This is based on an old RP of mine on twitter. Hard Candy doesn't seem to be in this site's list of movies. This is a Hard Candy/Doctor Who crossover!

The Diary of Hayley Stark

It's been two years. Two years to the day since I killed him. Well, since he killed himself. Since I made him kill himself. It still eats away at me. Soon after I did it, I met a man. A wonderful man that allowed me to travel with him regardless of my past crimes. His name is the Doctor. He's married to a woman named Rose Tyler and they have two Children, Noah and Donna. Rose is pregnant with her third kid. It's a boy and he'll be called Jake. I try so hard to be a good influence around the kids. It's hard though. Sometimes, after we've just narrowly escaped some sort of evil, I feel violent. All those monsters out there and I have to be the good kid. The Doctor says there are better ways than violence. I believe him, I really do, but it's still so hard! Noah and Donna look up to me. They don't yet know of my dark past. I hope they will never find out, but the Doctor is likely to tell them. I suppose they have a right to know. I just hope they don't hate me after they find out. The Doctor doesn't even know the true reason I wanna travel with him. It's not to see the wonders of the universe. It's to run away from my past. One day I will have to face up to my crimes. I just hope that day doesn't come anytime soon.