Last moments after the bite before you turn into a zombie.

I ran away as fast as I could. I actually made it but still felt sorry for those who didn't. I was so close to death but I rather not thing about it. The only question now is where now. Where is everyone? I had to find someone, anyone. There were supposed to be more people like me who managed to survive. At least that's what I thought. After I cot my breath and decided to continue I felt a horrible pain in my leg. I yelled and looked down. A bleeding wound right under my knee was looking at me. Then the real horror started. I needed some time to realize what happened. I didn't run from the death. I wasn't a survivor. Right now I was a dead body. Or just on a way to become one. I was bitten. Bitten from the son of a bitch.

"No. NO!" I screamed my heart out. Panic overwhelmed me. I knew what that meant. I was on a way to become one of them. I didn't have a gun next to me. Even if I would have one I wouldn't have the guts to shoot myself. I looked around. There was no one, not even the living dead. I was going crazy but I wasn't sure or it was because of the venom or because of the idea I was about to die. There was nothing I could do but to simply wait. These were the loneliest moments of my life. The venom started to work, I could feel it. My body started to shake like I was cold but actually I was hot. I started to sweat then I started to freeze. My eyes weren't working right. For a moment I was able to see, for the next everything was blurry. My brains were about t explode. Then the pain came. I screamed like never before. I could feel my heart was beating fast but the slower in the next moment. The sickness arrived. I started vomiting blood. The pain was like it was throwing up my own guts. My mind went blank. The voice I use to know was turning into growling. The last I remember were the last three heartbeats.

Everything was dark afterwards.