A/N: Yay for OtakikuxTrollapan! I swear, this pairing is so damn cute! So I wanted to write a one-shot fic before I leave for my holiday (I'm going on a crusie. YAY) and asked for a pairing and not-so-surprisingly, VentusBDaPlayer immediately shouted out this pairing. Oh you. XD;; Anyway enjoy this super pink and fluffy fic OvO~

"Beautiful day isn't it, Troll-chan~?" Otakiku smiled at Trollapan while stirring his hot cappuccino, filled to the brim with white, frothy whipped cream.

"Trololol'ing great!" Trollapan replied with that ever-huge grin of his while sipping on his caramel-loaded frappucino.

The duo was relaxing in the 'private' café of theirs, and of course it was designed by Otakiku, which ended up with nearly everything being pink. But Trollapan being Trollapan, didn't mind it one bit. After all, his dear Otakiku was the one who designed it!

The café exterior was painted a sweet and gentle baby pink, while the air-conditioned interior was decorated with numerous flower murals on the walls. A brightly lit intricately carved chandelier was hanging from the ceiling, with sparkles painted on. Since this café was in the Game Realm with no one to work in the café, there was an automated machine built in with the help of Error to help serve whatever the Kikus wanted. But of course, Otakiku and Trollapan, other than Black Kiku occasionally dropping in just to takeaway a cup of his daily espresso, mostly used the café, since no one else could really stand the pinkness of the room.

Trollapan popped a piece of Sachertorte into his mouth. The sweet chocolate-filled Austrian dessert, he enjoyed it much. Drinking more of his frappucino, he grinned at Otakiku, who was staring at him dreamily.

"Troll-chan~ you have some chocolate on your mouth~" giggled Otakiku as he continued stirring his cappuccino, with the whipped cream slowly dissolving into the hot beverage.

Blushing, as Trollapan was about to wipe off the excess chocolate around his mouth, Otakiku quickly leaned over the table, and licked off the chocolate from his sugarcoated lips, leaving Trollapan quite stunned. Grinning, he then went in for a kiss. It was short and sweet, and hearts and sparkles could be seen emitted from them.

"Troll-chan's lips are so sweet~!" Otakiku jumped back into his own seat, finally drinking his cappuccino.

Pouting, Trollapan pushed back his chair and stood up. Otakiku was shocked for a moment, thinking that he would leave because of that slight tease. But instead, he walked over to Otakiku, pulled him up by his collar and planted a kiss on his lips, finishing off with a lick. They stared into each other's eyes for a while, both of their eyes twinkling from joy and love.

"Otaku-san's lips are sweet too! You overloaded on the sugar again didn't you~!" Trollapan teased Otakiku.

In an attempt to give Trollapan another surprise kiss, he stood up but due to imbalance, he fell over Trollapan, leaving Otakiku sprawled over him. Trollapan blushed heavily and gave the 'Super Uke' face from being pushed down by Otakiku.

"So cute~" whispered Otakiku and he planted a kiss on Trollapan's forehead, smiling sweetly at him as he rolled off Trollapan to lie down beside him.

The couple facing the cutely painted ceiling with hearts and roses spent the rest of their day lying on the café floor, just chatting with each other and rolling about together.