You all had some ideas about the baby's name...but I had to go with annaharding. She NAILED it...

Six months later

Alec babbled in the stroller as they pushed it through the crowds.

He was bundled up tight against the cold Christmas Eve air.

Flurries floated down and covered Bella's hair in a veil of white and Edward smiled as he fingered the little velvet box he had in his pocket.

She would be his soon enough.

There was still a hole in his chest and life for his Sam, but he was grateful that he was living on in Alec.

Alec Samuel...

His first name meant 'defender of mankind', which was what his father had so bravely been.

And his middle name...

Well without Sam he would have never met Isabella or have had a chance to be a father once more.

The walked past the tree all done up in lights and the store fronts decorated with garland and flowers.

They were almost back to the car when they heard it.

"You!" Edward turned his head as he moved in front of Isabella and Alec.

Jacob Black stood with his feet spread wide and his finger pointing at them.

"Ignore him." Isabella whispered as she grabbed his arm and tried to pull him away.

"Stop right there. You don't get to just walk away from me." He snarled and Edward shrugged out of Isabella's hold and slowly walked over to where Jacob stood making a scene in the middle of the sidewalk.

"I really don't think you want to do this here." Edward growled under his breath.

He had heard that they asked Jacob to step down from the force after he tried to destroy the evidence they had on his father.

He didn't want it to be true.

Or maybe he knew first hand just how true it was.

"Your son wanted it. He begged for it." Jacob spat and Edward didn't hesitate.

He may have failed his son once, but there was no way he was going to let Sam's honor be sullied now.

He cocked his arm back and watched as his fist made contact with Jacob's jaw.

His head rocked back and he went down like a sack of potatoes.

Isabella squealed as she ran to his side and he looked down at her as she cradled his hand to her chest.

Alec looked up at him and giggled.

And he realized that this was it…

This was what he had been waiting for all these months.

A sign.

So Edward pulled his hand from her grasp and fell to his knees, unable to wait another minute.

"Will you marry me?" He asked as he pulled the box from his pocket and cracked it open.

Her hands went to her mouth as her eyes went wide and she nodded frantically.

He pulled her into his arms and held her as she cried happy tears.

And with visions of a happy life together dancing through his head he looked over at his grandson.

His son's son…

And tried to remember that every day with him was a gift.

And he would never waste it.

So...that is the end. I would imagine that they went on to have children of their own...a pair of little girls. And Alec would be an amazing big brother. Isabella would work from home so she could raise the kids and Edward would work less so he could be with his family as much as he could. Sam and Isabella's family would always be pictures around the house and of course in Alec.

And they lived happily ever after.

Thanks for trusting enough to go on this ride with me. I promise I will try not to watch any more E True Stories and allow my brain to come up with this shit.

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