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I pushed my hair back and smiled to myself. I was on a train on my way to Paris. I was going to visit the museum Louvre, or at least that was one of the things I was going to do the minute I was in France. Funny though, I was reading The Da Vinci Code and yeah it was about the Louvre and Leonardo Da Vinci. I love his works so much, so I was pretty excited.

We were only with eight persons in the train cabin. There was a family of four, a very young couple who looked very in love and then there was a man in the back who was dressed fully in black. He kept his eyes on his laptop as he was busy typing something. By the look of him you could tell he was very rich. I bet his suit was Armani, not that I know a lot about clothes but still.

The ticket-collector came and asked for my ticket but I was too distracted by the beautiful man that entered our cabin and took a seat behind the man in the Armani suit. He was so beautiful with his green eyes, the perfect jaw and his hair was bronze, I think. He was perfect! He looked at me and smiled. I smiled back and then averted my gaze to the annoyed ticket-collector "Votre ticket madame?" I gave it to him and then got back to checking the hot man out.

By the looks of it he was English. He was wearing a suit that I have only seen English-men wear. I, for one, love English-men. Not only are they handsome but they are also real gentlemen. But there was something else about him, he looked so mysterious and he looked like he had a problem with the Armani suit guy, he kept looking at him with a frown.

The Armani suit guy didn't even notice him, he was still busy typing on his laptop. The handsome English man took his phone and called someone. His name is Edward Cullen, that's what I heard him saying and that's when the Armani suit guy noticed him. He suddenly got all nervous. "Bonjour monsieur Facinelli, je peux voir votre I.D." Edward asked the Armani suit guy in French.

And from his accent I could hear that he was definitely English, but him speaking French? Let me tell you, it definitely did things to me!

Mister Facinelli was very nervous but still gave his I.D. to Edward who looked at it and then smirked "I'm Edward Cullen, Federal agent and you mister Facinelli are coming with me"

"Mais no! Je fait rien!" he yelled and was looking at the two doors, probably trying to think of a way to escape. By now everyone in the train was disturbed by him, except for the young couple. They were gazing into each other's eyes as if there were no one but them. The little children in the back, the ones of the family of four, were scared and holding on to their mother and father for dear life as they were soothing them.

"Don't act like you don't understand me Peter, I know you speak English. Not that it matters because you're coming with me. Now get up" Edward said as he held him by his arm. "Oh dear Cullen you just wait and see what will happen to you. I have my men all over the world" he spoke in English with a weird accent. "Great, more people to catch" he replied and took his laptop and then walked out with me.

He handed him over to another guy and just before I could get disappointed of not being able to have a chat with him, he walked back to me. He gave me a little note, winked at me and then walked away. I was so nervous that I didn't know what to do or what to say. Not that it mattered because he was already gone, but I felt his touch when he handed me the note. I felt like I was on fire.

I dropped everything that I was holding except for the note and then excitedly opened it.

"Meet me in the Louvre tomorrow at 1 pm. Edward Cullen"

I wanted to let out a very happy scream but decided not to do it before people could declare me crazy, but damn I had a date and not just with any person. This man was so….mysterious and hot, yes let's not forget the hot. I was so nervous but all too excited to meet him. France was working for me, already…

The next day I walked in the Louvre at 12.54 with very mixed feelings. What if it was a joke? What if he didn't mean it or what if he couldn't come? What if he had changed his mind. What if… I stopped myself there because I could go on for ages.

There was something about him that I couldn't describe, I wanted to get to know him and yes maybe last night I did have some naughty dreams about him. But what if it was all in vain?

"Okay stop right there Bella, enough is enough" I said to myself and looked around. Couples, families, students they all came in and walked straight to the first floor, all eager to see the beautiful art of France.

I sighed to myself and looked at my watch, it was already 1 pm and no Edward Cullen in sight. Maybe he had forgotten it after all. I waited for a good five minutes and watched all my dreams disappear in front of me. He wasn't going to come.

Suddenly I wasn't in the mood to visit Louvre anymore, I turned around and was ready to leave when someone bumped in to me. "Excuse-moi" a woman with blond hair and green eyes said. She looked past me and after giving me an apologizing smile she ran to a guy and hugged him fiercely. They looked at each other for a second and then started kissing passionately.

I hated France.

I groaned and started to walk away but made sure not to bump into anyone. "Hey, wait!" a voice yelled, and not just a voice, his voice. I turned around and saw Edward. He ran to me with a big smile on his face which put a smile on my face.

"Bonjour ma belle" he said and took my hand to place a kiss on it. Sigh. I loved France.

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