Her name held an important space in his heart. Her beautiful smile never fails to keep him breathless each time.

Taichi let out a rough sigh. He already knows his best friend would never look at him the same way he does with her but he can't help thinking about her everytime.

He looked out into the city from the window of the train and pictured her smiling face. He closed his eyes and tried to bring back her harmonious voice and her soothing laugh in his head. It always calmed him down and gave him that strangely good feeling inside.

When he opened his eyes, he looked around the deserted, solitary carriage.

Chihaya…He thought… I need you.

He wanted to see her now and he wasn't going to be patient about it. He decided that he'll stop in the next station and run to her house. He wanted to let Chihaya know everything about his feelings. She had a strong grip of Taichi's heart in her hand which made it hard for him to easily brush it off and forget about his love for her and he didn't wanna live another day keeping his feelings for her any longer.

Afraid of being rejected and afraid that he might lose her, he had always locked his true feelings for her ever since childhood.

When he got off from the train, he held his schoolbag tightly and ran as fast as he could, heading towards the exit and into the familiar street of Chihaya's neighbourhood.

The wind brushed his brown messy hair. The coolness of the breeze stroked his face as he hurriedly ran to his sweet destination.

He was so excited and nervous, he couldn't wait any longer. He must see her. He must tell her everything.

He saw the Ayase's residence and his heart beated faster. He didn't know if it was from the running or if it was the excitement building up inside him. He ran to the front of Chihaya's house, ready for the next best thing.

Beep, beep. His phone notified a text. He grabbed his cellphone from his pocket and read the text.

His running came to a stop.

It was from his girlfriend. All of a sudden, all the excitement built inside him came crashing down. He then felt guilt, confusion and nervousness, in a bad way.

The text read: "Taichi-kun, I'll be waiting outside the station tomorrow. Please don't forget."

He had forgotten all about his girlfriend. He was so oblivious to everything but Chihaya and the love for her inside him.

What was I thinking? Chihaya wouldn't possibly hear me out.

She'll think it's a joke. It's me…she definitely won't take it seriously.

He gripped the phone tightly in his hand. The screen on his phone appeared blurry to him as the coward side of him slowly took over. All the excitement and life in his eyes disappeared on just a single second.

"Taichi?" a familiar, serene voice broke his thoughts. It had a lovely ring to his ear which was enough to quicken his heartbeat again.

He turned around slowly to meet her mesmerising brown eyes.

The sun setting behind her almost blinded him. He could only see the shadow of a tall girl with her hair being swayed by the wind gently. He shielded his eyes with his hand from the harsh sunset and was able to see the smiling face of the girl he admired ever since they were little.

"Chihaya…" he finally found the words. The word that was more important than any other words.

"I- I…Um..." He stammered as she walked towards him grabbing his hand away from his face.

"Did you come to practise karuta with me?" she asked, blocking the setting sun from his face as she drew her face closer to his with that mischievious smile of hers.

He suddenly remembered the time at her birthday party the karuta club surprised her in the middle of the night. The closeness of their faces, their lips just inches away from each other as he ate the cake from Chihaya's spoon.

He felt embarrassed as the memory vividly created an image in his head.

"Chi-chihaya, um…I just wanted to uh—"he struggled for the words. Where did the words go when he absolutely needed to say something? He didn't want to look deep into her eyes and be sucked in her beauty.

"Wanted to what? Do you need something?" she let go of his hand and backed away from him, looking at him with her arms across her chest, she continued "If you don't need anything, move away from my way so I can go into my own house."

He stood there frozen, unable to move and say a decent word other than her name. He looked at the ground while she looked at him and suddenly noticed something odd about him.

"Taichi, are you ok?" she asked, hitting him with her schoolbag, "Don't be so weird!"

After what seemed like eternity, he finally broke the long pause.

"Chihaya, I need to tell you something…" he started, he moved his gaze to her worried face and gulped, hoping for the best.

Here it goes, he thought to himself.

"I'm in love with you…Chihaya..."

Kay guys, I live in UK so some of the words may be spelled differently than the US :)