Chapter 7

Solomonssavior actually wrote this chapter for me because I was having trouble with the ending.


They sped down the highway with the lights blaring and the siren screeching horribly. Warning that someone was in jeopardy. He sat beside a man in his late thirties who looked indescribably young and old at the same time. He had a deep five o'clock shadow oddly matched with young, alert eyes set in heavy, stressed wrinkles.

Shuichi spent the entire ambulance ride shifting nervously, his eye puffy and red and swollen.

The ambulance driver looked ahead, "Ya know, kid, I don't know who he is to you, but you can't just fall apart. I know it's hard, but he needs you."

He sniffled. "My name's Shuichi. I'm not a kid. He's Yuki. He's my Yuki. I'll never let him go." He told the man through his tears. He was truly frightened that he may have to learn to let go, but of course, he'd never give up.

The man was taken aback by Shuichi's resolve to never let "his" Yuki go. Things like that never work out well... when the time comes. For these young men, the time was coming fast. For them, time was practically evaporating with every passing minute. "You shouldn't worry about things like that."

Shuichi couldn't speak for a few minutes and when he did his breath came out in a sobbing gasp. "What do I do? How–? How can I help him? Please. Tell me." He begged.

The man sighed and looked forward. "Smile. As much as you can. Just keep him talking and keep smiling. We're here now. You wont be able to go with him when the doctors rush him, but outside you'll be beside him. There's tissues on the dash. He'll need you now."

Yuki needed him? How ironic when Shuichi just wanted to cling to Yuki and be comforted. Held. Loved. Anything. He opened his door and bolted faster than the driving E.M.T. around the ambulance and waiting for the door to swing open resolving himself to see Yuki again. He plastered a strained smile onto his face.

Nothing could prepare him to see Yuki being wheeled out of the ambulance, blood still spattered on his torn shirt and the corners of his mouth, and practically translucent in his pallor.

"Yuki," Shuichi called his name like a plea, and watched in horror as Yuki struggled stubbornly to grab his hand, "Yuki. Yuki. I love you, Yuki. Can you hear me, Yuki?"

Yuki's barely audible reply caused blood to slip down his cheek as he turned toward him. He smiled back weakly. "Hear you, Shu-ichi. I–'m sorry. Scared you. So sorry, baby." His speech was slurred as he stuttered out a reply. He heard a nurse as they rushed into the hospital, telling people to prepare a cat-scan.

Shuichi smiled as he sucked in a high pitched breath. "Oh, you did scare me, but that's okay. You're going to be okay now Yuki. They'll help you. Everyone will be here soon, to see you. We love you, Yuki. I love you. " The nurse interrupted him.

"Sir, you can't go past this checkpoint. The E.M.T. will escort you back." She told him as she left with Yuki."


He was in the waiting room with Tatsuha, Mr. Uesugi, Tohma, Mika and Hiro when the nurse finally came in, looking apologetic and sad.

Mr. Uesugi regarded her harshly. "Where's my son?"

She rubbed her hands together and looked him in the eye. "You're son is in an ICU room, waiting for you. Where's Mr. Shindou."

Shuichi perked up, "I'm here. Is Yuki okay?"

"You're his primary beneficiary. You're his emergency contact."

Shuichi began to cry. "Why are you telling me this?"

She touched his shoulder lightly as a doctor Shuichi hadn't even noticed stepped forward with a chart. "I'm sorry. There's no easy way to tell you this. In his medical records, he's requested that you and his family see him, to say goodbye in this event."

"Event?" Tohma questioned. "What do you mean?"

"Yuki realized this may happen. The cancer has spread to his liver. His organs are all failing and he's declining rapidly. In this situation, he asked to be taken off any type of medical support. According to his CAT scan though, his parietal lobe in his brain is almost completely destroyed. He's barely capable of speech or writing because of the damage, but we can't remove him from life support without his direct consent or consent from his power of attorney. That's why-"

Shuichi shook uncontrollably as he fell to his knees. "I WILL NEVER give you permission to KILL Yuki!" He screamed. "No! No, no, no..."

Hiro pulled Shuichi up. "Dude, listen to me."

His eyes wandered from the floor as his hysteria subsided. "Hiro?"

"Listen to me. You need to go see Yuki. Shuichi, listen, and go tell him goodbye. He's hurting and waiting for you! You should... You haveto let him die."

Shuichi cried and clung to Hiro for a few minutes. Hiro, ever protective, hugged his friend and petted his hair. "I don't have enough time, Hiro." Shuichi moaned as he buried his face into Hiro's shoulder. "I don't want to let go."

Hiro's voice shook. "I know. I know, Shuichi. You have to do this for him now, though. He's... not strong right now. He'll need to see you before he goes."

Shuichi looked up and searched his field of vision until he found the doctor. "What will you do to him."

The doctor walked over and looked Shuichi in the eye. "Nothing painful. He's awake now, so he'll just drift off to sleep."

Shuichi smiled bitterly. "And never wake up. Fine. Take me to him."

In his room, everyone had filed in to see Yuki laying on the hospital bed with a tube in is nose and an oxygen machine breathing for him. A saline drip was in both arms and his family crowded around him. Petting his hair, touching his hands, and kissing his forehead, each one told him they loved him without actually saying goodbye. He blinked and moved his mouth, trying to shape words to no avail.

Once everyone left, Shuichi stepped forward. A nurse beside him held up an needle as Shuichi attached himself to Yuki's hand and kissed his fingers.

She nodded to Yuki. "You'll have about five minutes before Mr. Yuki... falls asleep."

Shuichi nodded and smiled. "Okay. Go ahead. You hear that, Yuki. I know how tired you've been lately," he said as tears fell down his cheeks, "you can go to sleep soon. I'll sit with you until you do."

Yuki nodded weakly, immediately exhausted as the nurse emptied the syringe. Shuichi lifted his face up to look Yuki in the eye, and kissed him. It tasted like salt and copper on his lips. He missed Yuki's taste. Sweet tobacco. Now he tasted like tears and blood.

Shuichi ran his fingers through his love's hair, as Yuki struggled to tell him something. "W-ait fer meh? ta Wake. Up?" He asked disjointedly as he began to drift into unconsciousness. His blood pressure began to drop slowly.

Shuichi began to cry. He slowly let himself smile at Yuki happily. "I'll be right here when you wake up. Waiting for you. I promise. I'll be waiting to see you smile again. I love you more than anything Yuki." He began to kiss Yuki again. His hands. Fingertips. Temples. Nose. Lips. He cried and smiled for Yuki.

"I- ah- love- you- Shu-ichi." Yuki stammered out in barely more than a whisper as he smiled. "Al-ways Love- Shu-ichi."

Shuichi looked through his reddened eyes as Yuki began to breath more slowly. "I wish I could have another lifetime, just to memorize you. You're so perfect Yuki. Beautiful. I love you so much. I'll never love someone as much as you. I'll always love you more." He promised as Yuki slipped into blackness. "Goodbye, Yuki."

Shuichi switched the power off on the beeping machines, only confirming Yuki's life was truly gone, and crawled onto the hospital bed. The smile fell off his lips and his heart wrenched out of his chest painfully as he kissed Yuki and sobbed on his shoulder.