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This is purely a 8059 fic, even though I have hints of 1827, I'll try not to let my yaoi senses take over too much and concentrate, yeah?

Summary? Reborn has a new bullet for Tsuna but Yamamoto accidentally takes it for him! How will Yamamoto's and Gokudera's love life turn out after they return from their respective missions? Will it crumble or will they become stronger?

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"Tsuna, why haven't you and Hibari done anything this week? What happened to your sexual desires?" Reborn asked with a straight face as he sat down on the couch in Tsuna's office.

"Eh? Eeeh? Wh-Why are you asking me that?... We... We're kind of busy with the missions and all..." the Decimo explained, an unhappy look in his eyes.

Reborn looked at his pathetic student and shook his head. "Well, nothing that this new bullet can't solve." he smirked, raising his gun and aiming at Tsuna's head.

Tsuna paled. Oh no, what is Reborn up to now? He quickly got up and ran towards the door but suddenly, it opened and in came his Rain guardian.
"Hey Tsuna! I'm back! Is Gokudera h-"


Yamamoto's eyes widened a little as a sharp pain coursed through his body. He felt light-headed and collapsed on the ground, his surroundings blurring and the only thing he saw was Tsuna calling out his name.

"Gokudera..." he mumbled before passing out.

"Y-Yamamoto! Yamamoto! Reborn! What did you do to him!" Tsuna shouted angrily as his tutor. Sometimes that baby would just go too far!

Reborn smirked. "Hm, this could be a blessing in disguise actually. That bullet was actually meant for you to get onto Hibari but now that Yamamoto got hit... Maybe it'll do some good to him and Gokudera. Oh well, just leave him on the couch and we'll see what happens."

"What?... Are you sure..."

"Dame-Tsuna, I don't want to repeat myself." Reborn said, walking out of the room. Tsuna sighed and moved Yamamoto to the couch and left the room as well. "Sorry Yamamoto!" Tsuna apologised softly, closing the door.


Day 1 - 6.00 p.m

"Juudaime! I'm back from my mission!" shouted Gokudera as he burst through the front doors of the Vongola mansion.

"W-Welcome back!..." Tsuna greeted, his sweat dropping at the loud entrance.
"Erm... Where's that... That... Stupid baseball nut?..." he asked, bringing his voice down to a whisper as he looked around the corridor.


"He's back and he'll meet you soon." Reborn interrupted. As soon as he said that, a pair of toned arms wrapped round Gokudera's waist.

"Welcome back... Hayato... I've missed you so much..." Yamamoto whispered into his ear, his breath tickling the Storm guardian who blushed a hundred shades of red.

"Wh-What the hell are you doing, stupid baseball freak?" Gokudera yelled as he pulled away from Yamamoto.

Tsuna's jaw dropped. THAT'S the effect of the bullet?

Reading his mind, Reborn replied, "That bullets increases the sexual tensions you have and makes you feel more aroused."

"I-I can't imagine myself doing that to H-Hibari... How long will it last?"

"Hm, maybe a week or more." Reborn shrugged.

"WHAT? I have to put up with his stupid nonsense for a week?" Gokudera retorted, pushing away his lover-with-a-new-personality who kept trying to kiss him.

"Shouldn't you be happy then? You guys haven't seen each other for a month now."

"B-But he's so different now!"

"Deal with it." Reborn turned and left for the dining room. "Hurry up, it's dinner time."

Gokudera groaned and shoved Yamamoto aside, running as fast as he could to the dining room with Yamamoto hot on his heels. Tsuna sighed as his hyper intuition kept ringing in his head. This is going to be so troublesome...


"Itadakimasu!" the guardians said in unison as they tucked into their food.

"Gokudera~ say ahhhh~" Yamamoto cooed, holding a spoonful of rice in front of Gokudera.

"I can feed myself just fine!" Gokudera grumbled, lightly pushing away the spoon.

"Aww come one~ Just one... Please?..." Yamamoto said, looking at Gokudera with his puppy dog eyes.

The Storm guardian blushed a little at Yamamoto's cute face and couldn't resist it. "F-Fine, just one!"

"Aww octopus-head is getting fed! How romantic! Bwahahaha!" Lambo snickered, earning a cold glare from across the table.

"No signs of such affection should be shown at the dinner table. If you're going to do it, do it in your room, herbivores. Or else I'll bite you to death." Hibari growled, getting up to leave. He gave a quick glare at Tsuna before leaving and Tsuna quickly followed behind.

"Tch, yea yea... Enough of the feeding, you idiot!" Gokudera pushed him away again and ignored him for the rest of the dinner time. Is he going to be like this all the time?...

For the rest of the day, Gokudera went around feeling pissed and harassed by a certain Rain guardian. Seriously, getting fed, getting whispers of sweet nothings during meetings, getting his ass groped at random times of the day was not something our dear short-tempered bomber enjoyed. Maybe he did enjoy a teensy weensy itty bitty part of the whispers of sweet nothings part but it wasn't appropriate at that time. Where's the privacy in all this?

9.55 p.m

The meeting had just ended and Gokudera dashed out of the meeting room to avoid his lover.

Yes, a bath! The bathroom! Somewhere I can have some peace and quiet! He locked his room door behind him and got his things ready. Entering the spacious white bathroom, he closed and locked the door and heaved a sigh of relief. Free from that idiot at last. He pulled off his tie and threw it behind him. Next was his dress shirt which he unbuttoned quickly and then his pants and boxers. The draft tingled his completely exposed skin and as he was about to step into the tub filled with warm water, a pair of hands wrapped round his waist and he felt a weight on his shoulder.

"WHAT THE FUCK? I-I locked the door! H-H-How did you get in you idiot?" he shouted, trying to get away.

"You look so vulnerable like this, Hayato." Yamamoto whispered, slowly licking Gokudera's nape. That action sent shivers down his spine and his face turned crimson red. Yamamoto turned Gokudera to face the mirror where they could see their reflection. "I love everything about you, Hayato..." Yamamoto said softly, a hand caressing his smooth pale chest and travelling down to his hips. "You're mine..." he growled, nipping Gokudera's earlobe.

At this point, Gokudera was already blushing furiously and looking at the reflection made him even more aroused. It did not help that he could see his member slightly erect. A bump from behind started to grind against him and he almost let out a moan.

"Your body is mine..." he growled again. Wait... No! That idiot would never say that so upfront! This is not… This isn't Yamamoto! As Yamamoto's hand was about to stroke the member, Gokudera kicked his shin, causing Yamamoto to release his grip.

"G-Get out! NOW!" he shouted, pushing him out of the door roughly and slamming it shut. He ran his fingers through his sweaty hair and went into the bath. Damn that idiot... Is he really the same person as before?...

Day 2 - 7.30 a.m

The morning sunlight peeked through the curtains, shining onto Gokudera's face. The silver-haired man groaned and rubbed his eyes. Ah, morning already. This is going to be a great day… Turning to face the other side, he felt something warm next to him. He cracked open his eyes and the blurry figure soon became clear.
"Good morning, Hayato! Did you sleep well?"

Maybe not.


More silence.

Gokudera's eyes widened as he saw a certain swordsman in front of him.

"GAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" he burst out, his voice resonating throughout the Vongola mansion.

"Maa, you don't have to be so surprised, you know." Yamamoto smiled like nobody's business, oblivious to his lover's shout which nearly equaled to Squalo's. Boy, would he be proud of Gokudera. "I'll make you scream like that in bed if you want~"

"GEEEEET OUUUUUUT!" Gokudera shouted, kicking Yamamoto off the bed, his silver bangs covering the pinkish tint on his face.

"G-Gokudera! What happened?-" Tsuna burst through the door, expecting some sort of enemy but instead, he saw Yamamoto in an uncomfortable position on the floor and Gokudera's leg was in midair.

"Ju-Judaime! I'm fine!This... That idiot there!" he pointed at Yamamoto, "I'm being harassed by him!"

Tsuna sighed and was about to head towards them when a small foot crashed into the back of his head.

"Ciaossu. Having fun?"

"Reborn!..." Tsuna whined.

"Reborn! Don't you have anything to change him back to normal? He's a fucking pervert now!" Gokudera growled, swatting a hand away which was trying to touch his face.

Reborn smiled innocently (or smirked evily) at him and turned to leave. "You should be happy that you have all his attention now. Wasn't that what you wanted?"

"B-But!..." Gokudera sighed in defeat and got up.

"Hayato~ Where are you going? Let's go to my room and have vigorous-"

Gokudera clamped a hand over Yamamoto's mouth shouting, "SHUT UP!"

Releasing to let him breathe, Gokudera quickly dashed out of the room.
"Ah, he escaped..." Yamamoto said, pouting like a child.

Tsuna chuckled at the child-like adult. Maybe Reborn was right, this could be a good opportunity for them... "Hey Yamamoto, you should check the gardens!" Sorry Gokudera...

The Rain guardian's eyes brightened up. "Really? Okay, thanks, Tsuna!" he got off the bed and ran out.

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