Another Chance: The parallel dimensions

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Summary of last book, Another Chance:

Simba had his arguement with Nala about the decision if he should go back to pride rock and take his place as king. Simba ignored Nala and was ignoring Raffiki till he said he knew his father. Raffiki took Simba to the Forbidden Pool and pointed at Mufasa's face in the water. When Simba leaned over, Raffiki pushed him into the water. Simba woke up to complete whitness and memories of himself from his past. Standing right beside him was Raffiki. Raffiki after calming Simba down explained to Simba the powers of the Forbidden Pool and that it could take you back in time. Raffiki instructed Simba to go back in time and rescue his father from the stampede if Simba wanted to save his father. So Raffiki sent Simba back in time to the gorge. There, Simba found his little cub self and rescued him and Mufasa from Scar. However Scar rushed to the Pridelands and told everyone that Simba and Mufasa had died. The lionesses originally believed it and allowed Scar to take over and once Scar was given power, he let the hyenas come onto Pride Rock to join the Pridelanders. When Mufasa, Little Simba and Simba arrived home, they found out the hyenas had taken it. Mufasa was angry but wisely decided to get help. In the future, Nala was brought to the Forbidden Pool and she went back in time to assist Simba. The relationships between the characters grew during their journey to the outlands and during this journey Simba rised to the occasion as their leader. During their journey Simba also discovered Mufasa had fallen into the forbidden pool because he wanted to save his brother Taka from getting his infamous Scar. They received help from another pride lead by a leader named Ta Chala and they saved Pride Rock from Scar's reign. In the end, Older Simba and Older Nala decided to stay here because now Simba's father was here in the past to mentor Simba into a good king. Thus, the history of the Pridelands had been changed. (This was a brief summary and some details were left out.)

"Can't catch me!" Little Simba laughed as Big Simba, now king of the Pridelands, chased him around the long gentle wave of grass in the mid afternoon. Big Nala joined in at chasing little Simba. Older Simba had just become king of the Pridelands so he had no idea how to handle his job. Whether to take it seriously or not. So today he was chasing little Simba as Simba climbed his way up a tree.

"Where did little Simba go?" Big Simba pretended to scratch his head in puzzlement looking at Nala.

"That's weird. Did he disappear?" Big Nala looked around pretending to be stupid.

Little Simba who was sitting on a low branch just above Big Simba chuckled to himself.

"Wait a second! I know where he is!" Simba laughed as he jumped up and pushed little Simba off the branch on accident.

"Simba!" Nala tried to dive to prevent screaming little Simba from hitting the solid ground but it was too late. As little Simba screamed in pain, so did Big Simba.

Nala got up and rushed to little Simba to help him.

"Nala! Get Raffiki!" Big Simba looked over at her leaning on the ground favoring his right leg.

"Why don't you get him? Are you hurt too?" Nala questioned with a panicked and confused look on her face.

"Yes just get Raffiki quickly!" King SImba winced as he yelled at Nala.

Nala still confused thinking about how King Simba could have gotten hurt ran off slowly but accelerated at a full sprint to Pride Rock.

Raffiki started to spread the ointment glaze on little Simba's right hind leg as little Simba winced in pain and stuck his tongue out to show his displeasure. King Simba had already been treated with the glaze and was standing up but limping whenever he walked.

"Is my son going to be alright?" Sarabi who was looking down concerned while leaning on her mate Mufasa who was the former king of the pridelands.

"Your son, or both of your son's has broken both of their legs. Based on what Simba told me I can see why Simba got hurt but I can't seem to figure out why Simba got hurt."

Everyone in the circle was confused about the events that had just occurred and especially about Raffiki's information.

"Excuse me and sorry. Let me explain that again. I don't know why Big Simba got hurt. Based on Nala's description of what happened Big Simba just fell over," Raffiki corrected himself. Even he was still not quite used to two Simbas and two Nalas. One Simba and one Nala had been enough trouble.

"So how did Older Simba get hurt?" Little Nala frowned while laying down next to her mother, Sarafina.

Raffiki hobbled over to both Simbas and examined their wounds. Both of them had the same exact swelling and formation of the broken leg. Raffiki stood up with a very disappointed look on his face.

Raffiki was about to speak, but Mufasa could tell what he wanted to say.

"Raffiki and King Simba need to talk with each other alone. So that means everyone needs to head to the cave for Simba's convienence," Mufasa encouraged the other lions.

"What about me?" Little Simba asked.

"I'll carry you inside the den gently so you don't get hurt okay?" Nala offered.

"Thanks a lot Nala. You cubs also have your history test."Mufasa smiled and motioned the lions to enter the den as cubs groaned and headed to the lower den which was considered the classroom. One cub, however, wasn't ready to go.

"But we took part of our recess time to see if Simba was alright!" Tojo spoke defiantly.

"Tojo, we'll discuss this in the classroom," Sarafina patted him on the back, trying to calm him down.

Simba and Raffiki waited patiently for everyone to leave.

"What's so important you can only speak to me about this?" Simba asked.

"Well Simba, what I am about to tell you is something that only you can be trusted with."

"You can't trust my parents?" Simba questioned.

"We can trust them, it's just I wanted to talk with alone about this matter personally. Your father understood that," Raffiki explained.

"What do you want to tell me?"

"Well Simba, as I said before you had the exact same injuries as younger Simba. And when I say the exact same I mean the exact same wounds. Which leads me to believe that whatever happens to younger Simba also has an effect on you."

King Simba leaned up from lying down. "So because little Simba is a past version of me whatever he does affects me?"

"Precisely. It is a giant risk that we cannot afford to take. If he died Simba, you would die as well. Same goes for younger Nala and Nala."

"What are we going to do?"

"For now they will have to remain at Pride Rock. But that should be easy considering you'll need time to recover from what happened today as will younger Simba. Younger Nala is going to be hard to contain."

"Well we can't just hide them from enemies forever."

"No we can't Simba. I should've thought about this when I sent you back in time. I'm going to devote all my time to finding a solution to this situation. In the meantime, get healthy!" Raffiki smiled and hit Simba with his big stick.

"Ow! Hitting me in the head isn't going to help me heal."

"It doesn't matta! It is in de past!"

Simba rolled his eyes. "Thanks for the lesson Raffiki."

Little did both of them know that Zira who was still in the pride was listening to their whole conversation.

"Thank you Scar for showing me a way to avenge your death," Zira smiled as she walked off slowly.

"Alright cubs it's test time. I hope you studied this with your parents," Sarabi smiled as the cubs sat down in an orderly fashion in the lower den which was considered to be the classroom.

"Alright lets begin. Nala who was the founder of our pride?" Sarabi asked.


"Very good Nala. Chumvi who was the father of Mufasa?"


"I'm sorry that's incorrect."

"Next question. Tojo how long did Scar's reign last?"

"Oh that's easy. 6 years."

"Correct. No need for the commentary question. Simba what principle did Mufasa change under his reign?"

"My dad didn't kill off other male bloodline cubs when he took over other prides."

"Correct Simba."

After several other questions Sarabi asked the cubs the test ended and Sarabi announced scores.

"Nala 10 out of 10. Good job Nala!"

Nala beamed with delight as Sarabi read off other scores.

"Simba 5 out of 10. Your getting better sweetie. Your last score was…"

"Don't say it!" Simba tried to prevent the words coming from his mothers mouth.

"0 out of 10 wasn't it?" Nala laughed as Simba gave her the death stare.

"Chumvi 7 out of 10. Great job."

"Tojo 9 out of 10. Your almost there Tojo!"

Sarabi finished reading off the rest of the scores to the class and dismissed them.

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