This was originally written as a one shot but I may write more if I get a positive response.

The Doctor's dropped me and Rory off in Leadworth. He says we need a break. I can't help but let out a little chuckle every time I think of that. A break from doing the most exciting thing ever? That man is definitely an alien. Rory agrees with him though. Keeps on telling me that it's for the best. Tries again and again to convince me it's not a break from travels in time and space, it's a break from the constant danger.
I suppose he has a point. After all, I was a Ganger for about a year. Well, not me. I was cooped up in a blindingly white birthing chamber. I shudder at the memory of Madame Kovarian. That was one hell of a creepy lady. My thoughts are cut off by the sound of Melody crying, and that familiar dread fills me again. Whenever I think of Kovarian, Melody starts crying. The bond between mother and child… but stronger. She knows what I'm thinking. More proof that she's not fully human.
"I'll go," a tired Rory offers, getting up from our bed and walking over to Melody's cot. We've both agreed that we won't be separated from her, even by a thin wall. She could still be in danger. I sigh as I watch Rory with my… our… child. The way he is with her… he still doesn't know that she's not his. I frown slightly. If I tell him whose child Melody really is, he'll overreact, then the Doctor won't let us back on the TARDIS. He'd demand we stay in Leadworth and build a life together. The girl who waited with her Roman husband and their miracle child. I wouldn't be ok with that. How could I ever be ok with that? There'd be one person missing. My Raggedy best friend. I can't imagine life without him. So I'll go on pretending, telling Rory what he wants to hear. Besides, Rory is Melody's father. He's my husband and he is her father.
Once Rory's calmed Melody down, he glances over at me and smiles softly, moving to sit next to me. I lean into him as he wraps an arm around my shoulder.
"It'll be ok, Amy. She'll be safe. We know she will," he tells me, trying to be reassuring. And it works… to a degree. Of course we know she'll be fine, but danger could still find her. Time can be rewritten. I put on a fake smile and give him a small nod.
"I know," I tell him.
"Come on, let's get back to sleep," he says softly. Something in his tone tells me he knows I'm still nervous. Despite this, we both lay back down and he holds me as I fight my tears and try to sleep.