2: Appearance and Speculation

"We are Celestial Being…" The broadcast continued.

"As if this isn't enough…" A man with dark brown hair (with a curl) and green eyes groaned. He got out of his room onto the balcony and took out a phone.

"Antonio, you asshole, get over here now. And bring that trailer of yours too! I have a feeling I'll finally get to use it."

"Concentrate the GN particle output to the front of the Suit and you should be good to go." Arthur instructed Gilbert.

Alfred was whining somewhere behind him while Gilbert got ready to launch in a black and red mobile suit. He was complaining about how only Gilbert could go up into space. Arthur then quickly smacked him and told the American that they needed to guard this base.

"But why? It's underground in the middle of an island in the middle of nowhere!"

Arthur pointed upwards and there was a rumbling noise overhead.

"We're sharing this island with Gundams."


"Switch GN particle output to normal levels."

Sestuna F. Seiei had just launched in Gundam Exia. He was to intervene in the conflict in the Ceylon Islands, formerly Sri Lanka, along with the other Meisters. It was and ethnic conflict, just like the one in-

"Hey Setsuna, you okay there?" Lockon Stratos, pilot of Gundam Dynames, radioed in.

"I'm fine." He deadpanned.

After that, something came up on both of their radars, but quickly vanished. Both pilots wondered what it was. After all, the machine had to be extremely fast if it were to be picked up and then vanish like that.

"So this is the Ceylon conflict…" The man from before said. He was in a mobile suit now. Said Suit was white and red.

The conflict before him had been going on for a long time. Anfs and Tierans fired rounds at each other. Tierans outfitted with bazookas shot at unsuspecting Anfs, causing chain explosions.

The two sides, the Sinhalese and Tamil, have been fighting for over two centuries. Once the HRL stepped in and "helped" the Tamil, the conflict worsened. The only reason the HRL stepped in was to get the area of land needed for their orbital elevator. Said land was in Tamil hands.

The man in the cockpit sighed. "This world… I still regret it."

Lockon had just finished re-briefing the Gundam Meisters on their mission. Both Tieria and Allelujah had given their response. Setsuna, however, was staring at the screen that had footage from the battles being waged on the island.

'This ethnic conflict… it's just like the one in…'


A young boy ran through decrepit buildings, holding down the fear of not being seen. An Anf spotted him and turned around to fire its turret. The boy quickly rolled to dodge the rounds. He stood up again and fired his rifle, hoping to get a critical shot. That didn't happen, sadly. Once the boy noticed he ran again.

Another Anf spotted him and he fired again, bit his rifle was out of ammo. His eyes widened in fear.

"There is no God in this world…" He said to himself.

Then a beam came and shot down the Anf and its surrounding comrades. When the boy looked up, he was inspired. A humanoid mobile suit was floating in the air with wing-like particles floating around it.

This boywas Soran Ibrahim.

"Setsuna! Hey, Setsuna!" Lockon called at him through the radio.

All the Irishman heard in response was the muttering of "ethnic conflict" before the Exia took off on its own. Tieria said something about how that was unbecoming of a Meister. He sighed.

"Come on guys, we'd better catch up."


The Kyrios flew past the HRL's base camp. The box on the tail end of its jet form opened and the missiles stored inside it were let loose. Down below, the HRL camp and everything in it were being burned to the ground. Allelujah looked down on the wreckage before sighing.

"If this is my job, so be it, Hallelujah."

The Kyrios then received "heavy" enemy fire. It transformed into its Gundam mode to the shock of the ground troops and fired back. After that, Allelujah switched Kyrios back into jet mode and radioed his progress.


Tieria was in Virtue, charging the GN bazooka. Electric sparks traveled across the barrel while the condensed GN particles were slowly forming. His target was a cargo ship that carried Sinhalese reinforcements.

The forces that were topside on the ship tried to stop Virtue, but the outdated Anfs were disintegrated by the massive particle beam that the Virtue just released.

"This is Tieria here. I'm done on my part."


Setsuna started slashing Tierans down with his GN swords. Many came at him from all sides, but he did a rush that left all of his opposition broken in two.

Lockon was sniping down targets, acting almost like Setsuna's bodyguard. He also shot down any aerial enemies with precise fire. When no more mobile suits came at him, he noticed that there were two Anfs approaching Exia.

"Those idiots! Do they want to be-"

A particle beam ran through both of the Anf's heads and then another tore through their leg joints. Both collapsed and exploded after that.

"Lockon, was that you?" Setsuna asked.

The Irishman shook his head. He looked in the direction where the shots came from, and someone was blinking Morse code.


After he deciphered it, something flew out of the woods in that direction and it was emitting green particles.

Setsuna was off on his own now. While traveling back to their island base, a Union ship flew above him.

"Union ships? In the HRL's territory?"

After he said that, a Flag was deployed from said ship. A transmission came in from the Flag.

"Gundam! It's time you and I face off!"

The Flag collided with Exia. The Exia pulled out its beam sabers and countered while attempting to block the Flag's hits with its GN sword. The Flag responded by taking out its vibration knife, attempting to scratch a part of the Gundam. The Exia quickly cut the hand off and attempted to shoot the Flag down.

"Why do you fight?" The blue Gundam Meister demanded between blows.

"It is because of love!" The Flag's pilot answered while dodging shots.

Setsuna was shocked. "Love?"

"Yes." The Flag fighter answered. "Love that has quickly turned into hatred!Now fight, Gundam!"

The Flag charged at Setsuna with full speed, before almost getting cut in two. It was called back shortly after.

"That was a good match Gundam! I look forward to more."

Saji Crossroad was just about ready to leave to meet with his (not) girlfriend, Louise Halevy. He really didn't know why she insisted that he was her boyfriend. On top of that, she was an exchange student, so she'd leave eventually. A knock was heard from the door, pulling him out of his thoughts.

'That's weird. Big Sis is at work.'

"Come in!" Saji called.

He quickly put on a pair of shoes and went to greet whoever was there. At the door was a man possibly around his 20s. He looked Caucasian and had tan skin, green eyes, and brown hair.

"Hola! I'm Antonio Carriedo; I'll be living next to you for now. Just thought I'd greet any neigherbors, you know?" Antonio offered his hand with a big smile.

It seemed contagious because Saji smiled was well. "Nice to meet you, Mr. Carriedo. I'm Saji Crossroad. I was getting ready to leave, so maybe we can chat later?"

"Si! I understand. Go on!"

Saji thanked him before dashing off to meet Louise somewhere in the city. Once Saji was out of earshot, Antonio pulled out a phone and dialed a number.

"Hey Roma? … Yeah. I have a spot next to the Meister. … Where? Japan. … No. I didn't pick it for- " He held the phone at arm's length. "We don't even know if Little Ita and the others have moved since these factions were formed, remember?"

"Another mobile suit emitting green particles?" Allelujah asked.

The four Meisters were on their island base. Lockon had just told the other two about what had happened with Setsuna and him.

After hearing Allelujah say 'another,' Lockon asked what had happened to him. Allelujah told him about how he saw two mobile suits up in space and how both were emitting green particles.

"Odd. We should be the only ones with any kind of mobile suit that emits green, much less, GN particles." Lockon said.

"Nonsense." Tieria interrupted. "If Veda has nothing on it, then it is a fraud. A cheap trick by some PMC or other organization." He insisted.

All this, and Setsuna was thinking about that Flag and its pilot.

Alejandro Corner was looking out the window of his high rise.

"Master Alejandro, someone wished to see you." A man with green hair and purple eyes told him.

"Let him in."

"As you wish."

Alejandro went to meet with his guest. It was only the proper thing to do. Said guest was a plump, tall man with pale blond hair and purple eyes.

"Alejandro Corner. How may I help?" He offered his hand.

The tall man returned the gesture.

"Ivan Braginski. Ah… I believe I'll be helping you, Mr. Corner."


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