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Two pairs of feet scrambled on the damp concrete of the long alley- one smooth and swift, the other troubling to catch up. A game of cat and mouse ensued and the mouse was winning. Although, it did help a bit for the cop chasing him was new, and was setill getting used to being out in the field.

Not that it matter really, no. The mouse speeding ahead knew he had no competition for he was a pro. No matter how fast and experienced the cat would be, they all held no match for the skilled and stealthed mouse.

"Damnit, you!" The cat yelled, losing his breath more and more each time he placed one foot past the other. He was young, yet couldn't catch up to the younger assassin that seemed to get smaller and smaller infront of him. Such inhuman speed.

From focusing on the man- boy- vanishing infront of him, the newbie police officer didn't notice th fallen objects in his way and shamefully tripped, making his way face-first to the cold, hard, rigid cemment. Quickly guiding his arms up to his face, he fell with less conflicted pain.

The man looked up and saw the target out of sight. He cursed, knowing he had let his team down.

He then stood up, deciding whether to chase after the murderer, ir to stay where he stood. His decision was soon made when he heard the stomping feet of his team come from behind him. He looked over, seeing about 4 men in police uniforms, known as his team. Now he waiting for the scolding.

As soon as they reached the young officer, they stopped, panting, to catch their breath. One was about to say something but the ashamed newbie blurted out first.

"Gomenasai! I tried to get him, but he was just too fast! It was so inhuman. I was this close." the cop emphasized with his finger and thumb, "but then I, well... I tripped. But, I mean, look around! I'm surprised I made it even this far. So I-"

"Whoa! Calm down there, rookie. It's okay. Well, it's not okay he got away, but I understand." The chief of the team, Ito Chisato, inturrupted the ranting officer.

"You mean, you're not mad?" He was confused.

"Well, I guess we're pretty disappointed that we couldn't catch him this time either. But being mad at you would be unreasonable." Chisato explained, wiping the worried expression slightly off the young cop's face.

"Wait, si you've tried to capturre this guy before? What's the deal with him?" The new guy didn't even know what the guy was guilty for. He was just told to get his ass out the station and help out some other police teams.

Chisato sighed amd put his hand on the younger officer and nodded over to where acouple squad cars were parked. "I'll tell you on the way back to the station."

He nodded in agreement and they all started their way back, cut of the dark and cold alley.

"Yoshida, who do you think that man was? What do you think he did?" Chisato asked suddenly. Taki Yoshida blinked. He didn't know the answer to that question. He just saw the guy escaping from his team and just started chasing after the guy.

"Ah, well, I don't really know. Burgulary? Car jack? Uh... loitering?" Taki raised an eyebrow as the older man blurted out laughing at his last guess. "What, what? What I say?"

"Haha, oh n-nothing, ha, you're just really off."

"Well, what he do then?" Chisato became real serious all of the sudden and stayed quiet for a while.

"He's a murderer." Silence.

According to many sources, the boy he saw running away from him wasn't what he epected him to be. He was a killer. An assassin. One many have been chasing for seven years. For seven years, an unknown number of gerneral police officers, FBI agen, S.W.A.T.T members, Scottland Yard associates, detective, and innocent civilians have been murdered by the hands of this equally unknown boy. For seven years, no orfessional could ever capture the man younger than all of them. But hopefully, this routine of killing will be placed to an end.

At the station, two groups of men in different uniforms stood infront of eachother, seeming fustrated. Like they were waiting for something. Then, all of the sudden, one of the men, an American, yelled out.

"Where the hell is that damn translator? I've had to stand her for 20 minutes now, listening to these people and not have a damn clue to what ever the hell their saying!" The American officer crossed his arms as the other group of men rolled their eyes. They might not know what the English man was saying, but could tell he was annoyed.

Then suddenly, a man came running into the room, hurrying his way over to the two groups of men. "Hey, sorry I'm late! Traffic." The man said, panting. The Americans looked confused at the Japanese man. The man looked over to the English men and bowed. "My name is Ichinara Gorou. Just call me Gorou. I am your English/Japanese translator for you gentlemen. Please except my apology for my tardiness." Gorou bowed again and the American dropped his crossed arms to shake hands with the man.

"Steven Gipson. Now, can we hurry this up? We have a schedual here." The two shook hands and Gorou nodded.

"Alright then! How about we get this started, eh?" Gorou clamped his hands together, looking at both groups. A man from the Japanese group, Officer Fuhihara, stepped forward and started speaking.

"We are all her to discuss Korosu. So let's do it." Gorou translated what he said in English and Steven gave him a questioning look.

"Korosu?" Fujihara didn't need the translator to answer that.

"Yes," Korosu. Anstatsu Korosu. He's our killer." When that was translatedm Steven's eyes widened in surpise.

"Wait, I though no one know anything about the guy. Including his name. That's what I was told."

(The part saying it was translated will be left out.)

"Well, we don't. We have no real information on him. The only thing we do know is that he's male, he's young, and his alias, Ansatsu Korosu."

"How'd you find out his alias?" Steven shifted his position.

"It came from an unknown source. We beleive it to be from one of Korosu's associates, possibly the leader? Although, Korosu doesn't look like the type to travel in a pack."

Steven nodded, making sense of what he was hearing from the translator. The name creeped him out. What a weird name to give yourself as an alias. It says a lot.

"So, is there a plan concerning Korosu?"

Fujihara shifted his gaze to a window where he saw people on computers and then stared back at Steven. "Well, obviously nothing we've done before has worked for it's been seven years and yet... nothing. So, we;ve gone to the conclusion of getting who we think can finally end our struggles."

"Who?" Fujirhara's eyes grew stern.

"Usami Akihiko."

Steven's eyeborws rose. 'Usami Akihiko? Sounds familiar.' "Well, hopefully he works."

"Yeah. Hopefully."

The young brunette sat on the red leather chair, legs hung over the side, a bored yet annoyed expression played on the boy's smooth features. He was getting yet another lecture from his uncle on what he did wrong and doesn't do what he's told and blah, blah, blah...

"Damnit, Korosu! Are you even listening to me?" Korosu's uncle yelled at his young assassin in fustration. Korosu just rolled his eyes over at his guardian and sighed.

"I got the job done, didn't I? You shouldn't be so angry. You're always angry." Korosu turned over and rested a hand under his chin.

"I have reason to be angry! For one, you always waste time."

"I don't waste time." Korosu defended himself bluntly, shaking his head.

"Don't waste- yes, you do! All the time! You make your missions last way longer than they need to be. Going around killing everyone in sight. Ignore them if they're not necessary!" The older man sat down with an exaggerated sigh on the matching red leather couch.

"That's mot wasting time. That's having fun. I'm an assassin. That's who you trained me to be. I am supposed to kill. It's who I am." Korosu rolled off the leather chair with a thud. "Hitoshi, why do you always complain?"

"Just stop messing around. Got it, Korosu?"

"No promises." Hitoshi sighed and rubbed his face, feeling an oncoming headache.

"Now, about your next mission. It's another robbery."

"Ugh, another one? Boring."

"Yes, another one."

"Where?" Korosu asked, getting up, a little curious.

"The Usami Estate."

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