh, Erin fell back onto the mattress. Deep down she was depressed that it was only a nightmare. Being a werewolf didn't necessarily have to be a bad thing.

Erin lay awake in bed for another half hour before realising she wasn't going to find sleep again and now she was sat in the kitchen hugging a mug of warm coffee.

The image of Kate's bloodied body filled her mind and she couldn't feel bad about the fact it made her feel happy, safe, strong, in control. She had been having nightmares since Derek had rescued her from Kate's reach. Nightmares that Kate took her again and killed her, or took Scott or Derek or Stiles and when Erin arrived to rescue them she couldn't do anything, fear froze her to the spot and she stood by and watched as Kate killed them slowly and painfully.

This was the first time she had dreamt she could fight back, she could win, she could protect those she loved, if she were a werewolf. But that was a minor detail. Kate was human after all, albeit more skilled than Erin but still a human, no special powers, just a mere human being, which meant she could be killed.

Erin heard Derek descended the stairs, he had stopped sneaking up on her since Kate had taken her, she often woke to find Derek holding her thrashing body to the bed, she never understood why she was thrashing in her sleep as in her dreams she was completely still, statue like.

Derek came in to her eye line down the hall and she smiled softly, his topless form never failed to take her breath away and she saw Derek smile as he heard her heart race as it always did when she saw him. He crossed the kitchen and kissed her on top of the head lightly before getting himself a mug of coffee.

He took a seat across from her and reached for her hand she gave hers to him and couldn't look him in the eye "bad dreams again?" she sighed and nodded, she felt like a small child needing to be told there wasn't a monster in the closet.

"Not exactly bad this time" she almost whispered, feeling a little ashamed, she risked a glance at him and saw he didn't quite understand. "She didn't kill me this time, I…I… killed her, after I turned" she felt Derek's hand go rigid in hers and curiosity got the better of her and she looked at him, angry wasn't the word, he was far beyond angry. "Derek, I need you too…"

Derek stood quickly, the chair scrapping across the tiles and falling loudly to the floor "no" he told her firmly "I'm not turning you".

"Derek I…" she really wasn't going to ask him to turn her she wanted him to teach her some self defence.

"No, Erin" Derek told her "this isn't a discussion" he was talking through gritted teeth; she could see his jaw flexing as he talked.

"Derek I wasn't..." she told him, although now the idea was in her head she couldn't honestly say she thought it was a bad idea.

"I need some air" Derek told her turning to leave the room.

Erin stood quickly to go after him but changed her mind hearing the door slam and shake the entire house.

Derek ran, ran until his lung felt like they were going to explode, he would have continued even after that but he heard cars and realised he was too close to the main high way. A man running shirtless and shoeless may attract some unwanted attention.

He stood leaning on a tree, catching his breath.

Without the need to focus on trees racing towards him as he ran at full werewolf speed, his mind wandered to the conversation with Erin.

How could she want to become a werewolf? How had it come to this? How had he thought it wouldn't come to this? What future could he give her? Marriage? Maybe. Children? He knew he didn't want children, one more thing to be used against him, one more thing to hurt him. A normal life? Never, they would always be looking over their shoulders, hiding, running.

A rabbit appeared and froze when it sensed Derek's presence. He sighed and took off running home again.

Erin placed the bowl of dog food in front of the Great Dane, Thor, who had broken his leg; she stroked his head and smiled at him. He looked how she felt, sad, low, defeated. Thor lifted his head and looked towards the door before Erin's ear picked up the sound of a door closing. She was working late and was 100% sure she had locked the front door, she had checked twice.

She stood up straight and closed the cage door, listening, she definitely heard footsteps. Her heart began to race; she looked around for a weapon, nothing, "Erin" Stiles called out.

She sighed heavily. "In here." She composed herself before Stiles entered.

Stiles face lit up with the smile he gave her. "There's my beautiful girl."

Erin laughed at him. "Hey"

Stiles bowed momentarily before straightening himself. "I am your escort for the evening."

"Which means Scott is yet again not back from his date with Alison and my car," Erin summarised realising Scott would have given Stiles his work keys and Stiles had used them to let himself in.

"Where's Derek anyway? Doesn't he normally pick you up?"

Erin looked away from him. "Yeah." She made herself busy tidying things away. She wasn't sure Derek was talking to her at the moment. "So what have I missed in the life of Stiles?" She asked the question to take the focus from her and Derek but felt instantly guilty that she didn't know anything that had happened in the last few weeks. In her defence she had been recovering from being tortured.

Stiles began rattling on about school and trivial things that had happened and Erin zoned out as she tidied her work area. "And I died a horrible bloody death last week." Stiles watched as she cleaned the surface clearly not listening to him. "The funeral was lovely, loads of people came, everyone cried. And you're not listening to me at all. Erin!"

Her head snapped up at the sound of her name. "I'm sorry."

"What's going on?"

"Stiles," she sighed loudly her tone alerted him to the fact she needed him to be serious and he crossed the small distance between them and placed a reassuring hand on her shoulder. "Have you ever wondered about becoming a..." She stopped as her eyes met his, realising it was wrong to ask.

"A werewolf," he finished for her. "Only like a million times," Erin sighed. "Why? Is Derek going to..."

Erin quickly interrupted. "No, no. I was going to ask Derek to teach me some self defence and he thought I meant I wanted him to turn me but now he's said it I can't stop thinking about it."

"Who wouldn't? I can't believe this is the first time you've thought about it. You were held captive Erin, its normal to want to feel you can handle yourself." Erin met his eyes again and in that second she realised how much he had grown up. How much having a werewolf for a best friend had made him have to grow up and how much she hadn't been there for him of late. Stiles had no one to turn too except her and Scott and Scott had been with Allison a lot lately.

"Thanks," Erin smiled at him. "I think I need therapy."

Stiles laughed. "Can you imagine how that would go?"

"Hi, my name is Erin my boyfriend and brother are both werewolves, my brother's girlfriend's aunt held me captive and tortured me for information and now I cant stop thinking about becoming a werewolf and fantasising about all the different ways I'd like to kill her."

"They would have you committed before you could say I love you Stiles."

"I love you Stiles." Erin smiled. "And I'm sorry I haven't been here for you a lot lately."

Stiles smiled sweetly at her, a rarity for Stiles. "I understand tortured and all. Come on lets get out of here."

Erin put the key in the lock and turned it, she pulled the door testing it was locked. She threw the keys in to her bag then turned to follow Stiles to the car; she held her cell phone against her ear and shoulder calling Derek. Stiles was 10 foot in front of her crossing the parking lot to his jeep.

"Hey," Erin spoke to Derek. "Am I seeing you tonight? After this morning…"

Stiles heard it first and froze. "What was that?" he asked almost louder than the second growl.

Erin heard the second warning. "Stiles get to the car," she said calmly. Derek was asking her what was going on and what was happening. She couldn't see it but knew it was an animal and what other animal came in to civilisation and stalked people? A werewolf. "Derek we need help," she told the phone.

Stiles was maybe five feet from his car. If his arms had been longer he could have stretched and reached the handle. "Erin what are you going to do?" he asked still frozen to the spot, he was subtly looking left and right searching for the threat.

"I'll be fine, get to the car," she told him, her hand searching her bag for the keys she had just thrown in and the tranquiliser gun. She found the gun first. "On three"

Stiles began. "One"


Erin's name flashed up on the display of Derek's phone. He let it ring three times before he answered "hey" Erin began talking but stopped mid sentence Derek's super hearing had picked up the first growl through the phone. "What's going on? Erin, where is it?" No reply "Erin speak to me what's happening?" He was already running towards his car when she told him she needed his help.

Hearing Erin say those 4 words "Derek, we need help" drove more panic, terror and venomous anger in to his heart than anything ever had.

Together they shouted "Three" and both bolted in separate directions. Stiles unlocked his door, jumped in and slammed the door as the werewolf collided in to the car.

Erin made it to the door, keys and gun in hand, she had dropped her bag and phone. The wolf was trying to get to Stiles. Erin turned to see what was going on, Stiles was face to face with the thing scrapping at his window. Erin pointed the gun and pulled the trigger, the dart fell short by about 3 foot-the gun didn't pack enough punch.

Erin put the key in the lock and opened the door, quickly loaded another dart then shouted. "Hey, over here." She jumped up and down waving her arms. The wolf turned to look at her, red eyes glowing. "Hey, you filthy mutt come get me!"

The wolf charged Erin stood her ground waiting for it to get closer so she could shoot it. "COME ON," she screamed pulling the trigger, but the wolf saw it coming and dodged left, she had no time to load another dart she turned and ran for the door.

She heard Stiles scream her name and the wolf's paws hitting the concrete as it picked up speed again. She heard tires squealing into the parking lot and prayed it was Derek. The stinging feeling that came from paws on her back that knocked her into the door and the teeth piercing her shoulder didn't register.

"Erin," Derek shouted, running towards her as the wolf ran away. "Erin!" Derek skidded to stop and dropped to his knees besides her as she turned over on to her back.

"Stiles? Is Stiles ok?" Erin asked quickly trying to catch her breath; the adrenaline was still coursing through her veins.

"I'm fine," Stiles said suddenly appearing over her. "I'm ok." He sounded relived.

"Erin…" Derek started helping her to her feet, but she faltered and he had to catch her before she fell. "Oh god Erin, I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry, I should have been here." He helped her sit on a chair.

"I'm ok, Derek," Erin assured him. "I'm ok"

"No you're not Erin…" Stiles began.

Derek finished the sentence Stiles couldn't. "You've been bitten."

The End.